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    As well as main interest of UK railways real and model, I enjoy all travelling (including motoring), vintage vehicles, music, photography, walking, and sometimes helping my wife with gardening! We have a cat named Benjy.

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  1. Picked up my saved copy from local newsagents. Very good edition. Shame all 17 photos of DMUs (pages 45-48) have been reproduced back to front. Any chance of uploading corrected images on this thread please?
  2. I have a couple of books here by John H Ahern published early 1950's, "Miniature Landscape Modelling" and "Miniature Building Construction" (priced 8/6!) which have plenty of line drawings and B&W photos. Plenty on card modelling. They may not be the one you remember but if you'd like them PM me. I have no use for them - they have been on my shelf for years - and don't want money for them.
  3. Our local BBC Look North early evening news reported extensively on Hull Trains' new "Paragon" fleet, including interviews and a cab visit. Watch here on iPlayer, but I think the episode is only available for 24 hours, so watch it quick! https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000brth/look-north-east-yorkshire-and-lincolnshire-evening-news-25112019 Edit: - most of the half hour programme features the new trains - cab and passenger accommodation visit is during the second half.
  4. Hi folks, I'm trying to create a new album in which to upload some new photos of my layout. But I cannot find any option to create a new one; I have looked under "my profile" and there are a couple of old albums which I created 4 years ago - but ideally I'd like to create a new separate one. I'm obviously missing something - could someone help me please?! Many thanks.
  5. That's interesting - shocking to know that of all the triple grey releases only one had accurate triple grey colours and even that had an iffy logo. Hornby produces a superb class 60 - quite possibly still one of the best diesels out there - but mess up liveries with every release. Words fail me.
  6. Sometimes easy, but usually tricky! Whatever method is used removal always leaves a shiny patch. So then you have to spray it with a matt or satin varnish to cure that. Grrrr. In the past when I've done renumbering etc I usually wait for a good long time to ensure a loco is mechanically fault free before starting work to preserve the manufacturers warranty. But that's my choice to renumber. But glaring livery errors are a different matter. I don't fancy tackling this one actually so I'll be giving it a miss. Which is a shame as I really like 60s. Another sale lost - sorry Hornby - you really must get get the basic livery right, colour shades and decals.
  7. Looking at Hattons' photos, the logo as depicted on the graphic on the box sleeve is positioned correctly! So presumably Hornby's design team got it right - but when the actual model comes out of the factory it's wrong! Now I'm probably being too simplistic here but....why don't they send the whole lot back to China and get them to do it properly? Wouldn't we all prefer to wait a few more months to get a model which is correct?
  8. Can't believe how they keep getting things so wrong. Fabulous models let down by stupid livery errors. 60 090 in Trainload Coal had an almost black roof and an upper grey band that was far too dark. It didn't stop me buying one but it's annoying having to do partial repaints. Why can't they spend a relatively small amount of money and bring in a proper livery expert for a day or two on a consultancy basis to check livery samples and advise adjustments before telling the factory to go ahead with production?
  9. Chris - just to confirm Richard's response. It comes out easily as it's just fixed in with two screws, one at each end. Fortunately there was no glue used and the perspex strip is a separate moulding to the side windows. Please let us know how you get on. I'd be interested to know which sound project you decide upon for your 105. Cheers.
  10. Thanks for the very useful information. Also the kind offer of the sockets. I will PM you,
  11. Absolutely stunning - thanks for posting. Couple of quick questions, please: 1. What did you use to replicate the jumper cable sockets - they look really good. They were quite prominent on the real locos. I felt that Hornby's ones on blue 87 035 Robert Burns looked a bit under nourished. 2. Did you repaint the lower body colour into executive light grey or did you achieve the colour by heavy weathering over the white? And what make dark grey paint did you use for extending the colour around the front ends? It matches perfectly. Your photos have inspired me to do something with my two 87s which are still sitting pristine in their boxes! Thanks!
  12. Could you post a few photos please? Would love to see more of this loco. Thanks!
  13. Nice to see Market Deeping club continuing to rebuild, as nicely featured on our local BBC1 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire) this evening. Available on i Player, the report is at the very end of the programme: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000bk26 (Posted here as the main thread was closed).
  14. Sorry Ronnie, not sure about changing CVs on a Prodigy as I'm an NCE Powercab user. Others will be able to advise you. With my system CVs can be changed on the "main" but I prefer to do them on the Program Track as I like to read back and double check the values as I go along, making notes and keeping them written in a book - the good old fashioned way! (Even though I have JMRI). Edit: Don't worry, you won't do damage by changing any CV's; if things go wrong you just reset CV8 to 8.
  15. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you Chris. The micro decoder sits on top of the chassis block - even the micro decoder won't fit into the recess; you just need to cut a piece out of the glazing for the body to sit back down nicely. Neil from Wheeltappers sounds, whose sound projects I have fitted to my DMUs, was helpful and told me how to do this.
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