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    As well as main interest of UK railways real and model, I enjoy all travelling (including motoring), vintage vehicles, music, photography, walking, and sometimes helping my wife with gardening! We have a cat named Benjy.

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  1. Layouts4U were often to be found at model railway exhibitions around the East of England. Run by a very helpful couple, and I think the gentleman has his own layout and is a member of the March, Cambridgeshire MRC. I often brought stuff from them - prices were always reasonable, and tips and advice freely given. During the last year I have been rebuilding my layout and have ordered from Layouts4U to purchase wire, switches screws etc. online from their website. Very efficient service, goods always beautifully packed, and sent promptly by recorded delivery for a very reasonable p
  2. Hi folks - well guess what I found at the bottom of one of my crates of "to do" projects?! Three unbuilt Superquick kits which I must have purchased ooh, only around 25 or even 30 years ago! Country station Building (£1.50 from the excellent Hadley Hobbies near London's Liverpool Street, long since gone ) plus a couple of Platforms. I shall never use these particular kits as they don't suit my modelling era. In the light of this thread it seems a shame they are just lying there never seeing the light of day. I will send them FOC to anyone int
  3. I used this company for the first time last week. Ordered goods Thursday and a nicely packed parcel arrived by Royal Mail at 08.15 on Saturday. Competitive prices and free postage on orders over £20. Outstanding service. Will definitely use them again.
  4. Hi Ian, I assume you've tried it in a loco and if so is it steam or diesel? If diesel, then I will check my version numbers as I have used most of them.
  5. This is developing into a very nice thread. Sort of comforting going back to using older methods. Somehow therapeutic during these strange times. Thank you for starting it Mike.
  6. Slightly off topic but in a similar vein to highlight the use of "traditional" products, I am currently rebuilding my layout and decided to use Townscenes sheets for a backdrop to my MPD. I know they are "old" drawings as opposed to modern photographic backscenes but there is a charm to them IMO. Patience and a sharp pair of scissors are certainly two key requirements. Here is a couple of photos of work in progress! Images not glued down yet, and the retaining wall temporarily posed to see the effect. Chimneys certainly need pasting! I'm very ha
  7. Beautiful looking buildings - very nicely finished. I haven't built a Superquick for years but your thread and images has tempted me to try a couple again, thanks.
  8. We had a nice 3 bong chime at Peterborough 1989/90 as captured by Roy Harrison in one of his many excellent videos from days gone by; at 1:43 and 4:48 sounding particularly clear on this one: The more I see these YouTube videos, the more I miss good old British Rail. At least we can recreate those wonderful times on our layouts. There have been so many brilliant models released over the past few years we're spoilt for choice.
  9. Great video footage - loads of good station sounds! Ah, the good old days of BR! There's also a good three bong chime at 8:59
  10. Seeing single colour moulded plastic carriage interiors has always bugged me! Even in the 70s I used to paint the seats in my Hornby Mk2s. TBH I don't go to too much trouble but just a bit of different colour makes all the difference. I don't bother with passengers as I like to park my carriages in the sidings as ECS. Here's a Bachmann Mk1 FK - a quick job. Seats matt dark blue, antimacassar's in white, a splash of orange for the curtains - plus strips of kitchen foil for the mirrors! All rather crude I know, compared with others' fine work above!
  11. I think James. (Ryan is a bit fast and not so deep, and Brian sounds kinda sad!). Maybe try us with a few more just to be certain?
  12. As well as changing CV150 to 1, if it's still not quite smooth it's also worth adjusting CV 3 (try around 35) and CV4 (try around 20). By fine tuning these three CVs I have been able to obtain smooth performance at all speeds with TTS decoders. Also make sure DC running is switched off in CV29. If it's still very slightly jerky sometimes adjusting the BEMF (CV10) will do the trick. It seems like hassle, but time spent experimenting is usually rewarded with very good results. I have all of my diesels running excellently. Once you do get it right it's worth keeping a no
  13. Hi Phil, Pleased to say I managed to download OK; I bypassed Windows Defender then my Malwarebytes Premium did a quick scan of it - no threats of course. Well I have to say it's brilliant! Fair play to you. I would definitely like the British Rail one when you have it available please. Could I make a request to include TOC options for Network SouthEast, Intercity and Regional Railways please? E.g. the 09.30 Network SouthEast service to Reading. Thanks Vivian
  14. Hi Phil, Downloaded and unzipped file OK but can't run the app. Screen comes up "Windows protected your PC". "Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognised app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk". This is all very strange because I have downloaded many apps before and running .exe files and zip files have never been a problem. Think the problem may possibly be at your end. Vivian
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