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  1. All very useful information, thanks Phil. I must admit I took the easy option in the end and put the decoder in the cab; drilled two holes either side of the bulkhead for the 4 wires (red, black,orange, grey) and the two speaker wires. All 6 wires needed to be extended. I'm not bothering with lights on the 08s. The decoder is just visable in the cab - but the next one I do I will cut down the angled plastic bulkhead so the decoder lies flat on the cab floor. I used the original Hornby speaker sealed around with blue tak adjacent to the radiator. The next one I do will be with a sugar cube for better sound which I hope to buy tomorrow. I may also fit a stay alive (see separate thread) Anyway, here it is. I'm pleased with it for a first attempt. Slow running is amazingly smooth after CV adjustments. For £35 for the decoder, it's perfect for me anway!
  2. Izzy, quick question please. What size capicitor do you use for TTS decoders? Thanks, Vivian
  3. Certainly very useful indeed - great clear descriptions and photos. I think I'll try a stay alive in my early Bachmann 08 which I have just fitted successfully with TTS. Thanks very much for posting.
  4. I'm still considering the best way to install these into my older Bachmann 08s (no socket so hard wiring will be necessary). Have removed small PCB and cut off metal screw lugs but still not enough room for the decoder. I reckon it'll need to go inside the cab. I did a dry run with an old kaput 47 TTS decoder and it sits in there ok and hardly visible. Will post photos once if install is successful. Have also asked Richard about replacing speaker with a sugar cube.
  5. Collected an 08 TTS decoder from my local model shop this morning - last one out of the 12 he received from Hornby. Told me they sold like hot cakes! Hope to fit it tonight and if all goes well and I like the sound I'll have to order quickly online as I have two more to do.
  6. Agreed. They are getting better and better. IMO class 60 is great, and the 08 sounds fabulous. Roll on the Class 50! (which IMO hasn't been given justice to by any sound provider yet.).
  7. On Richard's advice I fitted most of my TTS decoders with two 8 ohm speakers which reduces the sound to a more acceptable level for home use. MUST be wired in series though. Delighted with all my TTS diesels. Thanks again Richard.
  8. Good to know - I'm delighted Hornby are doing further work on their TTS decders. I've been pleased with mine so far. Sounds are getting better all the time (especially the diesel ones) I'm certainly looking forward to the class 50 which I believe is imminent.
  9. Very useful information, and excellent photos to illustrate the installation. Thanks very much for posting.
  10. Yes please Izzy, that would be great. I have 3 to do.
  11. Yes, the Class 47 had been released as a stand alone item. I have fitted 5 into Bachmann locos. Now out of stock at Hattons and most other retailers. I had another on a pre-order from Hattons for a while now, but got an email from them yesterday telling me the item (R8103) "has been cancelled from production" and "that it is not now expected to be released".
  12. Class 47 cancelled as well. Very strange as they have been sold out at most retailers for months now. I wonder if they are re-working them?
  13. I'm still here! Following DCC topics with interest, but maybe not posting questions so often now that I have got to grips with it all. Maybe now that DCC has become a more "normal" form of control people are not so afraid it!
  14. Crikey - just thinking, where did those last 20 odd years go? Seems like only yesterday that i was so pleased with the new Bachmann 08! After all the years of putting up with the Tri-ang Hornby effort, here at last was a beautiful little model that not only looked right but was able to run at scale speed even with my old H&M Clipper. So a very belated thanks to Bachmann! I read with almost disbelief on the Class 90 thread someone said that Bachmann have never made any "game changer" models. Well IMO the 08 was certainly one. Edit: and here it is after all these years. Bit of weathering powder and a renumber - I'm still delighted with it!
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