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  1. Another vote here for W&H models. But also Kings Cross Models in York Way, the Victors shop on Pentonville Road, all three Harrow Model shops, Percy's in Uxbridge, the toy shop in Ruislip, the bike/model shops in Ruislip Manor and Eastcote, Railmail in Watford and Allmodels Engineering in Ruislip Manor. I am sure there are more I have forgotten. But all within a bike or tube ride from home in Ruislip ....... sigh !!
  2. Try our very own DJH kits . They do an Est 230K which is a slightly larger 4-6-0 cat. E166 with 6 wheel tender or cat. E136 with a large bogie tender and smoke deflectors . http://www.djhmodelloco.co.uk/prodpage.asp?productid=3677 Just make sure you are sitting down when you read the price !!!
  3. Shouldn't this thread be in the French railways section ??
  4. Which Garden Rail ? the magazine ?? Brandbright only sell Peco narrow gauge track these days . Your best bets are Peco ( code 250 rail ), Cliff Barker ( code 250 bullhead rail ) or Tenmille ( Various sections ). All of the latter sell chairs or rail fixings as separate mouldings, so with your own sleepers you can make any gauge you like.
  5. Don't forget the ground anchor/spade at the back
  6. Love the pictures very atmospheric , more please if you have them . I have a small collection of Georgia related rolling stock tucked away for one day .....
  7. You got it in one. Polyurethane resin does not like water. It is also very important to keep tins of unused resin tightly closed when not in use as the resin is hydroscopic. Which means it will draw in moisture from the air. The bubbles are caused by the heat of the resin reaction turning the water to steam .
  8. Information alert. The rail in the new Peco bullhead track is 0.075 of an inch high, ie code 75, and it is 0.031 inches wide, ie 31 thou .Measured with an original Brown and Sharp screw micrometer ( not a dodgy pair of digital verniers ) made in the USA so you don't get more Imperial than that ! Also the geometry of the points is a very close match to an EMGS plan I have for an A5 type point. Obviously making allowances for the different gauge ie 18mm . Hope that helps Ian
  9. Of course I forgot about indoors, this is one of my biggest treasures . Genuine SNCF steam loco headlamp from Rennes MPD. I managed to find the correct glass chimney to go inside, modified a tubular wick and now as you can see it works just as it should, on paraffin .
  10. I would have thought No Nails was ideal , since it has been formulated to stick just those kinds of materials together .
  11. The railcars were originally built by Allan in the Netherlands with AEC engines, and they looked very like their Dutch relatives. They were heavily refurbished in the 90's and renosed, not an improvement IMO.
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