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  1. This is superb modelling. Grew up in Bath and familiar with the station before it became a supermarket and a lot of the original structures were still there. Catching the 339 to go tovschool in Brislington meant I passed it everyday, and had job at Sainsbury's when it opened in 82 up until A levels in 84.This model is beyond reproach. I would love to see it in the flesh! One minor niggle (seriously? Who am I to have a niggle. I ought just to be burning incense before the image of this layout!) The early shots of the station show the stonework clean. My memory is that all of Bath was pretty
  2. Been thinking about doing a Southeastern Trains layout using EMUs - 375, 466 and 465 classes. I imagine I could buikd the rolling stock from stuff on the t gauge website although slightlu too long or short it is hardly going to notice at yhis scale! Gives a chance of a prototypical layout to scale in relatively small area. Are there any t-gauge vinyls for these classes and in modern liveries? Has anyone used them please? What do they look like used if you have photos you are willing to post? Has anyobe already done this, please? Thanks
  3. Hello: I am considering a Tram layout, and getting the (very cheap!) Bachmann N gauge trams, but before I decide to model US outline, can anyone point me to a website with the dimensions of London Trams, particularly lengths, as I may be able to convert these models to a London pattern. I just can't find one, and for once Wikipedia is useless.
  4. How do I delete my profile please?

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      Send Andy Y a PM

  5. Giving up on all this....

  6. Giving up on all this....

  7. Hi there again: right, well, i have sold a load of my old stuff and I have enough money to make a start, but..... Before I do, please can anyone give me feedback about how T is doing these days? I have read the older blogs and they aren't all positive. What is running like now? I want to do a 1980s prototype, but is there anything other than the HSTs in BR Blue?? How good/cheap/realistic is it to laser print? Any T gaugers or (perhaps better!) EX-T gaugers can give me a steer before I commit £200-£300? Thanks Graham
  8. Great looking model. Deciding whether to make the leap myself witha scale model of a real location - probably Bath spa in the 80s, so anything British is great! Thanks Graham
  9. urbancohort

    French TGV

    Hi all: having just had a holiday in France using their excellent rail system, I wonder if there is any interest in creating TGVs in T?
  10. Wow! Thanks for all this guys. I am more hopeful of actually getting it done after seeing all this.....
  11. Marcus: Loved that post and it brought back reminders for me too - travelling to interviews for Uni in '84, and choosing Leicester, Nottingham and Sheffield SOLELY becaise it meant a long train journey! Many thanks and compliments on your ability to turn a phrase that resonates.
  12. I have been railway modelling some years, and would DEARLY like to make a railroad based on late 19th Century American themes - a cattle town rail head; a wild and woolly frontier town or mining camp - inspired by a couple of trips to the US West and an addiction to the Hollywood fable. It seems that there are a few N scale locomotives that are suitable, (although I don't know - beyond the terrible Bachmann 4-4-0s!- how historically accurate any of them are.) However, it seems that the same manufacturers who produce these engines don't produce anything to run with them. My researches show
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