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  1. I bought one of these but it's sat around for a while even though all I did was add numberplates. It's quite big even next to Cararama models so best kept away from Oxford and the like, but still usable. The caravan is a 3D print from Shedring Railway, a one-off as far as I know. It's very much the done thing for showmen to have personalised plates on their 4x4s and there are no prizes for guessing the name of this one's owner!
  2. Some kit builds this time as I recently acquired a few of the metal kits from John Day and R. Parker. I like these kits as they're very simple and easy to put together but well detailed and realistic. The first to be finished are a pair of Parker Humbers: the black one is a four-cylinder Hawk and the grey one a six-cylinder Super Snipe. And with Oxford Diecast's Snipe estate
  3. The white one is clearly not based on any specific vehicle and actually has a combination of grille and bumper finish that never existed. It has a silver grille with a Leyland badge as used on the earliest examples, but black bumpers that should go with the later black Sherpa-badged grille. AROnline has a very good feature on the evolution of the Sherpa with an illustration of the different front end treatments used over the years. Here's what I did with my white one: And this one is a full repaint (note the chrome bumpers identifying it as an early version):
  4. I have a few assorted Tomica models but haven't seen that one before. It would fit the bill nicely so off to eBay I go.
  5. All is not lost. If you don't mind applying modellers' licence to make something that didn't exist but could have done, the Oxford model could pass for a OO scale G van.
  6. I've made a rather surprising discovery that Oxford Diecast's recently-released and supposedly OO Citroen H catering van is in fact HO scale so it's no good to OO modellers! Read more on my findings here: https://rustyoldrubbish.blogspot.com/2019/08/h-for-ho.html
  7. I'm continuing to build up a small collection of cars owned by family and friends so here's a couple of recent additions. When I was born my dad had a Valencia Blue Triumph Vitesse convertible. I only have vague memories of this as a complete car and mostly remember bits of it spread all over the garage, attic, shed, next door's garage etc. as it failed an MOT when I was 2 years old and he decided to strip it down for a complete restoration. After several years he got fed up of tripping over it and sold it in bits to someone who intended to restore it but it hasn't been taxed since 1987 so it never made it back onto the road. The model is an EFE repainted in a mixed-up Humbrol approximation of Valencia Blue, and the silver trim looks much better in real life than the photo that's much larger than actual size. After the Vitesse had gone, for many years we had this mongrel Morris Minor, which had started life as a 1952 803cc Tourer but at some point had been fitted with all the mechanical bits of a Minor 1000 saloon and had also been re-registered. It supposedly ended up in Germany, having been sold to the boss of a German transport company in a rather strange deal that basically involved him instructing the manager of his UK depot to buy him a Minor sight unseen and put it on the next truck bound for Germany. Both Classix and Oxford make maroon Morris Minor convertibles and I chose the Classix as it's a better representation (but still not great) and Oxford's colour looked too brown.
  8. As a fairground transport modeller, one frustration is the complete lack of any modern 4x4 crew-cab pickups in OO as these can be seen at every fair towing caravans, kiddies' rides and catering trailers. I did manage to find a couple of toys that are based on US-market pickups not sold in the UK and aren't quite the right scale but are good enough in the absence of anything else. Matchbox Honda Ridgeline in 1/69 scale with some added detail painting Motormax Toyota Tacoma of indeterminate scale but compared with the Oxford trailer it seems about right Motormax also made a Mark 2 Land Rover Discovery in 1/72 that goes well with the various Cararama Land/Range Rovers.
  9. I recently acquired an original version of this kit, copyright 1981. The original has exactly the same box art but a title that would have answered the query straightaway: it is labelled 'Opel Blitz + PAK 40' whereas the new one is just 'PAK 40 gun & truck'. I'm not a military modeller so I'm not sure what to do with it; one idea is to graft the bonnet and wings to a Bedford OB and create a representation of a late pre-war Duple-bodied Blitz coach. The Blitz name seems to have remained in use until the 1970s as the Bedford CF was sold in mainland Europe as the Opel Bedford Blitz. Incidentally the CF celebrates its 50th birthday this year.
  10. I'd never heard of Silhouette but they made some interesting stuff - I particularly like the look of the Isuzu Piazza, which was available in the UK but is near extinct now. 1/80 models look fine with 1/76 to me and I have a set of Nissan Skylines by Tomytec that are virtually the same size as the Oxford Diecast Cavalier. That generation of Skyline was never sold in the UK but was quite similar to the Laurel that was and can pass as a generic 1980s big Japanese saloon so I'm very happy with them.
  11. They're not LHD wipers, that was the standard way round for all but the earliest Marinas and LHD cars had them set the other way. Apparently it was discovered that the driver's wiper could lift off the screen at speed, so in a typical BL solution instead of fixing the problem they just turned them round so the wiper that lifted was now on the passenger side where it didn't matter! Of course that put the large unswept area on the driver's side so it wasn't a great solution. I've never seen a high-top Marina or Ital either so I suspect that was an aftermarket conversion.
  12. Another one but just some minor cosmetic tweaks to a modern Oxford model this time - not 100% accurate but close enough for me. Does anyone here watch HubNut on YouTube? If you do then I'm sure you'll recognise Elly. She's actually the second red and white 2CV Dolly in my collection as another friend owns the G-reg car
  13. Earlier in this thread I mentioned my idea of trying to convert a Minix Landcrab into a Maxi. That got knocked on the head when Oxford announced their Maxi and now inevitably I've repainted one to match my real car. Yes the Oxford Maxi has its faults but I think it's better than anything I could have made and replacing the oversized wheels has really helped. My car is a standard 1750 rather than the posh HLS so I had to grind off the bumper underriders too. Incidentally, I don't know if anyone here follows Ian Seabrook aka HubNut on YouTube, but you'll find a video of him road testing this very car on his channel.
  14. Time to revive my old thread as I've just completed a restoration I'm very pleased with. This poor old Dinky Dublo Singer had seen better days. It took four applications of Nitromors and much scraping to get all that paint off. Still red as most of the photos I found online are of red ones and I didn't think the original yellow suited it, but a much better finish. The wheels and screen are from an Oxford Diecast Morris 8.
  15. Several of my TKs have suffered the same way and I assumed it was exposure to sunlight that caused it but it could just be age as these must be getting on a bit now. Fortunately I've re-cabbed quite a lot with RTI cabs so I had enough spare cabs with good glazing to replace the affected ones.
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