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  1. Turns out it's not really a flaw with the N7- over Hornby 2nd radius it was fine, but the Kato Unitrack stuff I prefer is a lot finer and the trailing wheel rides up over the joints in the track.
  2. https://i.ibb.co/Kzwsjyr/1598961956779847767895847266586.jpg And it has arrived!! It is a stunning model, my first Oxford Rail loco, and the value for money is incredible. Metal construction, excellent decoration, smooth-ish runner (not quite as good as most recent Hornby, but better than most Bachmann). Visually the only thing I'd mark this model down on is the daft front coupler (which has now been removed!) and the lack of a smoke box number plate. Running-wise, it does make a slight clicking noise on second radius curves, but only when running forwards. Should I be concern
  3. Hi all, I have a few of the Hornby Blue Spot Fish Vans marked "To Run Between Kings Cross And Aberdeen" and I was thinking of assembling an reasonably accurate (if not quite as long!) recreation of the fast fish trains that ran overnight down the ECML. Part of the attraction of these trains is of course the top link motive power- A4s, V2s and the like. I am aware that this train was mostly made up of Blue Spot vans by 1958-ish. I have two questions about the formations, though: 1. What was the most commonly-used brake van? I've read multiple sources that sta
  4. Hmm. I wonder where CMC are getting their information from?? They seem to have far more precise dates on the J27s than other shops, so I'm inclined to believe that they are closest to the truth... Just ordered 69612 from Hattons.
  5. Any updates on the late crest N7?? Just curious as I have one on pre-order, and we now seem to have finalised dates for the J27s and J26s whilst the N7 is still "TBC". If it's going to be much longer I might bite the bullet on 69612.
  6. Surprised 1214 is coming first. I thought it was announced after the others and it has more complicated decoration, so I assumed it would come later on like the late crest N7. Also, it's a rather obscure livery/number combination to pick. "L&NER" was applied only during 1923, IIRC, and lining was ditched on goods locos before the end of the twenties. So the model is only really accurate for the period 1923-1929, which I don't think I've ever seen modelled. Yet this is the second time this scheme has been done by a mainstream manufacturer, as Hornby did their J36 with "L&NE
  7. I couldn't help but notice that one of the new Hornby 5 plank releases (R6947, "Dowlow Lime") has a plain, undecorated chassis with no builders plates on the solebar, etc. Now IIRC on older releases the five plank chassis was common to all sorts, BR Vent Vans, SR Vans, LNER Conflats, etc. Of course they had the big "D" shaped couplings, crude detail and plastic buffers. The thought has crossed my mind that I could "upgrade" some of my older wagons and vans with the newer chassis so they wouldn't look out of place with newer Oxford and Bachmann releases. But before I commit to that,
  8. Freightliner is owned by Genesee & Wyoming, a U.S. shortline conglomerate, and their livery was originally designed for American diesels. It suits them quite well, they own some streamlined GMs in Australia and they look great. On a Class 90, not so much.
  9. I've noticed recently that a supplier by the name of "CDC Models" is supplying 3D printed (and painted!) locomotive bodies on eBay to fit on RTR chassis, which at the moment seems to limited to the J68/69 and the NLR tanks that were used on the Cromford and High Peak. All of them are priced at a very reasonable £42, and if you can get the required ex-Dapol Terrier chassis cheap the complete loco should come in at about £70-80. Has anyone here bought one of their models? They seem very affordable for what they are and the phrase "too good to be true" springs to mind. I realise there
  10. Well for the first time ever I've pre ordered an item - Botanic Garden's very own 2082. There are certainly more important things going on in the world at the moment so I don't expect to see it until next year but it's something to look forward to at least! I'm hoping the price doesn't go much over £169 which would be my guess.
  11. And hopefully the 4th will be a J25! They have the chassis...not sure I would have gone for the J26 before the J27 is even out, I may well pick one up but this is very surprising. I like the GER van, LNER modellers are now very well catered for in terms of RTR stock though the NER hopper would be a better match for the 0-6-0s.
  12. Hoping for another small useful 0-6-0, it's unlikely to be of NER extraction so soon after the J27 but the J21 would be lovely. I think they'll do a J69.
  13. 78010 was allocated to Bishop Auckland, any evidence for it operating passenger trains over the Stainmore line?
  14. I wonder what liveries will be chosen? The A2/2s in particular saw quite a few odd combinations like apple green with LNER numbers but with "BRITISH RAILWAYS" carried on the tender. It seems likely 60505 will be modelled in the condition shown above, green with late crest, but there is a wide range of potential options for 60501.
  15. If this were announced on the 1st of April I would not have believed it for a second...
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