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  1. 47423

    Bachmann 2 HAP

    What number is on the headcode please?
  2. 47423

    Class 33 Book

    Excellent Simon, looking forward to reading it.
  3. 47423

    Bachmann 2 HAP

    I am meaning when they were Blue/Grey in the 80's. Not when they returned in the early 90's in NSE.
  4. 47423

    Bachmann 2 HAP

    To answer my own question, the last 2 HAPs allocated to Ramsgate left in October 84.
  5. 47423

    Bachmann 2 HAP

    Still looking to see at what point in the mid 80's these transfered to the SWD. On the Lymington branch by late 86.
  6. 47423

    Bachmann 2 HAP

    6063 continued on, just trying to find out roughly when it left the SE.
  7. 47423

    Bachmann 2 HAP

    Thanks Roy, I left Kent in 82. Not sure when these units finished on the SE.
  8. 47423

    Bachmann 2 HAP

    When did the 2 Hap finish on the Kent Coast line? Where they still common place in 85-6 or had they moved to the SWD by then? Cheers
  9. I have this book and it was very enjoyable read. Seeing the 37's in the South of France is what slowly started to get my interest back in the hobby. Didn't believe my eyes when I first saw one in the distance from the autoroute
  10. 47423

    New 2019 Class 31

    I received my headcode disc pack this morning too. Very chuffed , thank you Hornby
  11. On rechecking my latest photos of it from when I last had it, most of the bodywork has been patched up. So I take my comments back. Unfortunately the pictures are over 10mb so can't upload them here.
  12. To put it bluntly, it's a xxxx disgrace. And part of the national collection too. Hopefully it's going to get some much needed bodywork done.
  13. The livery is supposed to be from December 93 to April 98. The loco hasn't been repainted since but is absolutely battered with no plates now. Not checked how accurate the model is for the stated time frame. You would need to start drilling holes in it to get it accurate for today
  14. 93-98. From the website.... Locomotion Models are delighted to announce that they have commissioned a OO Scale Class 33/1 locomotive No. D6535 ‘Hertfordshire Rail Tours’ from Heljan. This is the first exclusive edition model produced for Locomotion Models by the Danish manufacturer. Built by the Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon Company it was delivered on the 10th December 1960, it entered service on British Railways Southern Region as D6535. It was renumbered 33116 on 31st December 1973 and was named ‘Hertfordshire Rail Tours’ on 11th December 1993 at Weymouth station by John Farrow and Ian Kapur of Hertfordshire Rail Tours. The name was carried until April 1998. It was withdrawn from traffic in August 1998 and stored out of use at Old Oak Common until June 2003 when it was acquired for the National Collection. D6535 was push/pull fitted and was usually found operating with non-powered 4TC units on non electrified lines on the Southern Region. These were designated as Class 33/1 locomotives for push/pull working which was commonplace between Bournemouth and Weymouth prior to completion of the Weymouth electrification scheme in 1988. The National Railway Museum loaned D6535 to the Great Central Railway in April 2005 where it has been located ever since and where it is available for traffic. http://www.locomotionmodels.com/exclusive-models/diesel-and-electric-models/class-33-33116-hertfordshire-rail-tours.htm
  15. The 33/1 and /2 windows look to be at the right height on 2 i have just had a quick look on.
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