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  1. Thanks John P and Iain. That makes sense re the blades. So if I have a digikeijs 4024 servo decoder and the accompanying relay unit dr4102 does that mean I simply connect a wire from the latter to the preinstalled wire at the frog end of the n gauge peco turnout?
  2. Hi Forgive me for being a bit daft here. Can you explain why you need frog polarity switching if you didn’t modify the point?
  3. Sorry, that’s not what I was thinking Phil. I was merely lamenting the fact that my 2 sons didn’t get the “bug” for model railways. I hope the new range is a success.
  4. Both of mine too I’m afraid. I hope this new system will encourage kids in but I’m not convinced. When I think back they loved the Brio trains and making different track layouts. For a while they liked the basic oval and a railroad hauling toy soldiers in wagons but the novelty wore off sadly. Now it’s PlayStation all the way
  5. We could but let's not waste our energy on it. It was only a question after all....
  6. Why not? It might have an impact on my future purchases?
  7. Wow, I can imagine there has been a substantial time investment in this project alone. It’s a long time since I used variables in programming but I’m sure (hope) it will flood back if needed. Thanks for the detailed reply, much appreciated.
  8. Thanks for posting. I think the automation brings a lot to the “authenticity” of the scene, particularly with announcements (how did you incorporate these?) etc. Looking forward to the next instalment.
  9. Fair enough, you might have to contact A and H Models then. There’s also a chap on YouTube called Hovermotion. He has an excellent European HO layout and regularly tears down models including Roco/Fleischmann. He might be able to offer some advice?
  10. Hi, do you have any other locos to rule out issues with the system? Have you tried programming via the Z21 on its own? Sorry, don’t know much about RR & Co so can’t help you with that. You could try giving A and H models in Northhampton a ring, I’m sure they sell Fleischmann. They may have reduced hours at the moment though, check their website.
  11. Oops, missed that, too much Guinness . Sorry
  12. Hi Might be worth contacting the chap, think his name is Dave, who owns the company. He’s very helpful.
  13. But you are not in full possession of all the facts. Just because you work in IT does not mean that you are an expert in this field. Its basic economics, supply and demand. If they weren’t selling at this price they would be cheaper or not sold at all!
  14. But 30 mph can kill a child.......this is my personal experience.
  15. Hi Mike Thank you for this information, much appreciated. I’ll do a little bit of research into the Dremel router attachment. Cheers Alan
  16. Hi I’ve just discovered this thread and have enjoyed reading through your thoughts. I particularly liked the pics of the cut outs you have made for your magnets and servos. Can I ask what tools/techniques you used to get such neat cut outs? Many thanks Alan
  17. Hi, can someone explain the difference between “outers” and “inners”? Thanks
  18. Absolutely - and there is also the Model Railway mags and YouTube to spread the word too.
  19. I’m pretty sure that they said they would check it. I’m also certain that they would have taken my current loco back too but as you’ll see from my original post I was fed up with the time spent phoning and going to the post office. Again I can’t fault their overall complaints procedure or friendliness it just would have been nice for it to have been third time lucky and have a working model!
  20. Hi, Rails have been very good with the returns and I’ve certainly no complaints around this aspect of their service. My disappointment was merely surrounding the fact that this was the 2nd replacement and I’m sure that they said they were going to check the loco prior to dispatch. My wife was already feeling bad about the fact that the first 2 hadn’t worked as it was a Christmas present so you can imagine her thoughts when the 3rd one had similar issues.
  21. Hi, thanks for the heads up. I’ll have a look at this shop for future purchases.
  22. Agreed, but this was the third loco they had sent so if I had been in their shoes so to speak I might have been inclined to do a check.
  23. I think you have missed the point. This was the third loco that they had sent me after the first 2 had issues and were sent back. Of course I don’t expect them to check every loco that they send but given that this was the third one I suspect that there may have been cause for them to investigate and take appropriate measures ie check as they alluded to during my call to them. Secondly, these are weathered “in-house” (and to a good standard I may add) but I suspect that this is potentially where the issues with the lights may arise. So Mr Royaloak please get your facts right!
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