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  1. Mini Jumbos do sometimes run, this was 7A09 Merehead-Acton on 27th August 2009 with just the Acton portion. Graham
  2. 59001 ran for a while in 2008 carrying an incorrect very pale green AI livery. Before repainting to the current version had test patches added on both sides. And 59203 had HUGE numbers on one end in EWS livery. Graham
  3. Full refunds received from Nationwide, earlier payment via Paypal was dealt with under S75 and later direct by Chargeback. Big thanks to those on here providing the info to make the claim.
  4. As noted in post 467 I didn't have a dispatch note from Revolution and my account wasn't changed to complete. I got the tracking information from the number on the parcel itself, the two had different tracking numbers. So at some point you'll get a nice surprise, just like it used to be! Graham
  5. Pleased to report Parcelforce delivered parcel 1 of 2 today, tracking shows Reading Depot looked after it over the weekend! EWS light grey ones this time, they certainly brighten up the rake of drab grey VTGs. Graham
  6. Same here, my website order still says processing so wasn't expecting anything yet but part of my order arrived this morning. Box says 2 of 2 so assume 1 of 2 is somewhere enroute, maybe! Just wish I had the space for multiple rakes of these superb models. Graham
  7. Ordered a to be VTG'd green Freightliner one yesterday lunchtime from Trains4U, arrived just 23 hours later, excellent service. Awaiting despatch of my bulk order from Revolution. Very much a top class product, the etched walkways are amazing. Great work to the Revolution/Rapido team for getting these made. Graham
  8. Caution if you remove the bogies for any reason as they are retained by tiny washers under the screws. On some of mine the retaining screws were rather loose and one had come off in the box. I couldn't find the washer though unusually a couple of days later the floor monster gave up its catch so all hunky-dory again. Looks like the bogies were designed to use a retaining screw with an integral washer but the actual arrangement gives very free rotation. Another very nice well detailed wagon from Dapol, note each bogie has four separate parts added and carry what appear to be axle numbers. I'm impressed they manage all this added detail at the very reasonable price. And the lamp brackets are on the outer ends! Graham
  9. That would work, I have done similar with model aircraft kits but using steel pins. I've got seven sets, not sure my eyesight or sanity would survive drilling out 14 stub ends though! Graham
  10. The body moulding includes the buffer beams so not an option. I've had a rummage through my spares box and all the NEM coupler bars I have are too short. I investigated cutting those supplied and fitting shortened halves together in a brass tube but they would then be too large in diameter, they look correct as they come. Telescopic coupler bars? Graham
  11. Thank you Dapol for some more very nice Freightliner wagons, well finished and free running. Plenty of weight though I reckon they're a tad lighter than the IOA and JNA. You get two coupler bars per set, I got four with one pair! Careful with the wheels as a few of mine dropped out, they may have been dislodged in transit but the bogie frames had spread slightly. The only silly fault is the tail lamp brackets are on the inner ends! Shame as they are really neatly done. Bodyside buffer beam fillets are too short as are the buffer heads and I don't think those little hoops on the buffer beams should be on the inner ends, not there in my 2005 photos, but easily removed. Dapol fit CCMs but for some strange reason continue to set the couplers as if they weren't. 9.5 out of 10 and good value. Graham
  12. Don't you dare release these in 00, especially the EWS, DBS and VTG/MRL liveries! Otherwise I'll have to find a larger home! Graham
  13. Thanks Dave, what a splendid chap you are Oh and I'm quite happy with all wheel geared drive! Graham
  14. The MJAs were built 2003/4 by Wagony Swidnica and were certainly in service by February 2005 when I photographed a loaded set working from Bristol Kingsland Road to Harlow Mill at West Drayton. Graham
  15. I photographed 11109/20/45 with blue circle branding in 2007 and 11107 in 2008. The last date I can identify a branded wagon in a train is July 2014 which is after class 70s started working out of Earles. The Lafarge PCA fleet was purchased by Freightliner HeavyHaul in June 2007 on a sale and leaseback deal. Might HeavyHaul taking over maintenance contributed to the debranding? I don't know if that contract still stands or if any changes took place with Hope Construction taking over the Hope works. With deliveries of new bogie tanks I imagine most will be off to the the scrapyard soon. A comparison between tank top heights on Vee and Metalair PCAs 100628a_PCA_BCC 10778 copy Graham
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