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    Model Rail Scotland 2019

    Following on from sf315’s post above Clyde MRC will be a few stands along at C14 with Cardwell
  2. Clyde Model Railway Club is a long established club meeting each Wednesday in Lanark. We have a variety of layouts either in planning, construction or complete. All of the club layouts are in 4mm but individual members have private layouts in 2mm, HO & HOm. We will be at Model Rail Scotland on 22nd - 24th Feb with Cardwell our small layout set somewhere in south west Scotland. If you’re going to the SEC look out for us at stand C14 and please say hello!
  3. lambiedg

    MRJ 266

    Arrived today. A little soggy round the edges - thanks Callum. Looks to be another great issue.
  4. lambiedg

    'Humour' on layouts - good or bad?

    Don't know if it was worth my while as only one person ever commented on it (and he was an old school friend well aware of my sense of humour) But I thought the factory on one club layout should be a rope factory owned by Messrs Pierpoint
  5. lambiedg

    Kirkby Luneside

    Jeff Your local craft shop will probably stock A4 sheets of "metallic" effect paper. I've used one that was a good match for sheet lead. Not too shiny either
  6. lambiedg

    Kirkby Luneside

    Time evaporates when making window frames!
  7. lambiedg


    Glad you enjoyed our layout and the 320s.
  8. lambiedg

    Vodafone "Xmas" Advert

    Wemyss Bay seems a good suggestion. All I can say about the internal shot at the end is that is NOT a 314!!
  9. Vodafone seem to be embarking (pun intended) on a Xmas advert "Serial" starring Martin Freeman. In the first episode that I've seen we meet our hero taking a platform seat next to a young woman watching "It's a Wonderful Life" on her phone. Then we get the real pitch of the ad which I'll let pass. Finally we see a train departing apparently with our hero aboard. Now we come to the nub of the matter: The unit is in the current ScotRail livery and I'd like to know if any brighter members know which station it is leaving. In the second part we meet our stars on a beach that appears to be overlooked by Culzean Castle. So my guess is that the adverts were filmed on one campaign and that the station is close by - Ayr??? Over to you guys...........
  10. lambiedg

    Kirkby Luneside

    Jeff Black thread is a good way to go. I found that a little superglue on the first inch or so of the thread hardens into an integral needle. It's still not a quick option though! David
  11. lambiedg

    FTG Models - CO2 TTA Tanker

    The "death knell" for the rail transport of liquid CO2 in the UK WAS the rail crash in March 1996 when tankers derailed in the path of a mail train causing one fatality.Transporting CO2 by rail from Scottish distilleries was barely viable at the time and ceased shortly afterwards

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