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  1. My layout needs a small amount of work for an exhibition in 2021...New lighting, transport cradle, the odd signal making...but to be honest I have zero motivation at the moment. I hope it will return but for now it's just sitting there collecting dust.
  2. When I switched from OO to HO I envisaged being able to utilise alot of my 4mm bits n bobs...I was surprised how much I actually couldn't..and being equally surprised how half a mm made such a difference. But if nothing else, I could buy scale track off the shelf. ...till I started looking at P87!!
  3. Thanks Ben. The track is laid on thin cork so I built up the yard (the grey foreground) with layers of thin cork sheet and tile grout. I sanded the tile grout smooth and painted with emulsion paint to represent compact earth or faded, very worn sun bleached tarmac. I finished off with a "very light" dudting of weathering powder. The ballast is fine sand. Placed and packed in fairly tight then sprayed with surgical spirit and maybe 10% water mix. Then place dilute pva with a dropper. The surgical spirit mix stops the sand floating away when you add the glue. I then airbrush a dark rust on the railsides and then light dust colours over the track - finish with a very light weathering powder application. The powders need to be applied very sparingly. Hope that helps.
  4. I built an exhibition only layout and it went to the grand total of 1 show. As I'm effectively a one man band the storing, setting up, carting to & from shows plus storing it at home (in bits) put me off "touring" the circuit with it. So I recluctantly scrapped it and built a much smaller layout I can use at home and its not too big a burden to take to a show...well it wont be once I've built a travelling cradle for it. If I'm honest I do miss the "long train going round in circles" thing but it would have happened maybe two or three times a year...a maximum of 6 days playing trains wasn't enough to justify the sacrifices
  5. Well as we're all housebound & I have an exhbition deadline (Sept 2021) I though I'd have a go at some weathering. Working from photos, I wanted these GMs (Trainorama) to look like they have been worked hard in the hot, dry, dusty environment of central Australia. I used Vallejo Model Air paint in a Iwata Neo to impart a dusty abraded kind of appearance. But first I experimented with the "dot technique" using grey, white & yellow oil paint to give a slightly faded look. Its subtle but its a technique I quite like.
  6. Hmm.. theres been forward planning with this blag, has there not?
  7. Of course the vast majority in the hobby aren't thieving scumbags and I suppose rather naively "we" find it hard to accept such people are "one of us". Just recently I had somebody very well "known" in railway circles not pay me for an item won on an auction site - it happens, but it still disappoints.
  8. To be honest I find exhibiting is actually getting more stressful the older I get (which stands to reason I suppose?) The thought of dismantling the layout - getting it out of the shed - loading it into the car - unloading and setting up - operating for two days straight - then the prospect of dismantling on a Sunday at 4.00 or 5.00pm - loading into the car - then back into the shed ...etc etc.. I can't say with hand on heart I find that enjoyable. At least not at the moment. Then there is the pot luck of the hall or venue - too hot, too cold - too near the Thomas the Tank layout (never again!!!) - no barriers ( a real bug-bear with me) - parking issues.. etc Hats off to those who enjoy putting their layout on show but after a commitment I've made to show my layout in 2021 (its actually a new local model show) I'm not sure I'll do many more...we'll see.
  9. Just remembered "Camp four on Three Chop Ridge" & Runswick Bay .... crackers!.. the latter is my wifes all time favourite.
  10. Has anybody mentioned Petherick by Barry Norman?
  11. Ross34

    "Niche Hobby"?

    I probably "garden" more than I build model railways - and within the gardening world is a group of people (mostly very pleasant ones) who grow giant veg & and show plates of perfect pea pods and onions at shows - it makes "trainspotting" look the coolest hobby in the world!
  12. The salt method requires that you paint the model a rust colour first before adding salt and then the topcoat. I use Humbrol 62 (matt leather) + Humbrol matt black in varioud hues to simulate rust. Also try using artists oils - burnt sienna / black - is good for rust spots or scratches.
  13. Not a railway modelling show as such but might be worth a visit? I have no connection other than its local to me.
  14. They do indeed - my shop of choice when buying Australian models. Lucky enough to have been a couple of times too - well worth it.
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