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  1. Missing the point completely, I'd got it in my head that 0-4-0CD meant a small diesel shunter with a crane attached.......
  2. Yes Tim, since you ask, it's very easy, as you can see. Removing the coupling bar was straightforward as well. (In case anyone thinks I've lost the plot, I googled 48DS crew fitting and coupling removal on receipt of the loco yesterday, and it came up with my own question ). The driver looks less mutant in real life!
  3. Frankly, it sounded more realistic than some DCC sound locos I've heard, and a lot cheaper!
  4. Fair enough, I'm still in no great rush, but that is interesting.
  5. Lord and Butler had Barclays and P class on the shelves...
  6. I won't be buying anything 6 wheel, from either of them until I've heard how they run, having sold on a Stove R and a rake of Dapol 6 wheel milk tankers (even rewheeling didn't go well), which just wouldn't stay on the rails whilst everything else (almost always) does. I know both of those vehicles had some history, but until I know that these don't have similar problems, I'll wait.
  7. I was wondering about that, couldn't work out what service it would have been on. Man Vic would make much more sense. I was on a North West Rover, staying with a railway friend in Warrington. Original posting corrected.
  8. I'll keep ear muffs and a supply of loco sound recordings handy then....
  9. I don't know (or need to know) exactly where in "The mean streets of inner-city Cardiff" you are, but I'm fairly sure that I'll hear your outpourings of delight (or angst) upon opening the box and placing your 94xx on the track, from here a couple of miles away in the slightly leafier suburbs near the old Roath Branch line......A day to look forward to ;)
  10. Why, is he vaguely interested in one? You can't really tell from his posts......
  11. 45040 was still carrying at least one plaque on 18th Aug 84, when I photographed it at Man Vic.
  12. 03180, Norwich Sept 27th 1983 03112, 03066 Gateshead Depot 21st Jan1984 03078, 03094 Newcastle station 21st Jan1984 Runners can be seen attached to all of these.
  13. A terrible photo taken from a moving train of one at Llanelli taken on 7/1/84, showing MW cables. D2152 (03152), seen here on the Swindon and Cricklade Railway, Oct 13th 2019, still has a patch on the rear of the cab where its MW cables emerged. I saw virtually all the survivors in 1983-85, photographing many, and the Norwich and Newcastle pilots had runners, but the Ipswich, Birkenhead and Landore allocated ones didn't.
  14. Just reading your "Railways of the West of England in the 1980s", very enjoyable, thanks. Ended up with two copies, though....
  15. 03079 is one of those with a cut down cab to fit under a bridge on the IOW from when it was allocated there for engineering work. You'd have to repaint the NSE liveried 03179, which was the other cut down IOW one (the model sort of reflects that, though the cab windows don't go quite high enough), and remove the air braking equipment (079 vac only, 179 dual).
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