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  1. That sounds fabulous. Which of the Legoman Class 37s is it please? I think I'll treat myself!
  2. Another thing; it's always been difficult to properly hear before you buy. Especially since there are no exhibitions at present (which naturally we all hope we can get back to once pandemic situation eases hopefully next year). And model shops that stock them and that will demonstrate them are few and far between. Some manufacturers/providers upload their offerings onto YouTube, and layout owners (including myself) have tried to capture footage. But quality is variable, and not all parts of the sound project are always featured. YouTube videos often don't do them justice.
  3. I wonder if it may be interesting to set up a poll regarding DCC sound? But I don't know how to set one up! Is it just moderators that can do that Andy? For example, DCC users, - do you have sound yes or no? All locos fitted or some? Do you intend to fit all eventually? Do you consider it an essential part of DCC operation? Are you generally pleased with it? etc. I think it would be interesting to get an overall view of what people think.
  4. Thanks for that comprehensive reply Charlie. I did actually purchase your latest DMU project, which you loaded onto an 8 pin micro decoder for one of my Bachmann 105s. It is one of my best purchases to date. You and Bif have got all of the sounds balanced just right on this one.
  5. Yes Pete, that is exactly the point I was trying to make. It is a few of the elements in some sound projects that cannot be adjusted by CV change that I sometimes find are too loud. It's as if certain sounds (e.g. a brake release) have been recorded close up with a microphone and then superimposed at a higher level over the basic engine sound. A question of balance really. I operate my layout as if I'm looking at the trains from a distance, so don't really like to hear loud elements that would be heard when standing right next to a loco. But that is my onl
  6. Yes, I think the quality of the speaker is one of the most important factors. A good speaker can transform a project. Problem is, sometimes it's difficult to find room to fit it in. But nowadays there are some really good ones out there that are quite small with really nice tone. I would agree that diesel sounds have always been pretty good, but from what I've heard and seen on video clips, steam is improving all the time.
  7. I have been using DCC sound for around 5 years now, and was looking through and searching for topics to get a feeling of what people think of it generally. Using the RMw search facility brought me to this thread which was started in 2011, and though the last entry was made nearly 9 years ago, I found it interesting to read peoples comments at a time when (I assume) DCC sound was in it's infancy. Which has got me thinking. 9 years on, has the interest in sound increased, waned or levelled off? Has the quality improved? So I thought I'd re-kindle the thread an
  8. Did that work for you? I was going to reply same as mezzoman. Turning off DC running cured that for me. I turned it off on all my TTS chips.
  9. OK folks - well I spent a few hours speed matching a couple of Bachmann 37s, just as an experiment really. Originally both were sound fitted, so I took one Loksound out temporarily, and replaced it with a non-sound decoder. So, I got the locos speed matched OK but then I hit a couple of problems: 1. At first I opted for a Bachmann non-sound decoder, one that I purchased maybe 10 years ago when I first started out in DCC. But when I came to put them in consist the non sound loco didn't move at all! I was using the "Advanced consist" option on the Powercab.
  10. That is excellent - great to hear a good news story! I've had loads of advice and help from RMweb members over the years, and also helped others where I can. With discussion, we can get most problems sorted. It's a great community , long may it continue Thanks of course to Warners, Andy, Phil and all the team for the facility.
  11. You need to judge the speeds with your eye Danny. The numbers are usually a bit meaningless, especially if you're using different brand decoders. I am actually conducting some experiments right now. I have a Loksound v4 Legomanbiffo consisted with a Bachmann non sound decoder (both Class 37s, but that's irrelevant for the exercise). I've speed matched both in CV3 4 and 5. I'm pleased to report that they both move off together on speed step 2. Neither moves on step 1. There is no snatching when the noise of the air brake release is heard. So all is well in that regard. Also b
  12. Merely hitting the button didn't seem adequate! Your models look fantastic.
  13. Yes I think so. There have also been a couple of O Gauge kits of those BR (E) concrete huts. My mate models ER in O Gauge and I've a feeling he has one of those kits which may well have a prototype information sheet included. I'll check it out with him. You may well get information from the NNR museum on the Melton concrete works and it's products. But who knows when we'll be able to visit again...... In the meantime, I will search my books here - may take a while though!
  14. Russ, I've a memory of reading somewhere these LNER / BR(E) huts were designed and pre-fabricated by the Melton Constable concrete works on the ex M&GN. I think it's in one of my books - I will research further and get back on it.
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