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  1. A treat indeed! I’m not really sure why I prefer the convex curve. It just pleases my eye more.
  2. It just keeps getting better and better. Now to lob in a spanner...... Am I the only one who prefers the look of the curve from non-viewing side? Where did I put my coat.............
  3. Looking better by the day. Really great work. I especially liked your invention of the hump-backed viaduct in the “panorama” shot. Sorry couldn’t resist the frippery. More pictures are always a treat
  4. I also thought that the stone work was rather chunky, but only in the early stages. As the cladding reaches completion it looks more and more convincing. I suspect mortaring and painting will further enhance the appearance.
  5. Jeff What constitutes normal to a man who thinks nothing of “laying” several thousand 4mm scale stones to clad a viaduct (which is looking fabulous, by the by) Happier 2021 David
  6. Adding the liners already give a more bridge like look. David
  7. Perhaps my use of moan in my earlier post was unfair to Jason who’s comments on Jeff’s work are always constructive. I have never understood the froth colour can cause. At least we’re not getting into loco coulours!
  8. Nothing in modelling rankles more than “correct” colour. Like beauty colour is in the eye of the beholder. Carry on doing the things you are Jeff and as long as it suits you your admires can moan if they like. it’s already stunning. David
  9. Dave This shot appeared on the RailScot site today. it purports to be from 1981 but I’m sure it’s your layout!
  10. Iron ore is pretty dense stuff. The wagons would never cope if they were filled!
  11. This may have appeared on your radar before but I just stumbled on it!
  12. It’s probably too late now as you appear to have your drawings ready but the CRA True Line had a feature on Larkhall around the time of the re-opening.
  13. Jim Reminds me of Larkhall Central. I grew up there in the 60s. As is quite common my interest in railway’s didn’t develop until the structure had been flattened!
  14. I do NOT want to start a frothathon with this! But as a long term subscriber I simply want to know if there is any real information on the date for the next Journal.
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