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  1. Having just got back from a trip to watchet just now I have picked up some old kits at a junk shop on the harbour from after a hot dog for dinner I went upstairs to the junk emporium , where I bought a job lot of kits, mainly a collection of coopercraft kits with made in swain street watchet labels on so they traveled around three hundred yards in thirty years from being made ! But in the job lot were two coke wagon kits which is why I found this thread trying to find out about these kits as I haven't had any of theses kits befor, I presume I am going to run in to the to wide apart axelbox problem found with the open C and N.B cask wagon ,which I cure by packing out the brass bearing cups with 2mm washers behind the flange of the top hat bearings,with just enough. Of the bearing left to locate in the axelbox hole, if your still reading are there any transfers I can use on these coke kits out there like dad 1 s Bridport Gas ones which I like , but perhaps I ought to put Sturminster Newton Gas Co to reflect there beginnings ?
  2. Yes but ! shiresceens etched brass sides on ratio coach underframes sorted my need for siphon C's out !even if the foot boards are a bit fragile so you then have to buy a brass detailing kit to sort that out Quote I cannot resist cheap buys either. I bought a still-shrink-wrapped-on-its-card K’s Dean PBV for an extraordinary £15 the other day. I’ve three built already, but they are such attractive vehicles. but at least with these PBV you can ring the changes livery wise And yep £15 is good anyway just about to start. On a keyser L M S cattle wagon haveing two coral A,s awaiting HRMS transfers to go back into production so I can say what have I done with my keyser kit?,,,,,,,,,,,built them
  3. eer um well I have built. Six keyser' siphon F's the same as the GWR had all acquired at toy fairs cheep and built by previous owners, stripped and detailed by me with bits added that you could get from CPS before he died to do this (Mainly brake gear,) now the problem is haveing two more kits which would make eight two more than really exested so you can have too many ! No I can't resist temptation.when it's cheep Perhaps! I can experiment by shortening the stretched middle panels on these and fit the right bogies to the ones that didn't have the American ones, why did I miss that detail ?
  4. O dear ! O dear ! why does this sound to familiar! at least with this lock down and no guests at my B & B this year I have got some of the pile done
  5. The kit comes with long and short springs axelboxes I can't remember which you use with this kit to know which you require, as if your still in need i should have more than one available in the left over box
  6. The man from down west says yes ! Just the job, for some reason I think printed wagon kits not transfers when it comes to powsides, thank yousuffolk dave. Now just for the roof colour ? If I get no answer I am sure I can fudge/smudge it
  7. During the last week I have been having fun ! With a Bill Bedford GCR D13 goods van kit, not helped by their being no instructions with the kit ! Most likely lost in the years since I bought the kit at railwells at least two years ago, thankfully it's built and sat in gray paint awaiting G C transfers but who does them for wagons, not hrms or fox ? And a search on the web has got me nowhere HELP ? also what colour for the roof before adding the dirt ? Don't want to add to much dirt as the wagon is in only a year or two out of the paint shop condition? White lead on canvas ? should add it's in 4mm scale
  8. And it's a gold star from me as well, used their click and collect of a sort service to day, well phone and collect! To be honest didnt even have to get out of the car, Maria delivered my pre payed Hornby north british six wheels to the car door in full protection gear whilst Jess waved through the window, their now sat on the windowsill at home looking grand and awaiting the D51 to be put on the front in the morning day light excellent service
  9. That is a HP2m nothing like mk1 or mk2 which were larger and longer lasting than that THING ! anything from a modern supplier will improve your model depends on your skill level comet gearboxes are fairly easy to build I think DJH gearboxes might be to big for a terrier, Highlevel probably your best bet but a bit more fiddly if you have never built a gearbox before, the highlevel website has a useful gearbox size chart to give you a clue personally if they are OK I would reuse the wheels to keep it as period piece fancy wheels would be a waist of money as the cost would go a long way to better detailed rtr model and take away from feeling of a K's kits
  10. With out looking it up this entrance arch is sounding like Bristol Bath road shed, not the sixties diesel shed nore the steam shed that preceded that one but the original first one demolished at the turn of the last century very Brunel ish in its build with fancy arch ways in to a square area surrounded by workshops a little bit like the workshops of the padarn railway at Lanbaris all this is pre the bridge across the river and road was built linking to st Phillips marsh
  11. Giveing a shout out to both Porthmadog and Aberystwyth pubs, I call them pubs because whilst their in the station buildings they are no longer in use as the station ! think Aberystwyth weathspoons has the most lavatories cubicles for any pub ! Enough to deal with a excursion train load !
  12. Ah Ha but he is lucky enough to have one of the later kits judgeing from the pictures which don't have the molded on handrails so that won't be a problem! But do look out for a preserveriance chassis kit for these kits or as I have found out you can remoter the currant brass overlay plastic chassis you have with markits wheels and a highlevel gearbox for a better running chassis, I got both of mine to run well during the first lockdown one with the plastic/brass chassis (couldn't get hold of a preserveriance brass chassis) and one with the aforementioned brass chassis
  13. Not much help but as a fellow calne born rmweber I thought I would point out the booklet on the calne branch is No help on siphons! But the cover picture of a post man waiting with mail on the cover of The Calne Branch by Tanner 1972' also has a view of the Morris post office van that my dad went tobogganing down a hill in, writeing it off back in his younger days not to long after the cover shot!
  14. A search back has found your answer on a very useful site called rmweb ! Steamport Southport posted Posted March 30, 2019 Never heard or seen one of these. Quick look in Ramsay's says... 1985 by Dapol. Only three types made and two of them are fictional. B26 B870074 1985 B180 B670006 1989 B102 LMS 173127 date unknown Went to Hornby 1996. But problems with the tooling meant they only made two further batches. Very short run of about 1000 each.
  15. Sorry but it was unboxed,! i did find it on the net just after I bought it but I have had a year to forget ! Helpful I know
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