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  1. Hello, I think it would be fair to say that most railway modellers go through a stage when there is a desire to build a layout but ideas and schemes just don't lead to anything that ticks all the boxes. You have a longterm desire layout wise but in the meantime you want a stop gap layout so that you can run your trains, experiment with DCC and other modelling matters. With 6x4 to play with the stop gap measure is going to have limitations but in some ways that has its advantages. With the best will in the world it is difficult to achieve much more than a twin or possibly triple ovalled layout with a few sidings. However what that simplicity allows is to be able to have the satisfaction of seeing trains run fairly quickly and to be able to do those experiments and the learning process of DCC and otjer things without loosing too much when you move onto that long term layout. My suggestion, but there will no doubt be other equally valid suggestions, would be to use one of the Hornby or Peck track plans in their plan books and use one of those for your layout. Using set track will also allow for quick alterations if desired and always has a market if you want to sell it on later. Maybe not the answer you want but I hope the above may be of use in getting over that difficult hurdle of what track plan to use. We all have different ideas but I think it is fair to say we all enjoy locos actually running and no matter how long we have been modelling or how many layouts we have built the next track plan will always be better! Best of luck with whatever you decide on. Woody
  2. It was built by Phil Parker when he worked on the Hornby magazine and featured in their year book. Over the years Phil has produced a lot of small layouts and has no doubt inspired many to do similar. If you go to his blog you should find most of the build of this and other layouts documented. Just Google Phil Parkers blog and follow the links for the modelling one. Its been going for well over 10 years and always has interesting and inspirational content. Woody
  3. Hello Luke, Slightly off topic but given the Scottish connection you might find this of interest https://www.youtube.com › watch They take the High Road - YouTube Real nostalgia and at various points there are shots of Killing station. Hope you enjoy and I think you may get some inspiration for some more projects. Woody
  4. You may find the biggest limitation of this layout is the head shunt at the far right size. It looks as though it will only hold a small tank type loco and nothing else which may make shunting moves somewhat limited although you might see this limitation as added interest. You might need to extend the layout so you can fit both your desired loco and longest wagon in that head shunt. As with all layouts they are personal and it always depends on what you are trying to get out of them and if you want to build the layout as you have drawn do it, have fun doing it and its the best way to learn. Sometimes trying to plan perfection leads to nothing ever being built!
  5. Hello Luke, Quite remarkable! In the time you have taken to construct this layout I believe I may have achieved the quite unremarkable feat of gluing a few bits of kit together! You obviously have a talent for capturing an atmosphere and I hope you don't mind me saying but if I didn't know better I would say this was a Chris Nevard layout. Stunning observation and interpretation that deserves recognition. Anyway back to sticking another bit of kit together for me! Woody
  6. Had the pleasure of attending the Caistor show this afternoon and very impressed and in particular with your layout Steve. Never seen it before but there is something that just makes it work so well with quality modelling that brought me back three or four times. Many thanks for exhibiting it, certainly provided me with some ideas. Woody
  7. Absolutely brilliant! Great innovative themed modelling - one to be proud of!
  8. The link is on the bottom of Mogtrains posts - 'Mog on Youtube' - click on that to go to his YouTube channel.
  9. All credit to you Peter and a wonderful way to bring young people into the hobby and congratulations on your award - very much deserved for a fantastic layout that is so unusual but so well executed! Woody
  10. Extraordinary modelling - industrial Pendon springs to mind with a level of detail, skill and observation that makes it hard to accept that its not photographs of a real place. Many thanks for sharing your work! Woody
  11. Hi JBr One of those layouts that you just look at and say yes! Ticks all the boxes for me. Really nicely done and a nice use of that box. Woody
  12. Hello Luke, Just read your item in RM and what a great read! Really good text and fantastic photos. You came across really well and your thoughts on modelling on a budget were spot on - very wise words from you. I have no doubt that we will be seeing more of your layouts in print over the years given the way your distillery layout has come on but you will always remember today as the day you first went into print! Be very proud of what you have achieved. Regards, Woody
  13. Hello Luke, Catching up on posts here and although only a few weeks since I last looked your modelling skills have moved on light years! Fantastic buildings and great scenery and a wonderfully atmospheric layout. You have a natural talent! Woody
  14. Trust that you are proud of what you have achieved Luke. Great layout and your skills are getting better with every layout. Trust that you enjoy exhibiting it and no doubt it will create a lot of interest. Woody
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