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    As well as main interest of UK railways real and model, I enjoy all travelling (including motoring), vintage vehicles, music, photography, walking, and sometimes helping my wife with gardening! We have a cat named Benjy.

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  1. I always liked the Tri-ang Hornby ferry vans. Here's mine - not detailed like Daruis' or Barry's vans, but here's what I attempted a couple of years ago; weathered just by using Tamiya powders (used the white one to fade the paintwork) and fitting smaller wheels to lower the height. But now seeing what you guys have done, I think I'll have a better go at it. Especially now the Realtec transfers are available. Another job for the "to do" list!
  2. Those wagons look truly excellent Darius. It's amazing what can be done with older items. Your work is always inspirational - well done.
  3. In case anyone else is awaiting for repairs from Bachmann. Just had an update from Cheltenham Model Centre regarding my Class 90 that was returned 7 weeks ago. Apparently Bachmann have been closed for stock taking for 3 weeks and they are looking at it now. So hopefully I should get it back soon.
  4. Further to my post above, I couldn't find the link to the printed version of "Love Your Lima" but here's the video version: Edit: Ah, just found the link to the PDF version - https://www.dropbox.com/s/s90kqr24stcf75t/lima service.pdf?dl=0 I suggest that Lima owners print it out - it's very useful indeed.
  5. I've found that the Lima motors can be made to run very smoothly with TLC. There's been a thread on here sometime ago where someone gave a step by step guide to stripping down, cleaning, removing excess moulding from gears etc. Very useful. I will try and find the link and include it and add to this post as an edit. I still have a few Limas and they actually run better with high mileage - some even developing almost flywheel characteristics! The biggest bugbear of course is the brass wheels, very difficult to keep clean and not helped by the loco itself having the dreaded traction tyres and spreading the muck around. Did I read somewhere that Peters Spares are planning to introduce replacement wheelsets for Lima locos? That would be great if they were cheaper than Ultrascales. I know they already do them for coaches and wagons.
  6. Slightly OT but this pleased me! The Sunday Times' weekly Style magazine have a trends column, i.e. a barometer of things that they deem either hot or cold. One of the "heating up" items this week is Train Guy. And the image used......? A graphic of an HST in the original BR livery! Well IMO it was the best HST livery ever, which I reckon was very "cool"!
  7. Yes, I am worried about that as well. Particularly as and when they do fail the loco will probably be out of warranty. Those sort of things usually happen to me within a few weeks of the expiry of a guarantee!
  8. And maybe they should also improve the internal packing - even a piece of foam under each bogie would stop them jiggling about in transit.
  9. I converted my units to DCC some time ago. Hard wiring in the decoders was easy, but I never got round to fitting new lights. Still on the "to do" list! The motors are really controllable and the fact they growl a bit saves a sound fit haha! Anyway, getting back to the new model, I haven't completely ruled out getting one; if there are any RR ones being sold off cheaper in the months to come I may purchase and repaint the beige to a lighter shade.
  10. Superb repaint on 19 Mike. It really looks the business. Regarding the bogie issue, I assume the loco was OK when you purchased it and that it fractured subsequently? If so, it goes to highlight how vulnerable they are to the slightest knock (which may presumably become even more of an issue as the loco gets older and the plastics harden and get more brittle). I wonder if it would be prudent for owners to slightly loosen the bogie screws to lessen the chance of future fractures, thereby avoiding the hassle of having to make their own repairs after the manufacturer's warranty has expired. Just a thought.
  11. I'm afraid I have to agree; to my eyes the beige is much too dark. IMO the original Bachmann RR 158 colours were more accurate. Which is why I'll be hanging on to my two old units. I'm disappointed because I was looking forward to upgrading them.
  12. See my photos as an example of the problem: I'd keep yours firmly on the rails if I were you! It seems like the slightest knock can fracture the bogie mounts on some models. Most seemed to happen in normal courier transit. Now wish I'd bought mine in person from a shop or at an exhibition to be able to check it first.
  13. Has anyone sent one back to their retailer for repair of the dreaded bogie droop? Just wondering what the turn round time is? I sent one back to Cheltenham Model Centre 6 weeks ago for repair as they didn't have another RfD one. Heard nothing since. I'm guessing Bachmann repairs department are probably flat out fixing these locos. Is it too soon to start chasing them up? Well I'll give them a ring tomorrow anyway, but I'd be interested to hear other members experiences.
  14. I agree with Andy Mac. I purchased a new Bachmann 37 recently and it squealed and screeched terribly. It was so noisy at first I was reluctant to run it in on the rolling road. It was so bad I thought some plastic gears may be grinding. But then I thought "what the heck - if it doesn't improve I'll just return it to the retailer". I certainly wasn't going to start opening it up (it was a £230 sound fitted one!). Lo and behold after half an hour running in each direction (as per the manufacturers instructions) it got quieter and quieter. It's now the smoothest loco I have! Not saying it will definitely cure yours, but it should be your first course of action. Let us know how you get on.
  15. Collected my saved copy from my local independent newsagent. I really enjoyed the read and liked the DVD content, particularly Phil's ballasting techniques. Never thought of tapping the track to settle the granules. Great idea! I liked the Shap layout (minor criticism - apart from the trackwork which I thought the foam underlay let it down - too uniform and clean). Having said that I could never build a layout as good as that!
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