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  1. All credit to you Peter and a wonderful way to bring young people into the hobby and congratulations on your award - very much deserved for a fantastic layout that is so unusual but so well executed! Woody
  2. Extraordinary modelling - industrial Pendon springs to mind with a level of detail, skill and observation that makes it hard to accept that its not photographs of a real place. Many thanks for sharing your work! Woody
  3. Hi JBr One of those layouts that you just look at and say yes! Ticks all the boxes for me. Really nicely done and a nice use of that box. Woody
  4. Hello Luke, Just read your item in RM and what a great read! Really good text and fantastic photos. You came across really well and your thoughts on modelling on a budget were spot on - very wise words from you. I have no doubt that we will be seeing more of your layouts in print over the years given the way your distillery layout has come on but you will always remember today as the day you first went into print! Be very proud of what you have achieved. Regards, Woody
  5. Hello Luke, Catching up on posts here and although only a few weeks since I last looked your modelling skills have moved on light years! Fantastic buildings and great scenery and a wonderfully atmospheric layout. You have a natural talent! Woody
  6. Trust that you are proud of what you have achieved Luke. Great layout and your skills are getting better with every layout. Trust that you enjoy exhibiting it and no doubt it will create a lot of interest. Woody
  7. Simple but really nice and well detailed - One to be proud of. Woody
  8. Top notch! Really brings the scene to life Jerry. Nice one. Woody
  9. Hi, I might be missing something but the wiring through the CDU switch and point motor looks fine but from the limited view you may have the power source as the 12v DC output of the controller. The CDU needs an uncontrolled output of about 16v AC to work. 12v DC will not work the CDU. The controller that is in the picture looks as though it may be from a starter set without an AC output. If you have any more platform work to do some masking tape over the parts that you don't want polyfiller on saves a lot of cleaning up afterwards. Hope the above is of use. Woody
  10. Another classic layout in the making. I like your style Jerry - very inspirational. Look forward to seeing you progress on this project. Woody
  11. Great modelling Luke. Very atmospheric and detailed. You should be really pleased and proud. Woody
  12. WOW! Some serious and very impressive progress in the last couple of weeks. I like your desire to try different things like the sleeper spacing and DDC wiring and all done so successfully! Keep up the great work and you are going to have a great layout. Woody
  13. Hello Kevin, Not sure what to say apart from so sorry to hear about what has happened. I just hope that you will continue to carry on modelling and not let this put you off. You obviously have a skill and talent which is appreciated by all here. Woody
  14. You are doing a great job. The main thing is enjoy what you are doing and be proud of what you achieve which in view of what you have achieved you should be proud, if that all makes sense! Woody
  15. Great progress Luke. You seem to build layouts faster then I can read about them! Woody
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