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  1. Aren't the EFE bodies plastic though? They sure feel like they are.
  2. Feels like I can finally contribute to this thread. Take a look at this clip, 8 minutes in. Now, I can't recall seeing a DMU formation quite like this anywhere previously in the thread.
  3. Simple fix for that problem: bookmark that post and show them.
  4. And the reply that I got was that it is indeed peat in the nearest locomotives tender.
  5. If it's really of any interest, I could ask on a Swedish forum.
  6. Picked up my 33117 yesterday. Very nice model, but I can't help but wonder why they chose such a short-lived appearance. There are however a few things that bug me. First of all, I wasn't expecting the buffer beam details to be glued in place from the factory. The lack of interchangeable head codes was a bit disappointing, as was the lack of a red tail light. Oh well, I guess you can't have everything.
  7. Not only is the rear power car in MML livery, look at the cab door. Looks like FGW to me.
  8. December 21st, 2019. King's Cross, London. I was fortunate enough to catch, amongst others, 91111 (along with a failed 91106) and 91101 for the first time. 82205 also showed up a little later in the evening, as did 91121, though I think I've caught that before.
  9. Well, seeing as nobody else has posted anything from King's Cross yesterday, why don't I? W43006 just after arriving from Leeds.
  10. 68010, the Oxford Flyer, at London Marylebone, September 29, 2019. Was a nice surprise to see it, as it escaped me last year.
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