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    As well as main interest of UK railways real and model, I enjoy all travelling (including motoring), vintage vehicles, music, photography, walking, and sometimes helping my wife with gardening! We have a cat named Benjy.

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  1. 1. DEMU Showcase (layouts and trade satisfy my own modelling preference). 2. Warners Peterborough (excellent venue for a large show. Plenty of space to move about along with good catering). 3. March, Cambridgeshire (My favourite small local exhibition. So friendly).
  2. Received my 86 036 from Derails today. I am absolutely delighted with it. Even though it ran superbly straight out the box (thanks Dan and the Derails team who routinely test locos before dispatch - excellent service) I ran it in at medium speed for an hour each direction on the rolling road. Then I temporarily fitted an old spare 21 pin ESU Lokpilot decoder prior to ordering some sound. Test train of 9 Bachmann Mk1s. Super smooth at all speeds right up to maximum of scale 112mph.* Delighted with the turn of speed as the LMR drivers used to really push these locos!
  3. Major disruption on UK rail network after 'cracks found on high-speed trains' | UK News | Sky News Sorry folks can't seem to copy and paste link into here.
  4. Meanwhile, 6 years later..... Now having the same problem with my Bachmann Class 85, so it's out with the soldering iron this afternoon. I'm more confident with the iron nowadays!
  5. Hornby OO Gauge R3580 Class 87 87035 'Robert Burns' - BR Blue 5055288637078 | eBay Hornby R3580 British Rail Class 87 #87035 | Crewe Heritage Centre (crewehc.co.uk)
  6. Yes, I had a quick trawl through some other shops' websites last night and many, including Gaugemaster who I thought were Heljan's distributors, are showing them still as pre-orders. Mine is ordered through Derails. Fingers crossed for delivery this coming week!
  7. Very useful review and great photos, thanks for posting. Still waiting for mine, and heard nothing grrrrr.... Mine is pre-ordered from a smaller shop. Seems like the box shifters get things in and out very fast. Seeing all these great photos from you guys I'd making me even more impatient! Only been waiting 20 odd years for a really good 86 so I suppose a few more days is okay!
  8. Now I'm getting worried. I've heard absolutely nothing about my pre-order from a smaller shop. I hope they get their allocation and are able to supply me. If everywhere else sells out I shall be very cross!
  9. Totally agree. I reckon if they'd have done an upgrade on it to include a centre motor driving all wheels and a decent pantograph it would still have sold well. It would certainly have satisfied me!
  10. Well, now that is strange....we've been told for years that electric locos don't sell!
  11. Nice photo. And D200 too, like icing on the cake!
  12. So, fellow AC electric enthusiasts, Heljan have done us proud and given us a fantastic Class 86 with /2, /4 and /6 variants to follow. Just an 81 now to complete the most long lived classes – c'mon Bachmann, you have your wonderful 85 as a good base already - know it makes sense! At long last, after all these years maybe we will hear less of that old groan that electric locos “won't sell”; I have personally heard a former model magazine editor trot that out in front of manufacturer's representatives on more than one occasion. Thanks again Heljan (and Hornby
  13. Many thanks for the review and photos. Looks absolutely brilliant. Can't wait to get mine.
  14. Some great photos, thanks for posting them folks; keep them coming! I'm still awaiting my loco - not even got a confirmation that's in stock yet, despite deposit paid! I will have to try and contain my excitement for a few more days yet I guess!
  15. New Heljan 86 looks fabulous - but didn't Hornby do a great job 40 years ago?! You did an excellent job detailing yours.
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