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    Guess what it's trains ! Mainly pregrouping GWR and up the other end Highland ,Caly and North British
    There's also series one Land Rovers but that's another story
  1. O! Forgot to say I reserve ether the smarty wagon or the lemon slice from Stu's selection
  2. Stu said, And it's not mandatory to bring a cake to gain entry.   At least not yet. but if not cake being mandatory dare I mention some thing that might be .........PASTY consumption
  3. Don't worry about me, last year I spent all my money with Kernow and 247 developments, bankrupting myself on the bring and buy I could only stretch to drink !
  4. Graham456

    Clubs opening in the day time

    Not quite the same thing I think but Taunton Model Railway Group open during the day during some of the operating days as they can be found on Bishops Lydeard Station as any on who goes to the Saturday SWAG day will know
  5. Graham456

    Dapol 00 Gauge LSWR B4

    O god now I am a gone wrong and rusty modeller in the main but ! I have all ready succumbed to two of these things I don't need and more temptations thank you Dapol !
  6. Worth comeing along just to see this being tackled never mind the show it's self, what do you recon should be the forfeit for not finishing it all ?
  7. Without thinking to long about this how about flex for a iron? All right it might not be silicone,but the core conducting wires are fine multi strand designed to flex as the irons goes back and forth, rather than normal flex which has only three strands makeing it stiffer,its the thick copper wires that stiffen the flex rather than The sheathing, also a iron being high currant draw should be fine on a drill should be available at a local hardware store
  8. GWRRob your a hero ! Such a simple thing worked a treat very happy bunny coach now complete and finished after a five year hiatus nice to Finnish it after a layof due to a house move now on to the giant that needs bogies
  9. Doh ! That sounds to simple! I will give it a go tomorrow on a scrap bit of glazing thank you
  10. Thanks Pete now how the heck am I going to represent that ?........white would have been so easy but ! I tried the white paper I mentioned earlier, not a goer looked so wrong
  11. Hi jacking this topic as I also have a question about these restaurant cars, haveing dug my comet kit out of hibernation after moving and setting up my bed and Breakfast now all it needed was the windows putting in before putting the body on the glazing is now done with the help of my johnson's clear, But the question is are the windows behind the counter whitened out as I suspect and shall I paint them or put white paper/card behind the glazing ?
  12. Graham456

    Airfix 14xx - Chassis Help

    Back in my youth working in a model shop in Bristol I mush have had around a hundred (well it felt like it) of these things apart to change the plungers for customers, useing chromed plungers to replace the brass ones fitted at The factory, I don't think the chromed ones were any better but may have been a attempt by Airfix to make them less sticky ? Anyway during this dissection I often came across two coupling springs instead of one and not always matching ends, I came to the conclusion it was due to the fiddly little things sticking together and in the rush to build them a couple would get jammed in instead of time wasting separating them out
  13. Graham456

    Romford Bulldog(s)

    And you can add that the bulldog has the brush mount plate on top of the pole plate like the XO4 (MW1005 underneath) and compared to the MW1005 the plates used to make up the armature are thicker on the bulldog but performance wise I find it very hard to distinguish them but then their in different locos which doesn't help, Had a count up earlier I have just over 30 MW1005 X04 replacements in kits and triang/Hornby locos but only 2 bulldogs now did that have more to do with my local shop that I worked in after leaving school only selling MRRC motors than any bias over the Romford ? The only K,s HMP2 still going is in a Airfix plastic kit pug I built when it was quiet in the shop, useing the plastic chassis bushed out, over thirty years use no worries but have had to replace the connecting rods? You would be amazed how long the plastic ones lasted just butting a light load around
  14. I was just going to tick the like box for those wagons but I thought you deserved a bit more praise than that Not just Ks. but Ks and wealleans products Looking far from thirty year old wagons well done

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