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  1. Are either the late or early crest examples suitable for renumbering in to the BR batch? I had either 69001 or 69003 in mind...
  2. From the language used it does look like there will be something brand new, but I don't think it will be as expansive as the Hornby announcement. Probably one or two new locomotives at the most. Quite frankly, they've missed the boat on the Manor. Hornby could perhaps pull it off, but competing against not one but two manufacturers is a very bad idea. Their best bet would be to pop a new DCC-ready mech under the existing body and sell it at the sub-£100 mark. One thing I could see them announcing is a Stanier 8F, given that they'd just need to "reverse shrink ray" the n
  3. I'm surprised noone has noticed that the GWR ones are a fairly good match for the coaches the company inherited from the Taff Vale Railway, several of which have been restored and preserved. Granted, they're not identical, but the brake end arrangement is very similar. Not sure if there is anything suitable RTR to pull them though.
  4. So, I've gotten a pair, a six-week third and a four wheel brake! My first thoughts is that is not a "Railroad" quality product, it's good quality and quite good value for money. The four wheel brake in particular is a very useful little piece of rolling stock, good for variety on parcels/express van trains as well as tiny branch line freights. It is obviously Stroudley-esque, but in truth I'm not too fussed as long as the quality of decoration and construction is high, and it's certainly better than I could do. The six-wheel third is similarly nicely decorated, but I di
  5. Unfortunately, the LBSC brakevan that Hornby have done only entered service in around 1921, I think, so only really useful if you're modelling the very end of the pre-grouping period. The idea of generic brakevans probably isn't a bad one- there were several companies that used very similar designs. I think the SECR and the Midland definitely had identical brakevans and there was a WD/ROD design that was used by a number of companies. Perhaps a generic underframe with two body styles would give you brakevans for the GN, LNWR, SECR, LBSCR and the Midland? Really, all those pre-group
  6. Interesting choices, Bellerophon is definitely the one I'd be most curious about, but as has been pointed out, it's going to be a very fragile model and there's probably going to have to be compromises made somewhere. As for the Hunslet and the torpedo wagon...okay, interesting choices but will they sell? Yes, the railgun sold, but that was at Oxford Rail prices. I think I would have chosen something a little bit more widespread.
  7. 92194 is a useful locomotive for anyone modelling Lincolnshire, this site has a lovely photograph of it in Grimsby on an express fish train, which could be recreated in model form with a mixture of the Hornby Blue Spot vans and the older ex-LNER wooden vans made by Bachmann. These trains operated via Louth in the BR period, through the Lincolnshire Wolds. Part of the line is now preserved.
  8. I know Oxford usually make an announcement at the London Toy Fair around this time of year, that is cancelled of course but will anything be taking place online? Obviously they've yet to deliver on what was announced in 2019 and 2020, which is understandable for such a small manufacturer, so it wouldn't be surprising if they took a break. The Oxford announcements have always caught my eye the past few years- unlike Hornby, Oxford seem to be targeting the smaller, workaday locomotives that fill significant gaps in the market. Their choice of wagons have also been (pleasa
  9. It is a delightful oddity, but hardly representative of typical GWR branch line power? It seems to have led a fairly inauspicious nomadic existence and I highly doubt it was ever used on revenue earning passenger trains by the GWR. For what it's worth, the Adams Radial has never been produced in Drummond green by either Oxford or Hornby. The LSWR model that Hornby have produced is in the earlier sage green and is sold out everywhere. Not even any on eBay.
  10. Loads of missed "train pack" opportunities here: "Lyme Regis Branch" - LSWR Terrier and four wheelers. "LSWR Suburban" - LSWR Adams Radial and four wheelers. "LBSCR Suburban" - IEG Terrier with four wheelers. "Mid Suffolk Light Railway" - BR J15, two crimson six wheelers and a Toad B. Instead they've gone for the one combination which makes the least sense! Someone noted above that the J15 was a slow seller; I think this was simply because they over produced models in that period, rather than a reflection of low consumer demand. The LSWR 700 a
  11. Actually the DVLR is very model-able and I'm surprised it's not more popular. Out of the current roster we have the two Rustons as well as the blue 03 from Bachmann. Presumably it would be easy to renumber it as 03079. Going back a bit, they used 04s repainted in company livery as well as loaned 08s (I think?). The preserved J72 and Hardwicke operated excursion trains, again from the Bachmann stable.
  12. Well this is very cheeky. The BR(E) ones are just the thing for generic East Anglian branches. They definitely lasted in to the early 50s, long enough for locos pulling them to gain an early crest. There's a slight lack of joined up thinking here, though. The LNWR ones are orphans in the Hornby range, unless they do something next year to complement them. The NBR ones *don't really* have anything accurate to pull them, either, as Maude is in preserved condition. Would it have hurt to push the retooled A3 back a year and retool the J83 instead, allowing for it to be tool
  13. Never seen this topic before, I simply cannot believe that a company is taking this on! I did a double take when I saw the title! I think the plain grey was only for the works photoshoot. There's a very good colour photo of it in ex-works condition, but I don't think it ran like that. Every photo I've seen, it's been lined grey with no crest. On some photographs it looks like the panel that would have the crest has been painted out in a slightly different shade. I'd go for lined grey (no crest), BR Black and SR Malachite Green.
  14. A cheap, sound-equipped Railroad 0-6-0 (preferably the Jinty or the J52, as they are by far the best models from that particular stable) would go down far better than a modern MU with younger modellers, I think. Moving parts, interesting sounds, and there are plenty of Jintys running on preserved lines as well as the J52 in the NRM. Preferably upgraded with NEM couplings. I would really like more NER and GER origin locomotives but I don't expect any more for a while. The J69 would be a sure fire bet but I think they'll want to show a little love to other regions after a few LNER-ce
  15. It's all good fun though! The annual speculation about big yearly announcements is always enjoyable and I'm sure if the hobby was more mainstream bookies would place bets on it! I actually don't think there's many ways Hornby could go wrong. I'm sure many of the suggestions mentioned in the thread so far would be very profitable for Hornby, and I would wager that if they did do the Raven Pacifics, they would sell out on pre-order! How many people ordered an original W1 because their layouts really needed one? Yet it has been a massive success, and I should know, because it was a pa
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