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  1. The salt method requires that you paint the model a rust colour first before adding salt and then the topcoat. I use Humbrol 62 (matt leather) + Humbrol matt black in varioud hues to simulate rust. Also try using artists oils - burnt sienna / black - is good for rust spots or scratches.
  2. Not a railway modelling show as such but might be worth a visit? I have no connection other than its local to me.
  3. They do indeed - my shop of choice when buying Australian models. Lucky enough to have been a couple of times too - well worth it.
  4. Some great non UK based layouts on show...shame I can't make it.
  5. I wonder what the average age of the respondents is & whether this influences choices?
  6. I buy print versions of various mags very rarely nowadays - almost exclusively for an article or item I'm interested in - and with the price of magazines in general, even then I sometimes think twice. Especially, and I have to be honest, if its (primarily) available free on the internet, whether that be facebook, youtube, blogs, forums or even the TV. Alot of the time, I'll buy secondhand mags at shows - often at only 20 or 50p a pop. Manchester MRS used to have a great secondhand magazine stall at its Xmas show (I haven't been for while so it may still have..). Another reason I don't buy mags very often is they repeat themselves and this doesn't just apply to railway mags. I get Gardeners World occasionally and the same subjects crop up at regular intervals at certain times of the year - as you'd expect - so a sub for me would be a waste of money. One pleasure I do enjoy is sitting in my whirlpool bath with nice glass of red, reading a magazine - ya can't really do that with a Kindle.
  7. First of all I want to say I really like this layout - in fact I'm a big fan of non-UK (or overseas) layouts & would really like to see more at exhibitions. To go one step further I would actually like to see an exhibition with no UK based layouts - but thats a topic for another day. With regard to your layout Paul I'm going to be honest in where I personally think you could make it even better. The layout needs more lighting - a lot more. I know you want to show a dull day in a polluted environment but the models need to be seen - just making the layout dark doesn't evoke a dull day IMHO. How you do that isn't going to be easy but what about using diffrent coloured lights to replicate sunsets/sunrise?..give it a bit of theatre. The models need weathering & sound - again, just my opionion but I think it would make a big difference. The backscene doesn't work. I'd be very temepted to find somebody who could maybe paint a typical Chinese landscape (or cityscape)....and the current one is also too low. The foreground needs a bit more - a few cameos - not quite sure what but there isn't enough to look at when there is no trains running. Having said all that I'm certainly going to seek the layout out when it appears at shows near me and I hope you view my criticisms as constructive - which they're intended to be. Finally, where & how do you buy the stock? - I ask because I buy Australian stock from (surprisingly enough) Australia and know it can be a bit of a headache - not to mention expensive at times.
  8. I'd agree with that but if somebody doesn't like my layout or walks on by I'm certainly not going to lose any sleep. In fact I've no problem at all with constructive criticism ..not so constructive?.. well, if you're willing to put yourself in the firing line you've gotta take the odd "honest" opinion on the chin IMHO.
  9. Thanks guys... Nigel.. to be honest I had to Google "RaspberryPI" but it sure looks interesting.
  10. There is a stretch on the Wigan - Manchester line between Atherton and Walkden where the track has suffered quite a lot of mining subsidence. You'd know when you'd hit it when these damn things would start their typical "bouncing" motion.. but this was bad enough to throw you out of your seat! .. plus the banging of the wheels on the rail joints was enough to give you a headache. Then if that wasn't enough the squeal as it rode the curves into Salford Crescent was ear splitting. Even the Iranians & the Vietnamese kicked 'em into the long grass..... http://www.themarpleleaf.co.uk/2017/01/left-to-rot-on-siding-in-iran-where.html
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MP3-Re-Recordable-Sound-Chip-Module-4MB-USB-Transfer-Model-making-crafts-gifts/292682749183 I was thinking about using this for ambient layout sound .. birdsong, traffic noise etc I think I understand roughly how it works but my question is how loud would it be?... and if it isn't very loud how can could I increase volume? Thanks
  12. Can't believe I've only just caught up with this thread.. what a great layout!
  13. Incidentally, Contikits has some NSW stock for sale.. http://www.contikits.com/index.html They are at the Wakefield show this weekend.
  14. Do you think he would mind some SAR interlopers ?.. although my 44's wouldn't look out of place.
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