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  1. I was a bit confused by what you meant with Berne rectangle, a phrase I don't think I've ever heard before, but I did manage to find a little bit of information on it. Are you saying the gangway... Bridge plate? Footplate? The bit you step on, is fixed in place and can't be folded up? That does seem a bit hazardous.
  2. Didn't even notice that at first. Thanks for the link! Never thought about that, are you telling me British screw couplings are different to others? Huh.
  3. Shame to hear it was scrapped, would've made for an interesting museum exhibit. But, being built to continental gauge, how did it move around the country? Or did it simply stay stationary until it went to the GCR(N)?
  4. While I am aware of the BREL International set being sold to Irish Rail after a few years in storage, I just stumbled across one coach which I've never seen before: The text on Flickr doesn't offer much information, only stating that this was the one and only coach of the set built to UIC 505 profile. Does anyone know what happened to this coach? Or simply have more info on it?
  5. They brought the beaver back in 1997. https://www.cpr.ca/en/the-cp-logo
  6. Aren't the EFE bodies plastic though? They sure feel like they are.
  7. Feels like I can finally contribute to this thread. Take a look at this clip, 8 minutes in. Now, I can't recall seeing a DMU formation quite like this anywhere previously in the thread.
  8. Simple fix for that problem: bookmark that post and show them.
  9. And the reply that I got was that it is indeed peat in the nearest locomotives tender.
  10. If it's really of any interest, I could ask on a Swedish forum.
  11. Picked up my 33117 yesterday. Very nice model, but I can't help but wonder why they chose such a short-lived appearance. There are however a few things that bug me. First of all, I wasn't expecting the buffer beam details to be glued in place from the factory. The lack of interchangeable head codes was a bit disappointing, as was the lack of a red tail light. Oh well, I guess you can't have everything.
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