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  1. True and I wouldnt have said anything if it were not for the preceding post where they were just reflecting on the relatively few post this topic seems to generate. I was just suggesting a possible reason as you say being Edwardians thread its up to him what content he tolerates.
  2. I read and occasionally post but I'm interested in pre grouping this unfortunately like most threads in this forum have a tendency to wander off all to often and let's be honest can sometimes be full of a right load of tosh
  3. Not just pre grouping but mostly pre 20th century as I'm pushing the age of the fleet back to the 1880 to 1900 period. I have a passion for Scottish 4-4-0 of both the Caledonian and Highland railways
  4. Might be worth checking out Kingsway models. They mainly do 4mm but they do have a 2mm section too
  5. Hello Richard thankyou. For some reason I'm still drifting towards a sky blue to try and emulate the reflection of the sky. Richard I'm sending you a pm
  6. Can I ask your advice chaps. I'm in the process of painting a small 1860s Caledonian mail coach and can't decide what colour to paint what should be the glass area of the sky lights. There solid white metal castings so need a colour to represent the glass. I'm thinking possibly a light blue or would a warm glowing colour be better like a light golden brown. It's for daytime running only so doesn't need to represent an illuminated coach. Thanks Steve
  7. Sorry Andy fell out the wrong side of bed, mind you got your attention lol
  8. You might get more response if this was in the UK Prototype questions or discussion threads where it seems it would be more suited as its a general and not a direct modeling question.
  9. Thanks chaps I think I've got it sorted now, at least I can access them again.
  10. Well I'll throw in my two peneth worth have built quite a few six wheelers for my Caledonian fleet I've a favorit a mix of ideas but as a rule I have one outer axle fixed the other end rocking the center axle is designed to slide from side to side by as much as 1.5mm each way. It's hard to get it all set up so it sits flat with all wheels touching (built and set up on a glass sheet) and I'm finding it hard to get a consistency in production meaning some run realy well and some are pigs. With this method all will run on 3rd radius curves and Large Peco points bit it's hit and miss when trying to run on 2nd radius curves and medium points with some going through and some not which I freely admit is more down to my build inconsistency than any thing else. I've thought of different methods including all the above but am not sure which will give the best overall results. Looking at some of the passenger stock with the springs, axle boxes and step boards it can be hard to actually see the wheel set in detail and I must admit I'm a little bit tempted to try fixing the center wheel set and cutting away the lower part of the flange effectively making the six wheelers four wheelers. It would make for an easier life and would make the whole lot much more trouble free when running and its one of those things that to the causal observer would not be visual if you didn't actually know about it. One of my builds in question. All very visable while unpainted but once painted and sat on the track the flange method would become all but invisible. This one will run quite happily on large radius points and third radius curves but becomes very indifferent on anything less.
  11. Sorry Terry been incommunicado for a while and am now only just catching up on some of my followed threads. Sorry to hear about your wife I hope she's on the mend now. Locos still coming along nicely but I might have to keep off your thread now as every time I see all the progress you've made despite all adversity it makes me ashamed of my lack of progress. Keep up the good work, Steve
  12. Loving the new layout the only question is what happened to the followed topics list is it there and I just haven't found it or has it been done away with.
  13. Thanks David these two especally the top one was exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. Steve
  14. A fictional slice of the Caledonian cir 1880 to 1900
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