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  1. Tim Hall

    Off my trolley

    Wickham trolley arrived after being bought in Derails sale. Runs surprisingly well over dead frog Peco points. "Real" ballast added. HO figures on order, OO one is a bit of a faf, even with his feet Tacky Waxed.....
  2. Tim Hall

    Dapol Class 21/29

    I've used tacky wax for discs and headcode lamps on many locos with reasonable success.
  3. Well if you've paid, why not ride, and film occasionally? I really don't see the problem.
  4. It's really not boring if you ride on the trains, surely?
  5. RHDR regularly do a parallel run during Galas. Here's my view of Hercules, Samson and Sir Winston Churchill from behind The Bug in October 2018:
  6. I'm sure it won't interfere with my enjoyment of the contents when I get hold of it on 25th
  7. I'm not the only one then!
  8. Tim Hall


    Still lethargic on the layout, but a few locos have arrived (and more have left to fund them). The Midland Pullman was a relative bargain (eBay).
  9. A friend of mine is a steam driver on the Severn Valley Railway and drove an autotrain from the coach a few years ago. He found it most odd as there is a delay after opening or closing the regulator before any effect is noticed, and he felt he didn't feel what the loco actually required quite as well due to not being on the footplate. I'm sure those who did it regularly got used to it though.
  10. My footage of it on "Driver for a Fiver" back in 2012 (from 22:19) And again from 7;30 in this one:
  11. Off-topic alert, apologies. Sold mine on eBay for a few quid more than I paid for it
  12. Thus: (Loco is Talyllyn, No11"Trecwn", 20th Oct 18, it failed immediately afterwards, stung?)
  13. 'Santa Teresa' has been out of action for at least a month now with various issues (the middle drivers had been removed for one!). Trains are being double-headed by the Arn-Jung and the Baguley diesel. They have told me that they will post on their Facebook page when it returns to service.
  14. When I was laying flexitrack, I checked with my longest coaches (Mk111s at the time) before pinning down. This was a fourth circuit being laid a couple of years after the first three, hence a bit near the edge of the baseboard fillet, and the sharpest curves on the whole layout.
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