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  1. I was looking to convert it to a C&HPR loco given that it had narrow cab widows and the extra pair of steps, but given the price of the model there is no way I'm going to cut the extended bunker off. Thanks for your comments. David
  2. Can anyone tell me if E85001 No.68075 extended coal bunker is detachable, or would it require surgery?
  3. Thanks for that. The reason I asked was I wondered whether there was some control mechanism for the amount of coal dropping into the wagon. I would imagine it would be easier to have pre measured amounts to drop into the chute. David
  4. Really nice little layout. Any chance of a photo of the chute arrangement to the loader please? David
  5. "I've also booked the venue for the 2022 show......" Are you not bothering with next year 2021 Les? David
  6. Nick the first photograph looks like your layout Ashbourne Midland. Will it be appearing as I don't see it on the list? David
  7. Very nice layout. I notice you use tension lock couplings, do you uncouple by hand? David
  8. Visited the exhibition this afternoon, and as usual there were some good quality layouts on display. I was however disapointed with a few of the operators. One layout had 3 people having their lunch behind it, and no one operating it. Another layout had 2 operators, but were too busy talking to each other to bother operating it. Finally another another layout with one operator who was too busy on his phone to operate it. Just my own observations, I just like to see somehing moving...... David
  9. Really enjoyed the videos. I see your stock all use tension lock couplers, do you uncouple them by hand, or am I missing something?
  10. Nice layout Gerry. Out of interest which number Kadeee coupling do you use? David
  11. Richard, first time I've seen the Dettingen thread, I'm working my way through it! Excellent work, I wouldn't have to ask someone to build me a signal box if I had your skills. David
  12. Thanks BrushType4, I need a GCR signal box like the the one that stood at Belgrave and Birstall in OO. It measured 17' x 12' and the end elevation was virtually the same as Loughborough. The examples of your work look fantastic, I'm tempted to go for the adjacent lamp room as well. Could you contact me privately with a rough price. Thank you, David
  13. Can anyone recommend someone who could scratch build me a small GCR signal box to complete my layout? I have photographs and basic dimensions.
  14. Not been to this venue before, what's the parking like?
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