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    As well as main interest of UK railways real and model, I enjoy all travelling (including motoring), vintage vehicles, music, photography, walking, and sometimes helping my wife with gardening! We have a cat named Benjy.

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  1. cravensdmufan

    Lincoln & District MRC Annual Exhibition

    Looking forward to the exhibition, looks like there are going to be some excellent layouts, and nice varied trade and demonstrators. Delighted to see Coppell will be there (I have been waiting a long time to see that in the flesh!).
  2. cravensdmufan

    Make my DCC locos run the same

    How did you do that please Colin? I would like to do the same on my Powercab. Vivian
  3. cravensdmufan

    OO gauge Turbot

    I found that the rigid coupling bars as supplied by Dapol were causing a few derailments over pointwork - especially when propelIing - so I decided to shorten the tension locks. I shortened the couplings by cutting off the tails. Then pulled the NEM pocket out. The shortened coupling is a good tight fit in the empty socket, and a blob of Evo Stick secures it in place. When cemented in it is the correct height. Then I sandwich the wagon good and tight between two locos while the glue set overnight. All very "Heath Robinson" I'm afraid .....but it works!
  4. cravensdmufan

    TTS sound

    Here's my latest TTS sound fit into a Bachmann 47 using two iPhone speakers from Roads and Rails. CV settings are in the YouTube description. I'm still pleased with TTS decoders! Thanks Hornby!
  5. cravensdmufan

    A question of "taste" seeking opinion on TTS

    Spot on. I have fitted 20+ TTS diesel sounds now, and they all needed changes to CVs (mostly CV150 changed to 1, then CV's 153 and 154 to get smoothness). All run perfectly now. And it's not just TTS that need the CVs fine tuning. I've had a couple of Zimos and a Loksound that needed changing. They took time as well. Chrisr40 has hit the nail on the head when he says it has a lot to do with the recipient loco.
  6. Ray, DCC Sound is one of the items on the Forums menu page. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/forum/130-dcc-sound/ Vivian
  7. cravensdmufan

    7mm King Street Goods

    Agreed. I purchased a Tam Valley booster for around £45 on advice from Kevin at Coastal DCC. It really transformed the operation of the PowerCab. The whole layout operates a lot better. Before I used to get a few locos occasionally "running away" and a few strange unexpected sound start ups. The booster has cured all that. Trains also keep better constant speeds as well.
  8. cravensdmufan

    Clubs opening in the day time

    Spalding Model Railway club is open Tuesdays and Thursdays during the daytime, and Wednesday and Friday evenings as well I believe. https://www.spaldingmodelrailwayclub.org.uk/contact/ (It says on the website page that the daytime opening is just Tuesdays, but I understand that has now been extended to Thursdays as well just recently.)
  9. cravensdmufan

    Stolen locos

    Front page of local paper this week: http://www.spaldingvoice.co.uk/veteran-railwayman-sits-on-drunk-burglar/ Well done that man and his wife! One more thief locked up now.
  10. cravensdmufan

    Hornby Class 67 TTS decoder

    Thanks 1056. The 47s were the ones that took the most cv tuning actually. Since posting those videos I have improved the TTS sound even more by installing two Roads and Rails iPhone speakers in each loco. One large and one small. These are wired in series, which not only produce a better sound but by placing one at each end has the effect of the sound coming from the middle of the loco - as it should. I hope that makes sense! I aim to post another video of this enhancement in the next few days.
  11. cravensdmufan

    Hornby Class 67 TTS decoder

    Agree with all of that, except you can't change start voltage CV2 on TTS. I found the way to get smoother starts is to change CV150 to 1, then change CVs153 and 154 to suit the motor in your loco.
  12. cravensdmufan

    Hornby Class 67 TTS decoder

    In defence of Hornby TTS: I have now fitted around 20 TTS decoders to various diesel classes. They do need some CV adjustments to get them perfect. Which does take time. But for the money I reckon they are brilliant actually! I now have them controlling the motors every bit as smooth as Loksounds! Another thing is I found that just a simple replacement of the speaker with a £4 iPhone type (I use Roads and Rails ones) transforms the sound. Take a look at my YouTube channel videos (see link below) on some of which I have listed the CV adjustments.
  13. cravensdmufan

    AC Electrics in Multiple?

    There's a wonderful photo on the front cover of Chris Shaw's excellent book "Rail Portfolios 13 - The AC Electrics " showing 87 010 and 86 436 working in multiple at BSC Hardendale Works in 1987. both pantographs raised nice and high. 87 010 with a single arm Breknell Willis, and 86 436 with a Stone Faiveley. This book is a "must" for AC Electric enthusiasts. Out of print now, but often available pre-owned e.g. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rail-Portfolios-No-13-AC-Electrics-AC-Electrics-No-by-Shaw-Chris-Hardback/303041253064?epid=91979783&hash=item468eaa8ec8:g:eN0AAOSwp3dcTmxq:rk:2:pf:1&frcectupt=true
  14. cravensdmufan

    Backscene Adhesives

    I took my backscenes into a picture framers, who drymounted them onto mdf boards in his vacuum press. No creases or bubbles.
  15. i never knew that! What's more, neither did my mate who worked for Brush at Loughborough in the early 60s! Thanks for the info.

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