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  1. Do I spy a little recycling of walling from KL2 Or have been really busy? D
  2. Your new bridge sit well where you’ve chosen to place and it will frame the scene nicely. D
  3. I was meaning the DSLR. I must confess to not being a steam buff, despite my age.
  4. “Proper” camera sots are much more convincing, superb. Did I spy some dabbling in backscenes as well? D
  5. Even your preliminary flocking (technical term) makes such a difference. As you say snow covered winter scene to spring in days! D
  6. So we are going green then? I’m looking forward to seeing that, Jeff
  7. From the Railcam site this morning I know it’s Ribblehead not Arden Gill but it shows the prototypical accuracy of the current state of your build. D
  8. This tickled the chemist in me. I hope it does the same for our esteemed physicist
  9. The first “mood” shot is particularly good. I for one can see great strides being made.
  10. I can’t see what the livery is. There have been many pretty awful ones! D
  11. There must be some kind of time warp going on here! Picture 2, which shows the finished model, is out of sequence! I do like the back scene it’s nicely muted tones make it seem far away. D
  12. Sorry, Jeff but nothing about this build is either “ run of the mill” or “mundane” The ground works are really coming on and a coat of s*** brown improves the look no end. David
  13. I refer you to my post of last Friday morning. David
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