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  1. Hi all, This is (obviously) not in the UK but hopefully interesting... https://position-light.blogspot.com/2020/10/delray-tower-to-close-last-north.html?fbclid=IwAR1sp56Y4kp4MsuDYGqeUGng1AyQAt9z-1cJeRmpp3l5XTeaPqZBJrLCctk Thanks, Bill
  2. Hi all, Does anybody know when Port Elphinstone signal box (near Inverurie) on the former Great North of Scotland Railway was closed? The granite base still exists, as seen in the photo below. Thanks, Bill
  3. Plenty of Mk1s lost their bodies all together as Carflat conversions... Bill
  4. I think I've posted this link before... An ex-LBSCR Westinghouse-fitted loco with ex-GER air-braked stock. https://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/2635852 Thanks, Bill
  5. Sorry if it's already been mentioned above... The down Devon Belle changed locos at Wilton although it was not a booked stop. Bill
  6. Did the gas supply have to be turned on and the gas jets lighted by hand for each point? Bill
  7. Hi all, How far could classic diesel classes (33, 40, 47...) travel before they needed to be refuelled? It obviously depends on the load and route but there must be some general figures... And does anybody have any good 'running out of fuel' stories? Thanks and stay safe and well, Bill
  8. Like many, I've been stuck at home the past couple of weeks and all the HSTs I've seen passing through Dyce are refurbished. Have they all now been delivered? Thanks and stay safe and well, Bill
  9. I don't think that I've posted these before... 1) Southbound classic HST at Newtonhill. Both HST and semaphore signals are now history... 2) Scotrail 'short' HST at Dyce 3) 66 426 on a northbound container train at Laurencekirk Thanks, Bill
  10. 33s… So versatile on passenger, parcels or freight duties, distinctive 33/1 and 33/2 sub-classes... Bill
  11. Hi all, This is not meant to be a silly question, but how physically fit did a fireman on the footplate of a top-link express have to be? There was obviously the little matter of shovelling several tons of coal... Thanks, Bill
  12. We went on a school trip to Southampton docks ca. 1971 and there seemed to be class 07s and banana vans absolutely everywhere, but most of my classmates and teachers were more keen on seeing the QE2 departing for New York complete with tickertape and sirens blaring... Bill
  13. Fantastic... In Mike's first link above, the second banana van behind the USA tank at about 3 min 40 sec looks like a 9-foot wheelbase BR van (B 880331?). And I haven't seen the wave your hand up-and-down signal to indicate that a vehicle is stopping for a long time... Bill
  14. More interesting information and photos re banana imports to Preston docks here: Thanks, Bill
  15. ...including Mk1 long-fame suburban (non-gangway) stock, some of which became Carflats. Bill
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