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  1. yeah , do mean the 0v output of the 12vDC outout, im not really electricaly minded, so noting it down like that is easier for me if not correct.
  2. ok, thanks for the advice. the mardec has auxiliary pins for these functions, and claims to be able to do these things, so should be fine.
  3. hmm, thats unfortunate. ive got an 8 way board coming on monday, so how should i wire that one in? Vcc to 12vDC+ GND to 12vDC- or should they be connected to the 5vDC +/- terminals on the Mardec? or 12vDC+ and mardec - ? thanks for the offer but ill just get another from Ebay, itll probably work out quicker
  4. having just checked, there is deffinetly a circuit between both pins and the Vcc on the row of 6 pins i cant see anything on either side of the board to suggest a connection problem.
  5. yeah, jumper os on between VCC/ JD-VCC yes, each LED lights when i connect the signal wire, but there is no click, nor doe the circuit between com and NC break. this is the same on all 4
  6. HI no, no noise what so ever when the relay in energized. there is a circuit between middle and left (com and NC) which is consistent, even on connecting the power to the IN pin. the same happens on the other three relays as well, COM to NC stays in contact and doesnt change when power is applied. the solder contact of the board look fine
  7. right, so as suggested, the board is sitting with only gnd connected to 12vDC- and VCC connected to 12vDC+ (jumper is on between JDvcc and vcc) using a wire connected to the same 12vDC- source i touch the IN pins and get the LED coming on. measuring for contact between the NC and common they are in constant contact. would this suggest that somehting has broken?
  8. can anyone provide a labled wiring diagram for what should be going where? ive tried the last few suggestions but as of yet ive had no joy
  9. https://www.arcomora.com/mardec/ thanks for the responses, this is the site for the mardecs, essentially a cheap accessory decoder. ive just had a try with the 12v negative supply on to one of the IN pins, no joy, the LED lights up when i touch the wire to the contact, but no switching of the relay
  10. yes, the red is 12v+ and the blue 12v- i should point out that the imput from the mardec is ~4-6vDC,. seems to be fairly constant
  11. attached is a picture of the relay unit. the wires in to the screw terminals are the NC common and No terminals with the dcc/ track voltage bottom corner has (from top to bottom) 12vDC gnd, input1-4, 12vDC VCC then 12vDC JDVCC
  12. I think this is the right spot for this, but if not let me know. So, im having some porblems with wiring in some relays. i have some DIY ABC modules wired in to the ends of the loops on my fiddle yard. the whole idea being the routes are automaticly set via JMRI, the points switch automaticly and the blocked lines have ABC activated towards the end of the loop to stop any incoming trains. to do this the ABC modules are switched on and off via Dcc imputs from an ArCoMoRa mardec. the imput from the mardec switches is supposed to switch the relay between ABC and ABC bypass, howe
  13. So, problem found and sorted. turns out the octocouple chip on the mardec was inserted the wrong way, silly me
  14. Im unsure as to wheher JMRI will oporate other accessories as i dont have any others currently. though its interesting to note that it classifies turnouts as xpressnet turnouts, making me wonder if i should plug in to the xpressnet bus for switching? Ive tested whether im getting power at all points and im getting track voltage, and imput voltages to all relevent points, which makes me think that its something to do with the software. i shall give the dcc moitoring software a go, see if i get results.
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