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  1. Hi Rod, A lovely Parcels train, unusual , but prototypical and interesting. I also like the scenics you've been doing, it's all making WKT that much more interesting. As for the flashing LED's on video/film, I would suspect that the FPS of the camera is not in sync with the FPS of the LED. From what I've read elsewhere, LED's flicker (too fast for the human eye to detect) and obviously the camera takes video at a set FPS rate (frames per second), this gives a flickering effect for LED's if the two rates are not in sync. At least that's how I read it. Regards Jinty
  2. Here we have Heljan class 33, as pre-TOPS 6529 in BR Banger Blue. Fitted with a Zimo MX696KS sound decoder and loaded with a Paul Chetter sound project with Active Braking and Speed Lock. This is all through two 3w 4ohm speakers wired in series and a Gold Cap stay alive. Railtec custom numbering and weathered as a pretty dirty 'in service' loco. Regards all Jinty
  3. A bit of a change. Heljan Class 128 DPU in BR Blue, number M55995 as she was in the early 80's with headcode boxes removed and marker lights put in place, Corridor connections lasted with the marker lights till 1980, and then were plated over. This one is sound fitted with a ZIMO MX644D, a large bass reflex speaker and a decent Gold Cap stay alive. She has been weathered as an 'in-service' unit. And the other EWS 08 that I've just finished. Same spec as the one above, just a bit more fading of the bodyside and lettering. Here she is then, 08389. Jinty
  4. I was going to do this one as a Gangwayed one as she had the headcode boxes removed and marker lights fitted but retained her gangways for a good while. I wasn't too sure about it. I'm still pondering......... Jinty
  5. Never mind a 122. What you need young Andy is one of these!!! Sound fitted and coming off the WB very soon She's just having her make-up done Jinty
  6. My mistake then, although I'm sure I've seen a picture of one between Deganwy and Llandudno Junction, right by the railway cottages. Jinty
  7. The 33's had a regular Cardiff - Llandudno turn. I think they were 33/2's with the high level jumpers. At least I've seen a few pictures of those in N. Wales. Jinty
  8. Will this suffice? Sorry for the hijack Andy. Your Cromptons look very nice, I may be tempted, after all they did get to S. Wales. Jinty
  9. The Gronks are out in force lately. Here is an EWS version, numbered as 08630 and wipers by Giles fitted front and back, Horn by DJ Parkins fitted instead of the whistle and more chunky vacuum pipes fitted rather than the anemic Dapol ones. Fitted with a ZIMO MX644D decoder with a Paul Chetter Activedrive sound project with both active braking, speed lock and correct lighting for this later version. Through one of my own bass reflex 3w speakers and a large capacity Gold Cap Stay Alive. Weathered as a slightly faded 'In service' loco. More soon Jinty
  10. Hi Peter, Nice to see your layout coming on and stock increasing. As far as the rotating fan is concerned, I've never been able to get it to behave successfully. I've tried it in a few locos, but after a 'very' short while it hums and squeals sometimes. I've heard some tell of using a very large resistor to reduce the speed, but I can't honestly say I've had any luck at all!!! What I'm not saying is, that it can't be done, it's just my personal stance on it. Regards Jinty
  11. Well chopped was probably a bit of an exaggeration in the literal form. I cut and fitted the end plating on the Dutch one, and I cut, bent and soldered the extra pipework on the Black/Yellow van. It was just a flippant term to 'chop' them around into something different to what they were. Probably harking back a little to the motor trade which I've been in for a long time. Jinty
  12. Hi John, Once painted and transfers sealed, I use numerous AK Interactive and Ammo MIG products to bring definition to the various parts. I'm not an Acrylics man, never have been and never will, too long in the tooth to change my ways. I paint with both enamel and celly paints and use a celly anti bloom thinners right across the board. As above I use an AK enamel wash all over the body, leaving it to dry for various lengths of time, sometimes even a week. This is then removed with cotton buds dipped in white spirit and gently removing 90% of what was put on, leaving the build up in the corners, etc. once this is done, I then use panel liners and filters until I get what I'm trying to achieve (It doesn't always go to plan). Once the treatments are done with, I use either Pinnacle or AK powders dabbed with a small brush in the areas where I'd like rusty elements to show. Don't worry if you put too much on, the next stage can usually put that right. The next stage is a self mixed enamel frame dirt, again with celly thinners through the airbrush, this reduces the amount of rust powder showing by blowing some of it away, or simply partially covering it. After the frame dirt comes matt black, again enamel or celly to dust the roof and pick out the darker areas (Airbrush accounts for around 10% of the whole process). Once this is done, I then visit with more powders (sometimes whilst it is still tacky) to define the tred areas, and then with other AK products such as grease stains, fuel/oil stains where it would be required and if splashed water, etc is to be replicated, AK do a product called 'Wet Effects Fluid' which is really good and leaves a nice sheen to the areas it is applied. I'm sure I've missed something, but that is about as detailed as I can make it. White spirit has a nice effect of dulling both Dapol and Heljan paintwork, a happy side effect for weathering. I tend to purchase all the products above from here: https://www.scalemodelshop.co.uk/ No attachment, just a happy customer. Regards all Jinty
  13. Take 3 Dapol Bauxite SR Brakevans, chop, cut, repaint, add pipework,etc and weather. Firstly we have a Dapol brake van in Engineers 'Dutch' livery, number DS56108, basically just repainted and weathered I've also plated the ends on this van with thin brass sheet, and used individually placed plastic 0.7mm rivet heads. Next up, a Dapol SR brake van repainted and added vacuum brake fittings. Painted into the Engineers Olive colour scheme. And finally, Dapol brake van in Engineers Black/Yellow colour scheme for an Air Piped example. I've added Dj Parking air pipes to the headstocks, screw couplings and also added the additional pipework which was on this particular van from brass rod, soldered together. Then finished in the attractive Engineers black/yellow colour scheme. Another little project that has now gone off the WB is this Dapol class 08 in TTG livery, finished as 08915. Custom transfers from Railtec, a DJ Parking brass horn casting, wipers front and back by Giles and the vacuum pipes beefed up a tad with Slaters vacuum springs. Then weathered as an 'in service' working example. More very soon Jinty
  14. Another 37/4 off the WB, this time 37420 in Regional Railways livery and sporting her extra WR lamp irons either side of the headcode box. Fitted with a ZIMO MX696KS and loaded with a Paul Chetter project with Active Braking and Speed lock, through a twin speaker system made with the tanks as a speaker body, I've also replaced the High Intensity LED's for something more appropriate at each end, and have got them directional and switchable. Weathered as I remember them along the coast here in the 90's Regards all and stay safe Jinty
  15. Sorry Ian, I should of read through fully. On Rod's 14xx after the dulling with the removal of the wash, I then used some Mer (car polish) to bring a more satin sheen to the tank sides and parts of the boiler as they were too dull in my mind for a supposedly preserved loco. Hope that helps Jinty
  16. Hi Ian, I washed the paintwork all over with an AK Interactive enamel wash, let dry overnight and then removed 95% of it with white spirit and a cotton bud. Yes it is the Dapol factory finish. Most of the manufacturers factory finishes become dull with the washes and the white spirit. Regards Jinty
  17. The best stuff to remove windows outwards and headcode box glasses with ease without damaging them is Black Tack. It's like blue tack but a lot stronger, it's used for posing or camera setting in photography. 20's are a pain, but Black Tack does pop it out easily. Jinty
  18. Hope everyone is having a nice relaxing Bank Holiday Sunday? Today I've finished off this little thing. A Dapol Terrier as GWR No.5 Portishead, in green livery. Customer wanted in a pretty well weathered state, but serviceable, so that's how I hope I've captured it. A few bits and pieces laying around the loco, a lamp and shovel in the cab, an oil can by the cab on one side and a hammer, adjustable spanner and a small oil can on top of the tank on the other. Photographed in what bit of sunlight we've had today. otherwise been overcast. More soon I hope Stay safe David
  19. Hi Peter, Thanks for the kind comments. I fit the transfers straight to the Heljan factory finish body. I then brush Johnsons Floor wax (The new Klear) over the top and after a couple of coats the transfer is protected. Then on with the weathering after it's dried for a day or two. Regards David
  20. Not been on for a little while, life certainly getting in the way, but also this pandemic has released the workbench for much more things to pass over it. I'll try and bring things up to date, but no doubt I'll miss some things, and possibly duplicate others, so my apologies for that. Anyway, here is another RR class 37/4, 37429 "Eisteddfod Genedlaethol" finished with a Zimo MX696KS sound decoder through a twin 3W 4ohm speakers wired in series and using the tanks for the enclosure. I changed the Heljan High Intensity LED's for something more in keeping with a High Intensity light, and made it separately switchable from the markers. I took it to Heaton Lodge to try it out on a long train when I'd dropped some things off for Simon. I took a short video with 31 HEA's on climbing up, wrong line, towards the junction (Please excuse the background noise there was construction work going on which was far more important). This is showing how the Speed Lock works to reasonable effect. And once the loco was weathered, I took a few pictures before it made its way to WKT. Another thing to come off the WB recently was a Heljan class 31, 31305 in BR Blue livery with boiler port and steps plated as well as the nose doors, but still with the valences. Weathered as a Banger Blue loco in service. Next up is another class 37/4, this time 37425 "Concrete Bob/Sir Robert McAlpine" in TTG Construction sector livery and weathered as an 'in service' loco and including the unique large '2' on the nose ends and the little black oblong on No2 end headcode panel. Right I'm on my limit for now, more very soon. Regards and stay safe Jinty
  21. I've had all the models mentioned (except the MOK 14xx) through my hands and I've found pretty much all the RTR offerings are excellent value for money. Minerva 8750 and 57xx Panniers are a little dearer than the Dapol version, but they allow for more of the slight alterations within the class, such as tool box positions, top feed or not, footplate vacuum pipe run positions, and a lot of the other minor differences. as for sound, maybe playing around with different sound files may help in achieving certain sounds you prefer. Here is a Lionheart 74xx fitted with a Zimo MX644D and a Collett 2251 sound project from YouChoos. It has (IMO) a much richer bark, and I had a 2W 8ohm cube bass reflex speaker to hand, which I cut down to fit in the space under the chimney and re-added the small reflex tube to maintain the sound quality. A bit of a fiddle, but #I think it was worth it. I'm busy fitting out 3 Dapol 14xx's with sounds, two are for one individual, so I am going to make the sounds slightly different in each one somehow. The Dapol 14xx is, again in my opinion, one of the best RTR locos out there. The innovative decoder fitting slide out PCB is a hoot. I do adapt it a little to get a twin speaker on a 3D printed enclosure in and a decent stay alive as well. Good luck with the layout. Stay safe all Jinty Sorry forgot to add a couple of pictures of the new Dapol 14xx's.
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