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    all things railway in Cornwall, particularly GWR and 50s/60s BR.

    one of these days I'll start learning about the Southern, since I'm living in the SE now. :)

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  1. imho, for a layout of that length, it would be better to use a four coach train. Halls and Granges hauled four-coach trains to/from Penzance (as an example) and there are probably lots of others, but this is railway modelling and you usually have to compromise somewhere. Four coaches would take up a more right-looking length of the platform, as well as less of the overall layout length. other trains could consist of only two coaches, looking even better as they arrive/depart. remember rule 1. edit: also, see this page: http://www.brian-lambert.co.uk/lg.jpg
  2. Interesting that most people say they spent more than last year and yet confidently predict they will spend less next year!
  3. fender


    been fixing the first bits of track down and now wired up what I have done so far. all tested and so far so good.
  4. my first thought was, big deal, putting people on the layout isn't much of a project!...but then I thought, hmmm....this isn't a shunting yard, there are going to be hundreds!
  5. fender


    Thanks Jeremy. Yes, I've been looking through shapeways a lot recently. Those 377s are quite pricey, but you never know...
  6. hi Paragon, it's just my new N gauge experiment, a very different layout! http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/110526-southdown/?p=2282928
  7. that's a good idea. will definitely use on a future layout!
  8. fender


    some track experiments for myself coming up, which I thought I might as well put here in case others are interested. I wanted to see just how well the connections would be covered up and also what the concrete code 55 looks like when ballasted vs the wooden sleepers. I have to say, I am amazed at how good this code 55 is, as hopefully the pics below will show: the last one is with droppers attached, although isn't the clearest photo ^^^droppers invisible ^^^rali joiners invisible imho, this system is far better than OO gauge track, where it is almost impossible to disguise the rail joiners. obviously the track will have been painted on the finished article, and the ballast will be less uniform, but I'm quite happy with the appearance so far. the ballast also doesn't look too overscale to my eyes. it is woodland scenics fine ballast and I see only a few example of lumps that are a little too large, most of it looks fine (no pun intended)
  9. at one-update-every-six-months, this may take a while, especially as I have started another layout now as well! however, I have not been completely neglecting this, having worked quite a bit on the houses, platform canopy, crane and loading gauge. you can see some of this progress in the image below: the crane needs a little touching up and of course the chain and hook added. I have these but need some blackening fluid. the loading gauge is just plonked there out of the way, it will eventually go right in front of the weighbridge hut. the canopy is nearly finished, paint-wise, and just needs glazing and weathering. this is a difficult one as I want to use translucent corrugated glazing, but I have no idea when this was invented. I'm pretty sure the original canopy just had plain glass, but the corrugated sheets are so convenient! google has not been my friend with this. I suppose this is made out of their some kind of plastic or fibreglass, both of which were not in any kind of use, if even invented at all, when the shed was built, so I think it will have to be plain glass with the added complication of making frames.
  10. fender


    thanks Nick. I already have the track book (it's great). I've read about the track-pin method but I'm not sure my soldering skills are up to scratch. hopefully my experiments with the fb track will point me in the right direction!
  11. fender


    not sure why it is but there is some kind of illusion with the concrete flexitrack that makes the rail height look even more overscale. I'm going to have to do a few experiments to see how it performs with various kinds of ballast. I can probably get away with quite a bit of timber-sleepered track though. also need to experiment a lot with the third rail. I'm going to try flatbottom code 40 as I think this will look the best. the problem is how to attach it as I don't like the insulated-joiner method. I'm thinking drilled holes in the sleeper, small section of plastic or brass rod and then gluing to the rail, but not sure how effective the glue will be with such a small contact area. I think soldering would be very difficult to get right without making a big mess! but generally I think this is the way to go as gluing things on top of the sleepers will be very difficult with the concrete track. I'll try a few ideas when the code 40 rail arrives.
  12. fender


    baseboard done: I did put in the cross bracing (after careful examining of the plan) that's enough photos of baseboard production! I next did a 'sound' test using my test track and found it to be acceptable. these light models don't make enough noise to warrant cork I don't think. and finally a comparison picture or two: I've also joined the 2mm association as they have a few items that will be useful and I may make my own track on a future board. I must say I have been impressed with what is on offer so far.
  13. looks great. the cliff is so big it makes it look like n gauge!
  14. excellent! now for some coaches!
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