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    Hi my main interest is narrow gauge railway modelling mainly the Irish ngr's 00n3 but also 7mm /14mm gauge appeals.
    My main heritage railway is the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway in Devon.

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  1. Hi guys are they any updates to this project? Colin Rainsbury
  2. Hi Guys while discussing another great railway modeller (Cyril Fry) on another site, it came to pass that it is not clear as to what has happen to the late Mike Sharman's 4mm scale broad gauge layout and the rolling stock that went with it. I don't want to buy any of it, But I was wondering if it was on display somewhere so that the public could go and see if they wish, while it may not fit in with the Pendon ethos, I was wondering that should Pendon require an extension then I am sure Mikes layout would be up there to be added to the collection. Any information about the layout would be welcome. Thank you all in advance. Colin Rainsbury
  3. Hi Dave managed to see the layout yesterday at Expo-ng, very nice modelling, the trouble was I could not spend any time watching you operate it. From the photos I had imagined it to be bigger than it was, One question from yesterday, I was given a number of Branchline 00n3 coach kits however I have looked at my Branchlines page and they don't appear to do a CVR Brake Van to go with the coaches, do you happen to have a drawing for them, as I think I shall need to make a couple of them. Thanks Colin
  4. Hi Nick try this link I think it should go to him directly stuart edmundson:- [email protected] hi. the time as come to cut down on my models. i am thinking of selling off my 7mm L&B items as i will not be building an L&B layout due to lack of space and other projects need finishing.i have 2 locos various goods stock mainly brass. some coaches that are card built and a part built station building. also some resin coach and goods wagon kits. it would be great to sell as one lot but think it wouldnt be possible due to the value. whats the thoughts of anyone on this list. i dont want to go down the ebay route. cheers stuart Regards Colin Rainsbury
  5. There is a guy on the L&BR modelling e group who is selling a number of 7mm L&BR Kits at the moment if you are interested. Colin
  6. The only thing I recall about the layout was it was an operational layout and had very little senic work carried out on it. As I recall it was worked to a timetable, why not ask on the FR egroup I am sure some one on there will have some detail about it (I have just done this for you) Colin Rainsbury
  7. There was talk sometime ago to get both surviving C&L locos 3D scanned but I dont think it happen. it would be something I would be interested in, to add to the hassle of Drawings, not all the C&L locos came out the same from the word go, over on the irish 3ft Gauge e Group sometime ago one of the contributors had worked out most of the detail differences between each of the locos, but sadly he died last year I think it was, I am sure his nots are on the website somewhere and it wouldbe worth Joining even if it was just to get the details. Colin Rainsbury
  8. Would be nice, but a tad bit to expensive for my tast at present. Colin
  9. I to get this, for me it was the long awaited L&BR 2-6-2 Manning Wardle from Heljan, only to find that after all the preproduction work that went into it it came up short, it now appears that even with the introduction of the MK2 this has not made any difference to the sale of this model and peopl are very warey of buying a loco which has a doggy past. I just hope that when the L&BR Baldwin 'LYN' appears next Year it is to a better standard and sales will improve, it has been along time coming to produce RTR 009 locos and rolling stock, but I can see the manufactures all jumping on the band wagon to do the market justic. Will this be a good thing? only time will tell for 009 , with Bachmann doing Hunslet Quarry Locos, I am just waiting for the new generation of 009 Rabbit warren layouts to appear on the exhibtion circuit. Colin
  10. it is also worth getting hold of a couple of C&L books:- 1 Smoke amidst the Drumlins by Anthony Burges Colourprint ISBN 1-904242-62-6 about £9.00 new 2 The Cavan and Leitrim Railway by Tom Ferris and Patrick Flanagan Midland ISBN 1-85780-073-7 once agin about £9.00 New see Amazon for what is available Regards Colin R
  11. Ok stop right there if you think any of the drawings you have are correct, most arn't, the last I heard was that one of the Universitys was doing something with some drawings, as has already been said the 4-4-0T where different some build for the Tramway and the others for mainline use, but towards the end it didn't make any difference to what locos was used where, I do have the works drawings for the 0-6-4 King Edward, somewhere on my system. As for the ex Backwoods Kit, Neville tells me he is hoping to get it back into production next year ( I am after a set of casting for one which didn't have them a couple of years ago). One thing why I have yet to build mine is the general consensus of the Kit was it had a few scale problems, I am not sure if it was over or under scale and I am sure that back of the cab was also wrong. Hope this helps Colin
  12. One Loco I am after is a model of a Port of London Docks Railway as opposed to the NLR Dock tank 0-6-0T I am not sure who made them in the first place ( Hunslets?) but I am sure the old Yorkshire Dale Railway had one in there collection year ago, does this ring a bell with anyone? Colin
  13. Hi all I have been thinking for sometime about building an industrial EM Gauge layout, I know of a few RTR OO gauge industrials, but, I was wondering if anyone knew anyone who produce OO scale Industrial Loco kits, I have seen mentioned Judith Edge locos loco’s but it appears they are mostly diesels locos, where as I am after Industrial steam locos. I think there was someone around a few years ago who made brass kits but I think they went to Australia and are no longer producing them in 4mm scale. As a side I got into Industrials after a visit a number of years ago to the Yorkshire Dales Railway as it was then, I think they call themselves the Embassy and Bolton Abby Railway now. Thanks in advance for any help Regards Colin
  14. I know it has been some time since this thread was active but I was wondering what everyone has been up to in the past year or so? Colin
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