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  1. Definitely in all photos I've seen of small pre-grouping coaches in the LNER era, they've been brown. The photo above is the first time I've ever seen an NER non-ECJS coach in teak actually. I think I'll be ordering the brown ones, useful substitutes for ex-NER and GE coaches that don't even seem to exist in kit form at the moment.
  2. nathan70000

    Hattons J24

    I think the reason for picking a J24 is that a J21 is almost a dead cert from one of the major manufacturers in the next few years. Personally I would go with a B16 if I were Hattons.
  3. I think this is a game-changer. Let's face it, railways like the L&Y and the GC are unlikely to ever get accurate models of their coaching stock, and given sales of the Bachmann Birdcages have been rather sluggish (partly, I think, because they are the "wrong" era for all those lovely Wainwright locos), I wouldn't bet on the bigger, more popular pre-grouping companies getting any either. I've drifted off in to modelling US prototype but I've given serious consideration to planning a new layout after this announcement. It helps that they are quite a bit cheaper than some of Hornby and Bachmann's latest offerings. This really opens up the pre-grouping and early grouping era (1923-30) as a practical possibility, and let's face it, there are very few people alive today who can tell you that they're not exactly right. I'd much rather they kept them generic rather than making them as exact models of say, LSBCR coaches, and only making them in that livery (although it is odd that the LBSCR isn't on the list!). Generic brake vans next? We need something to run with all those pretty PO wagons...
  4. Right okay then, I'll send them an email. It is a bit confusing as if you Google them it says they are closed, it would be helpful if there was some kind of statement on their website.
  5. Hello, I recently placed an order for a Pikestuff kit from the above shop. Over a week later and they're still 'processing' the order. So I'm about to shoot them an email when I decide to Google them to see if any other customers have had similar problems. Several recent reviews state that the shop has closed! So I'm a bit worried now. Not massively worried as it wasn't a lot of money, but they did have a few things in stock that I was planning to order.
  6. I suppose it could go above £200 but I think that's pretty much the absolute ceiling for most British R-T-R (O gauge and above notwithstanding), and even then pricing a model that high must be quite commercially risky. I can certainly see Bachmann getting burnt with their new Caley 0-6-0. I certainly hope these are successful enough for Kato/Peco to consider more 009 locos and more Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland locos in particular.
  7. After many years resisting the allure of 009, I think the opportunity to own my very own 'Prince' might finally tempt me as I have a bit of a soft spot for this particular locomotive. It's a little odd that they're doing it in green; it's been red for the last 40 years IIRC and it had a 'flat' footplate back then whereas now it is raised underneath the water tank. The cynic inside me wonders if they are waiting to do the current 'Prince' (and the also currently operational 'Palmerston') in the second batch so people end up buying two! £150 is a little steep for an 0-4-0 but 009 is still somewhat of a niche. Hattons are quoting £130 which is a bit more palatable. I'd be expecting the Fairlie to come in at just under £200 but it could be lower. I seriously doubt the market would take a price of £200> for them.
  8. From Steamysandy (Alex Rankin)

    I realize this is a bit late but Google JNS Forum to get on the web site I mentioned

     Hope this helps

  9. Many of other wagons are either Hornby, Airfix or early Dapol and they use the Airfix method of coupling fitting. To a degree I think this a superior method to NEM as it seems to keep the coupler more secure.
  10. Hi I recently acquired some Dapol BR 12t vent vans, I know they're not as good as the Bachmann ones but they were very cheap and "fit" better with the rest of my rolling stock which is mostly Hornby. The couplers Dapol use aren't very good, frankly, and are rather droopy. I had a spare ex-Hornby Railroad van chassis that was a relatively smooth replacement and enabled me to fit my preferred coupling, but I can't seem to find any more. Does anyone know the part number? AFAIK these vans are still in production so spares should be available. Thanks
  11. "30-420 Western Pullman - Dynamis Ultima Sound Fitted Train Set £949.95" That's got to be a typo! You could go on holiday for less than that!
  12. Is there any indication to which shed plates the BR locos will carry? 67250 and 67263 were both based at Botanic Gardens during their career with BR, so either could have a 53B shed plate.
  13. Isn't it from an NER Atlantic? Now that would be a brave subject for Hornby to tackle!
  14. They tooled up different boilers for the N7 so I suspect we'll get both types. As I said, I'm slightly disappointed by the lack of a P3, but I guess there is time for that in the future. Hopefully this model will spur on others to do more NER types. A J25 would be a good choice but I fear it'll get overlooked in favour of the J21. However, I hope GNR modellers get their turn next year as it must be said, it's an exciting time for GER, NER and even NBR modellers whilst there have been no new releases for the GN section (Single aside).
  15. If that price stays under £125 I won't mind too much, but I reckon it'll stay within a tenner of the RRP. Bachmann's £179 812 is heading in to cloud cuckoo land territory I'm afraid. The Oxford approach may be the way forward.
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