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  1. Thanks everyone now I know I'm not loosing it totally, there is a few sparks of memory in there. Steve
  2. Sorry as a steam fan I know nothing of Diesels, What is/was DP2?
  3. Thanks Dave I don't recall that one but I guess it could be my memory playing tricks but I was pretty sure the one I was thinking of was an A4.
  4. Help me out here guys I'm sure i can recall an incident back either in the late 1970 or very early 1980s when an A4 which I'm pretty sure was Sir Nigel Gresley while on a rail tour had to go to the rescue of a broken down diesel and it's coal train. I believe it was some where between Carnforth and Hellifield but my memory could be playing tricks with me. Mallard hadn't had her short spell on the main line, Bittern was still unrestored at the now defunct steam center in Glossop and I don't recall Union of South Africa being around at the time so am pretty sure it was SNG. Does anyone else recall anything about it please. Thanks Steve
  5. One source of stock to chop up which is often overlooked is the Hornby 4 wheel carriages. Sharing pretty much the same panel effect as the bigger clerestory carriages two to three shut together soon bring you up to the length were all looking for and the other major advantage is there very cheap. I've seen them at car boots and the junk boxes at shows for as little as 50p or a pound each so just a thought.
  6. I just love this type of modeling I could take as much of this as you can shovel at me, this is absolutely terrific keep the reports coming Steve
  7. A request for my son who is scratch building a crane tank in 4mm. The question is who would be able to reproduce the transfers show in the two photos shown here. Better dimensions can be supplied this is just a general request at this stage. Thanks Steve
  8. That looks brilliant the balance looks just right well done been enjoying the progress on this and it's turned out much better than I thought it might. Steve
  9. Well after reading both your and Ben Alders builds for the 812 class I've taken the plunge and brought a white metal kit built 700 class to convert. Its currently on a Triang chassis which if it can be made to run sweet enough will stay on it. A few years ago when I scratch built a Jumbo on a Hornby chassis I took it along to show a friend who builds to a high quality in P4 and we placed his jumbo along side mine expecting the worse but we were both surprised at how close they were and we both found it very hard to tell the differences between my 18mm wheels and the 20mm wheels on my friends so from that point onwards using a Hornby chassis and wheels has not been a major concern. If you think about it the difference is across the wheel is only 2mm which is 1mm each side of the wheel diameter and Hornby rims and thick flanges more than make up for it
  10. Thank you for the offer but after reading the responses on this thread I rather fancy a go now.
  11. Thank you Devo and all of you. Your answers have been extremely usefull and as its for on off items and not a production line I'm very tempted to have a go wth the plaster mould method. One final question over the years I've picked up all sorts of abbandend kits and if not complete enough to build have stripped them of useable parts like chimneys and domes and other such parts which has left me with a box of mis shapen bits of white metal would these be usable for casting with?
  12. Melmoth I think you might have it there, every thing fits, the type of loco, the age and the company its built for. Thanks Steve
  13. I'm on a local Norfolk community web site for old railways which turns up some splendid pictures. This one is Great Yarmouth South town station (one of three in the town) the poster has asked if any one can identify the type of loco, Other than it looks like a 2-4-0 I've no idear anyone else have a clue? The original poster thinks it's about 1870 but i think it could have ten years on that. The station originally opened in 1859 for the East Suffolk Railway. Going on to the Great Eastern Railway before the grouping Thanks Steve
  14. Hi chaps I think I asked this a few years ago but don't think I got an answer or can't remember if I did. I've picked up over the years the odd unmade or half built kit that was missing the odd part. So the question is if I make an impression mould of a flat simple part say a smoke box door or something simular in a medium like plastacine could you then pour a small amount of white metal or even low melt solder into the mould and make a casting? If plastacine wouldn't stand the heat is there anything else like plaster of Paris that would do. I'm looking for a cheap and simple way of making a few odd parts not a large scale production so want something simple I could do at home. Thanks Steve
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