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  1. Sorry, keep thinking of Hancock and "The Bowmans". Has anyone fallen in the threshing machine recently?
  2. Apparently they are still sending them out, including mine. No indication of how long it'll all take though.
  3. Indeed, virtually all heritage railways have such locos, coaches, wagons cluttering up the sidings, with little prospect of being restored, and spoiling the view for "normals".
  4. Cab windows (or the lack of) are quite noticeable, surely? If you want rivet counting, try the Hornby Terrier thread, where they have been actually counting rivets....
  5. I sell on eBay and have done for many years. Assuming that I have a suitable box and don't have to fabricate one, I'm sure it doesn't take me 5 mins per parcel, including writing the address by hand.....
  6. I'm glad I'm not alone! We have no idea how many people are involved, or how many orders there were to fulfil. I won't bother KR yet then.
  7. Anyone else still waiting for the first run? Some of you have had yours for a couple of weeks now.
  8. I don't know what the world has comte.
  9. Wasn't it generally done that way anyway to prevent nasty solid bits from the steam exhaust getting into the diesel engine?
  10. I have a green one, and it's a superb quiet runner.
  11. So, to sum up, they're being dispatched in alphabetical order of first name, except when they're not. If you live outside our esteemed isles, you may get it earlier, or not. If it was chronological, I ordered late on the last day, cos I forgot to do it earlier.
  12. Republic comes after Great...
  13. Oh, that's different! Fair enough.
  14. Am I the only one not to have received one ordered or even the email yet?
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