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  1. Ah, that would make sense, as I went to Weymouth a couple of times with 31s in the early 2000s....I'd forgotten that.
  2. There was a Saturday 31 t and t train into 2004, seen here on 2nd Jan 04 at Bath. Can't remember the destination though...
  3. Interesting. Just bought 17 of them 2nd hand via eBay in the last week, and although they'll cope ok at lowish speeds on my outermost circuit, they aren't so good on tighter curves. New wheels, extra weight will also be tried.
  4. Yes, many videos are totally ruined by it. Just watching 40145 on the Central Wales Line from a few years ago. The last run past within 30 seconds of the end of the video suddenly goes to some inane American advert for some software, completely ruining the film.
  5. I was only looking online for a Locomasters video......
  6. "in artificial light. Same light that made mine look that way before. It suggests to me that certain conditions bring that out, while others blend the different colours on these models." It's property called metamerism. Your four locos may well be painted by a different combination of pigments by the different manufacturers. In the plastics industry we typically used white, black, and two hue controllers (to allow adjustment in production due to batch to batch to batch variations in individual raw materials). If the different manufacturers have used a different green and therefore
  7. Note the quite lengthy delay in dispatch mentioned though....might just be to cover themselves....
  8. Blimey, I remember that now. I think I've still got the book in the attic....
  9. Indeed. I'm sitting by the front door waiting until it arrives...... Oh, wait, it'll be a while
  10. Does it have a white and black tile to calibrate it before use? Probably not particularly reliable if not, unless technology has come on in the last few years. If you've got one loco that you're happy with, you could set that as your standard, and measure all others against it. Are you glossing the surface up first? If not, it'll affect your ability to compare other locos of a different gloss level. (Colourist in the plastics industry from 1993-2005.....)
  11. Got my BR lined green one from Derails yesterday. The green is slightly darker and probably slightly bluer than my Bachmann 45xx in the same livery (the colour of which I'm happy with) in natural daylight. it's the lining that's quite different though. The black lines are far more prominent and the orange barely visible on the 61xx compared to the 45xx. I suspect the reality with the linings is that both are slightly overscale anyway. I'll post some snaps later. If anyone wants more information about assessing colour and colour differences, I was a colourmatcher in the plast
  12. I've since repainted the 63xx, cos it stood out like the proverbial sore thumb. It's actually a Silver Fox D600, that I sold when the Kernow one came out (it's quite an old photograph). But we'd better stop, as we're off topic here
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