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  1. Hello Neil, Well this weekends work certainly makes a big difference! Out of interest do you always use Sculptamold? Never used it myself but it looks a fairly clean method of bringing shape to the landscape whereas my usual plaster/filler method normally ends in some form of disaster that leads to strained domestic relationships! Woody
  2. Hello Chris, Trust that all goes as well as these things can do with regard to your duties over the next few months. Been in a similar situation recently so appreciate it is not an easy time for you. No doubt you'll keep an eye on the forum even if your own modelling takes a backseat. I will be at some stage probably be creating a Woody POW or as it will be know Project of Woe where anything that can go wrong has and will no doubt continue to go wrong! Makes a change from a WOW! Woody
  3. Hello Keith, Great to see the progress you have made this weekend. Looks nice and solid and impressed by the spirit level. Be interesting to see how the 'Weigh Ins' go as the layout progresses - Layout Weight Watchers could lead onto a whole new topic! Woody.
  4. Hi Chris, Nice kit and much admiration for your wife on getting you the necessary bits! As the title to your post indicates, this could well be the start of something bigger. Once you build the kit it will look great on the Warwell but you'll want somewhere to give it a run and then some wagons for it to haul and a scenic setting would be nice to take photographs....., - I think many of us have been down this route before. There is no cure but it is fun! Woody.
  5. Hello Keith, Hope you don't mind the suggestion but I would be tempted to put the track bed on polystyrene supports. Wicked do various sheets including this https://www.wickes.co.uk/Kay-Metzeler-General-Purpose-Polystyrene-EPS70---2400mm-x-600mm-x-50mm/p/210802 at 50mm thick. You could double up to get 100mm or they also do a 25mm sheet which would give you 75mm height when combined with the 50mm. The advantage is that you get a guaranteed flat surface, its unlikely to warp or be affected by moisture, its easy and quick to cut (bread knife is ideal) to cut to the shape of the track bed, you ca
  6. You'll need to type louder - I have your YouTube video going at the moment!
  7. I do like that! Something very therapeutic about watching a train go round. In addition to hesitation, repetition and deviation it appears that there is a fair amount of resonance also being created. Is this just the camera picking up noise or has Wickes finest quality timber inadvertantly created a rather large sound bin? Never seen the 'Ear defenders should be worn whilst operating model railway' warning on manufactures boxes before but then as I never read instructions until the point that it doesn't work and I have admitted that I cannot put it back together because that is the
  8. Like what you are doing Ian. As a side note I think you have actually a better box file baseboard having made it then if you used an actual box file. The track plan fits in well to and the track itself looks good. I take it that it is Peco code 83 as you are in the USA? Woody
  9. Hello Chris, I won't call it a WOW but I think it might have been the much missed Allan Downes (apologies if I have wrongly attributed this) who used sticky labels. The method was to use a sharp scalpel to cut out the frame just as you would in plasticard. However the paper label was much easier to cut then plasticard and given the fact that is was self adhesive there were no issues with glue clouding the glazing material as would be the case with most solvent glues that would be needed for plasticard. Labels are available in a variety of colours but once cut out and before application to the
  10. Great progress Neil. Getting the road in gives some good perspective as to the lay of the land. I have to admit that I never seem to finish electrics before starting on scenery. My layout still has all the sections wired to one feed instead of section switches but it works - amazingly! Looking forward to seeing your progress.
  11. Hello Keith, You have done the most difficult bit in building your layout - starting. The rest is now easy! In all seriousness I have always found that once you start and actually get some baseboards together (I am impressed by your quality build - beats my wood butchery hands down) it does give you that kick to want to progress and looks like you have an interesting track plan to get your teeth into. There is something very therapeutic in sitting back and watching trains pass by and as with all layouts the most important thing is that you build it for your pleasure. Looking forward to see thi
  12. FAB!!! Unfortunately IR have now call barred me over excessive use of their services. Apparently the final straw was my concern over a missing crate of beer which I believed was possibly the work of The Hood or similar. Oh well! Anyone got the number for SPECTRUM??? SIG!!!!
  13. Yes had those moments too and not just with modelling stuff which can lead to interesting domestic discussions!. ' You must remember that deck chair?' 'Err no.' ' Well you sat on it yesterday!' 'Oh! That deck chair - why didn't you say!' Duck as flying pan and other catering utilities make progress towards me!
  14. In best Captain Mainwaring mode, 'Well done Ian! I wondered who would be first to notice that!' A good point though! Shows how you can forget about reality when creating your own World. I could however, in my inevitable way, offer a variety of thoroughly comprehensive and compellingly ill thought out explanations regarding the husbandry issue that would make the average politician look almost amateurish. My top one is that I have 'future proofed' the layout as it is likely that the model trees will loose their foliage over time due to build quality issues eventually bringing them i
  15. Greetings, After a rest from most model making activities over the Easter break, but having to show willing in the garden, normal service as they say has resumed! Not a whole lot of progress but the last couple of days have seen some Woodlands Scenic trees installed. I should be making my own but I did want to see what these products were like. For the price I was happy. They will never be a scale rendition of a silver birch but neither are they a pipe-cleaner on steroids as some pre made trees can look. I did use the base that they are 'planted' in once it had been disguised in t
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