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  1. For a slightly less battered look, why not get a sheet of 10 thou' plasticard, cut it to fit between the ribs of the wagon, then place upside down on a piece of softwood, finally knock eight shades out of the piece of plasticard with the ball of a small ball pien hammer. Then glue it to the wagon side, dents outward and bobs your uncle much denying.from inside out. Sean
  2. Is the Hornby one the old model with a motor over one bogie? If so is it the non powered one derailing? Sean
  3. No worries rob, I love to see what others are upto, it often gives me ideas. I will add Tesco Value hairspray seems to work well enough, and cheap enough not to break the bank. I look forward to more. Sean
  4. It seems to my observations that the NCB used an eclectic mix of what ever it could get cheaply for IU wagons, and tended to keep them going untill they literally fell apart. Bestwood and Hucknall (notts coal field) both had Ex Midland railway stock through till they closed down, alongside 16 tonners. They seemed to be in varied and interesting states of repair and many variations in livery too! One that comes to mind is an ex BR 16T (I'm not sure its number) with a length of rope around one buffer Shank to its end grab handle, the caption said it was holding the buffer beam up! So as mentioned, you can have a lot of fun with this area. Sean
  5. Hi rob, Loving the work so far. If I may give a little advice though? First up, regards fixing the powders, some hair spray is a good option to try. It seems to effect colour a little less than varnish. Another point that comes to mind, why not try mixing and matching between powders and paints? Both Humberol and Phoenix do fantastic ranges to play with, in a range of finishes. The 56XX in my avatar photo is one example of a mixed media. Another is using a small dab of Humberol Metcote Gunmetal stippled onto a buffer head to replicate grease marks. It has just enough shine to look the part, a similar method can be used on the edges of gangway connectors. I would also suggest you try and take your pics in more natural light if at all possible! It shows the subtleties of your work infinatly better than artificial light. Keep up the good work my friend, please keep the photos coming and I hope I dont come across as being negative or picky! Sean
  6. Sorry I cannot post pics at the mo guys (using my phone and having melted my laptop at my other job, dont ask!) I'm currently on my Bestwood layouts 5th incarnation, hopefully this will get built! Its EM gauge, portable and aimed at being flexible in operation from a 12 foot (scenic) end to end, to a full loop of 40x20 feet with an almost full representation of the colliery and maybe exchange sidings and the running line at the back. Oh and its also pre grouping (just) set in 1922-23 Sean
  7. The other option that comes to mind, why not simply mask the logos (or find replacement transfers) and repaint the tank white? Sean
  8. I know it is a very iffy subject to talk about, and for my personal preference it is a lot later than I generally model, but a client I am working for has a special interest in the period of '65-'69, so unfortunately I have to get to grip with this rather thorny subject, has he wants stock making up into that condition I meant no offence or upset to anyone, and apologise if I caused any. Sean
  9. Hi all, I have a question regarding this odd traffic. First up, how were steamers taken to scrap yards? The only reference I found was an 8F being towed between two 20t brake vans by a class 14. Secondly, were there any especial rules to these trains? Such as limits of numbers of locos, barrier wagons between locos and such likes? Thanks in advance Sean
  10. Wow, the Link has just wet my appetite to try, I suspect it could be just as easy to rub the sides down to smooth, and re bead them with reallly fine micro strip. The roof will be the hardest bit to get right I suppose I could do worse than see if I can find some good drawings of the GN ones Thanks guys! Sean
  11. Why not get a piece of strait rod the diameter of the axles, cut it to length, and simply take the wheels, gears and such jazz from one to the other? Sean
  12. Hi guys, Bit of a daft one here, is it possible to get a reasonable representation of Gresely's GN teams using the Hornby Railroad ones? (I ask as I have several lurking around, so it seems a shame to not use them) Many thanks Sean
  13. Love this, some really smart work going on here Nile, you and a couple of other members ave convinced me the merit of pre-grouping now... Sean
  14. Love this thread, I am now looking if i can emulate the the system cheaper! Sean
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