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  1. It might be worth getting in touch with the G&SWR society who might be able to help. Also on here member uax6 (Andy) thinks he might have a drawing for one but needs to have a look for it. Now there's an old saying that you should never model off a model as you could be building in mistakes that were built into the original model but due to the lack of other information I found this while searching the internet and even though it's a model it does give a better idea of what the rear end looks like and it's certainly better than a guess. (Model Invertrains 7mm kit)
  2. That's the way mate its your model no one else's you build it how you like Just enjoy your modeling thats all you need to do. Steve Oh and keep posting so we can all carry on enjoying it too.
  3. There's many ways of doing it but what ever your method its worth the effort as it makes a massive difference to the look of the loco. It tends to work best if the gap between loco and tender is closed up other wise the fall plate ends up looking like the Forth bridge.
  4. I was afraid you might ask me that I got it about three years back but for the life of me can't remember where but it was one of the major suppliers so shouldn't be to hard to track down. It comes as a flat etch each etch big enough to do about 6 fall plates. I start with a paper tenplate to test the tender will still turn with out binding then when happy just cut out the shape with a strong pair if scissors and just bend it into s slight roll with my fingers or over a sutible round former it only needs a slight curve. The center section of tube is soldered to the fall plate and the tab
  5. Then they can get on and build there own and let him enjoy his modeling the way he wants to Do it. She'll we pick up all our toys where we've thrown them out our prams and leave it at that now before it spoils this most enjoyable thread
  6. While were looking at G&SWR designs I've often thought of a loose scale model of one of these a G&SWR class 266 0-4-4. I reckon a cut and shut with two Nellie bodies part of the second body to extend the boiler between the dome and cab including the tanks and the front half of the cab on the second body turned around to make the back half of the cab on the new loco. Other changes would be to flatten off the lip on the rear of the bunker, and after moving the chassis forward slightly and fitting slightly larger Jinty wheels with plasticard splashers and the rear bogie could
  7. Well I've had a good look through the "Locomotives of the Glasgow & South Western Railway" by David L Smith. A fairly old but reasonable book but the information is scant and scattered through the book and there is no drawings. The locos were built in two batches the first Batch by Drummond who also designed the 0-6-4 tanks for the Highland then later a second batch by Whitelegg to basically the same design with just detail changes but there's no mention of fitting Caley boilers or of changes to the safety valve arangment. Sorry that's about all I've got
  8. I'll try and get my wife or sister in law get my G&SWR loco book down tomorrow and have a look to see what it says as I can't remember off hand. I'm a bit hampered at the moment after a nasty fall pretty much smashed my right ankle and I've had to have a bed made up down stairs. It's been pinned and screwed together but I can't walk on it for another 6 or so weeks. Here's the limit of my world for the time being.
  9. HR X class 0-6-4 banking tank, to follow on from the last post. I hope these two posts help. Credit - verious sorses
  10. G&SWR class 45 0-6-2 tank loco. I'll add some of the HR banking tank in the next post
  11. Loving this thread and it's really coming together well. When you sort out the tender have you considered a fall plate between the loco and tender I add them to all my tender locos and its easy to build a simple working one and it really brings the loco up to another level. Here's one on one of my loco builds also like the Compound a 4-4-0 and then some pictures of the parts and building one for an 0-6-0 loco.
  12. Lack of funds and an already to long build list has made me shelve the idea to do the same at the moment but boy am I going to enjoy this build and am looking forward to it already.
  13. Well let's be honest at that period the major manufacturers were still catering for what was still mainly a table top toy industry and were only on the cusp of the precision model for serious moddlers period that we know now and there was a general disregard for authenticity across the board. The N2 your showing here is a good example being (if original) in a fictional GWR livery. The loco its self is just non descript enough to be able to pass as other types of locos but rather than a deliberate attempt to build it so it could also pass as a G&SWR 45 class is probably just
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