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  1. I've not received an email to pay the balance, I'll send an email this morning.
  2. The Dominos were plated up 11/83 according to the data file for 47012. Allocated to Bescot then Haymarket 4/7/81.
  3. Thank you, Ive passed the information on
  4. I have them all bar 46 which do, but as 46 has the painted Tinsley nameplate I had wondered. It's information for someone else who was interested, I said I would ask on here.
  5. Can anyone tell me if 45046 comes with the original etched plates included. Thanks.
  6. Got my last one from Derails today and put it at the side of Hornbys 87035 and it wasn't far off. It'll be interesting to see how different to Heljans blue it will be. I'll get a blue 33 out and compare it tomorrow.
  7. I also compared the shades with a couple of other models. 45036 is the same colour as the new batch but most of my other stuff is a darker shade of blue. 45048 is a lot darker.
  8. Cheers, same body as 45048 then, maybe that's were I have that confused with
  9. I think 009 was aswell, but I'd have to check. Not many to go at though. I've seen a post on FB of a regular renumberer has got all the numbers and plates off easily off one of the regimental ones.
  10. The only problem with using 022 is not that many 45/0's had an open bottom grille.
  11. 47163 is still with us as 47787. Had a major engine failure about 10 years on a tour to Paignton. Its in the queue to return at some point I believe. 164 is still with us too, although as a 57.
  12. Excellent news, be a nice birthday present or 2 :-)
  13. You would have to use one of the early 31/4 numbers as some of them were dual heat. Later conversions had headlights. Depends on what time frame you want to model. 31401-424 were dual heat at some point without headlights and glass dominos as per 31131. The eth box was mounted just to the left of the right hand side buffer.
  14. My 31154 arrived today, looking forward to getting chance to have a look at it.
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