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  1. Hello lovely people I'm wondering if any one can help me, I'm chopping around some old Triang Caley singles with the view of making some other types of single. I'm ok for the big driver but its the 18mm wheel at the back. Where could I find some plain wheels this size with out the hole and moulding for the crank pin. You can get them from eBay but usually as a pair with the main driver so for every one I get a set of I'm left with the large driver that I don't need and that route will work out to be rather expensive to get all the wheels I need. Thanks in adv
  2. So basically O gauge still nice. I've got a selection of bits collected over the years including a small spud motor bogie an upright boiler and one of the white metal yard crane kits (cant remember the make) I'm going to try and marry them all together to build one similar to the crane in the first post in OO Many years ago (and were talking 45 years) I built this loose scale model of one of Stanton iron works crane tanks on the chassis of a Hornby Caley pug. Its still around today in my son's care who has added better valve gear detail and it can still be seen
  3. Not to far off topic please chaps, this is a good thread don't spoil it please.
  4. Those gas lamps are beautiful the rest is progressing nicely too
  5. I harvest every thing for parts nothing goes to waste even parts like splashers and buffer beams.
  6. Thankyou Nick I was yes as like you I have a passion for early Scottish locos by Drummond and others who followed the Stroudley school of thought and design. At this point I'm going to shatter all your excitement and expectations as it's going to be a slightly loose scale layout quality loco using one of these as a starting point. It's not so daft as it might first seem infact the Caley single was built only 9 years after the NB loco, there both Drummond inspired designs and both built by Neilson and Co The idea is to take the Triang Model and reduce the s
  7. As the title says I'm after any information and photo's of the above named locomotives. There was two built to a Dugauld Drummond design and built by Neilson and Co given the NBR numbers 474 and 475 Any information, photo's or drawings would be a help and am particularly interested on what type of brakes they had towards the end of there lives and even when the end of there lives was. I believe they were Air braked but where was the air pump? Thanks for any help you can give.
  8. In the town its self. We're on the housing estate behind the pleasure beach between the sea front and the river known as the Barracks estate on account that it was built on the site of an old army barracks. The recent storms have taken all the beach from the Wellington pier to the harbours mouth. All the dunes have almost gone and the sea's upto the sea wall near the pleasure beach. The council is still dithering over the restoration of the Winter gardens as that continues to deteriorate oh and the big ugly Marina center and swimming pool has been demolished so they can build
  9. As a massive die hard Caledonian fan I'm looking forward to this with great anticipation and already that station building looks superb and I like the idea of the Wills goods store, I wonder if to give it a more "Scottish" look maybe the trestle base could be replaced with a stone base made from some Wills stone effect plasticard but that's just my opinion. My one thought is the Caledonian although it did occasionally happen were as a company very adverse to running tender first and in some cases like the Balachulish extension to the Callander and Oban line Tender locos we're ban
  10. For any one that's got one and might know - being metal how receptive do you think the buffers would be to taking solder. I was wondering if the concave section could be in filled and then reprofiled with sand paper?
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