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  1. Does it matter that much? The poor chap might be put off before he even starts. Let him get established first he can go for the level of detail and authenticity when he's ready. I would guess 90% of people on here do or have at one time run a loco on a line that wasn't 100% correct. There's even sections on RMweb for fictional locos and companies so using an 03 instead of an 04 to get your self going is hardly the crime of the decade though no doubt some will see it as so Such is the nature of this hobby
  2. Hello Mr Wolf My goodness you've dragged this thread up from the distant past. Thank you for your kind words I'm afraid serious health issues have brought any modeling progress to a complete stand still for the last two years and I'm reduced to lurking in the shadows on the side lines watching with envy other people's efforts and progress. That sounds like a good idea with the rivet jig and I look forward to seeing any progress with it. Going back to my last post in 2017 the other coaches mentioned have been cut on the Silhouette along with some other projects but that's as far as they've got. The only coaches that has been built over the last two years is a cir. 1870 by comp with central luggage compartment shown here which has since been painted and a small six wheel TPO
  3. Great work I love a bit of kit bashing, I'll follow this with interest. Any chance of a photo of an original loco?
  4. I was wondering about the choice of a Bachmann chassis over a Hornby one. When building a Caledonian Jumbo I started off with the intentions of using a Bachmann Pannier tank chassis but quickly found the can motor much to wide for the boiler/firebox area of the Jumbo so went for a standard Hornby 0-6-0 chassis instead. No loss as the Bachmann chassis went under a Caley tank loco where the side tanks gave more room for the can motor. I've got a GBL C class in the parts box and have thought about a G&SWR smellie 22 class 0-6-0. The Tenders of both are very similar dimension and style wise and as well as detail changes like the splashers etc the addition of a Sterling style cab will go a long way to achieving the desired result. Steve
  5. Sorry to come late to this but have only just found the thread. I was looking for a mesh to convert an old Hornby stone bridge and found in one of the "Pound shops" a plastic mesh sheet reputedly for cooking/draining chips on. It looks ideal for 4mm scale with the mesh being 3mm wide or in real money 9 inchs which seems about right for bridges etc. The mesh is folded up and rivited at the corner to give it a slight "bowl" effect but when the rivits are cut out the mesh can be flattened out. I'm not at home right now but if anyone wants I can take a photo later.
  6. Hmm... Not really in my case thanks but that looks more like an excavator taken of its tracks and sat on a railway bogie rather than the big old upright steam crane in Jacks original photo
  7. I was thinking about something along these lines a while back with a semi free lance designs in 4mm scale using a Peco style yard crane mounted on a black beatle or tenshodo bogie clad in corrigated plasticard cab. That was the general out line and as far as I got with the concept but it seemed like it would have been a fairly easy project. Here's the sort of crane I was thinking about.
  8. Thanks pH I think it's got to be the big bogie as nice as the 119 class is its small and low slung boiler would make getting a motor/gearbox combination in hard so it looks like it's the 153 class. Same looks as the 119 but a real beast.
  9. Really enjoying this topic and have been following with great interest a modeler after my own heart Poor health has held me back over the last couple of years so I've done a lot of arm chair planing and collecting materials for when I can hopefully (soon) get back to modeling. Future pre grouping projects I'd like to look at are G&SWR Smellie 2-4-0 a standard Hornby 0-6-0 chassis will be the starting point believe it or not the wheel base is the same G&SWR Smellie 0-6-0 (Cass 22) again a Hornby 0-6-0 chassis G&SWR Smellie 4-4-0 hmm still thinking about the chassis on this one. I know I know all Smellie locos but I love his designs and who doesn't love a sterling style cab. Also some HR locos and at the moment am collecting parts for a HR Loch to complete a partial kit that Andy UAX6 gave me. I've such a backlog of Caley kits that I've got it seems a life time of work building those lol but I'm also looking at a Conner class No.1 2-4-0 built on a modified M7 chassis. A Conner class 67 2-2-2 single using a modified Bachman Emily chassis and finally a Brittains 0-4-2 670 class and the chassis for this was a very old Triang princes flat plate chassis (Trust me the two leading drivers match the wheel base of the 0-4-2) Many parts for this last three with there tenders have already been drawn or cut on a silhouette machine and I've also got a selection of GBL T9, C Class and Caley single tenders to assist as well So as long as I live to 120 I should be able to get most of this done. Steve
  10. I want to alter a tender with "normal" tender springs over the axle boxes to an earlier type with underslung springs. This photo came off the Caledonian forum and dates from about 3 years ago the chap that posted it thought he'd possibly got the underslung springs and axle boxes from 5&9 developments but Chris at 5&9 insists there not his. Does anyone recognise them or have an idea who might be able to supply them or something similar. Thanks Steve Here's a look at the type of tender I'd like to build, it's an early Caley Drummond Jumbo tender
  11. Stewart I'm back in hospital at the moment in fact I'm nil by mouth right now waiting to go down at 10.30 this morning for another minor procedure before a bigger op in about 4 weeks time. As soon as I get home I'll drop you that line and we can sort something out. Steve
  12. Thanks tiger I had seen those pages and are typically vague as some Google pages are also apart from the little full 6 wheel brake most of the carriages are to late for my needs. I can't understand why no one from the association has got back to me dispite two emails to the addresses on the contact page of there web site. Ps I've just won an original picture of a full third on the bay of E which looks about 45ft on four wheel bogies which look to be cir 1890 which is the sort of thing I'm looking for.
  13. Does anyone know if There is a decent book on G&SWR carriages out there. I've tried joining the G&SWR association but so far they've not replied to my emails (Does anyone know if there's any problems there?) I've also tried eBay and putting in random combination of titles in Amazon to no avail Thanks Steve
  14. Morning troops I'm on the scrounge (I know.... again) Has anybody got a surplus GBL C class tender kicking around unwanted from a project that maybe used the loco and not the tender. I'm looking at a G&SWR Smellie design 2-4-0 as a future build project and the C class tender with a little work is a very close match to the tenders fitted to Smellie designed locos Thanks Steve
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