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  1. Giveing a shout out to both Porthmadog and Aberystwyth pubs, I call them pubs because whilst their in the station buildings they are no longer in use as the station ! think Aberystwyth weathspoons has the most lavatories cubicles for any pub ! Enough to deal with a excursion train load !
  2. Ah Ha but he is lucky enough to have one of the later kits judgeing from the pictures which don't have the molded on handrails so that won't be a problem! But do look out for a preserveriance chassis kit for these kits or as I have found out you can remoter the currant brass overlay plastic chassis you have with markits wheels and a highlevel gearbox for a better running chassis, I got both of mine to run well during the first lockdown one with the plastic/brass chassis (couldn't get hold of a preserveriance brass chassis) and one with the aforementioned brass chassis
  3. Not much help but as a fellow calne born rmweber I thought I would point out the booklet on the calne branch is No help on siphons! But the cover picture of a post man waiting with mail on the cover of The Calne Branch by Tanner 1972' also has a view of the Morris post office van that my dad went tobogganing down a hill in, writeing it off back in his younger days not to long after the cover shot!
  4. A search back has found your answer on a very useful site called rmweb ! Steamport Southport posted Posted March 30, 2019 Never heard or seen one of these. Quick look in Ramsay's says... 1985 by Dapol. Only three types made and two of them are fictional. B26 B870074 1985 B180 B670006 1989 B102 LMS 173127 date unknown Went to Hornby 1996. But problems with the tooling meant they only made two further batches. Very short run of about 1000 each.
  5. Sorry but it was unboxed,! i did find it on the net just after I bought it but I have had a year to forget ! Helpful I know
  6. Going back to Dapol Meat Vans........BUT not as you know it ! I found in a junk shop in seaton last year pre lock down. a Dapol Meat Van, not the kit version But a RTR version, which at least lacks the chunky hinges in the one piece body moulding and blends in quite well with my kit versions the question is why did Dapol have such a short run in makeing this model RTR ? Dapol usually churn things out for ever ?
  7. Well I suppose I am ! This i I can only state this for St Patrick (it must de near twenty year old model now) as I have, it had the slot for the gears and the slope cut for a XO4 including a tapped hole for the rear screw, and it looks just like a hall chassis, Haveing checked I used a hall pickup sprung wire and plate on the bottom, now awaiting the mines different from yours messages !
  8. Catching up with this tread, if you change you mind about tender drive and want to convert it to loco drive, I did this to my st Patrick which I also made as a straight framed loco years ago by reinstalling a five pole mw1001 and triang gearing back in the holes left over from when. The chassis was used as the hall chassis with a X04 in it, this way I was able to cut down the huge coal mound in the tender to something a bit more normal looking, food for thought if you run out of things to do!
  9. If that's the case! why do you have a sheep logo by your name with sticky out pannier type ears then Go On answer that !
  10. Price? Prices for DCC Ready models are £129.95 each and DCC Sound models is £229.95 each. When you think of it thats cheaper than a K's kit goes for, when you add in the cost of decent wheels and motor,by a long way
  11. I can sort of help here ! Whilst I didn't use my dublo chassis under 97xx keyser kits, perfering to use Bachman pannier chassis, but I have used quite happily the rods as supplyed under the wills U1 kit with all the romfords retaining flanges and under the triang chassied cardeen kit. I did ponder doubling up the thickness of the rods but didn't! The thinness doses allow flexibility to the wheel sets to go around curves,which doubling the thickness night not, but then to my eyes they look to thin coupling rods are not that thin in real life more like something that would scale out at aro
  12. I to built this signal box for my layout, back in my school days came out all right ! Well as for how durable a card kit can be ? Despite house moves layout moves/changes it STILL exists, though it did lose a finial or two due to clumsy arms thankfully glue fixed that, but I like the photo copy's stuck on plasicard, you could still use the windows out of the kit P S I left school in 1978 so that kit has lasted 45 years near on
  13. Up date thanks to my B & B being closed down this year that missing ingredient has turned up ! both kits are nearly finished chassis built ( one preseverance one brass overlays) Romford fitted yes that's Romford pre markits romfords from back in the days when you had to drill and tap them., highlevel gearboxes 60 to 1 on the front axel with the mashima pointing towards the smokbox , leaving the firebox and rear frames free to be filled with lead, I am close to seeing if I can make these kits work or will join the most of others made ingoing the display case !
  14. Botheration !&@/'#%$¥ for sale one unfinished GEM KIT ,unfinished due to it Haveing the old white metal chassis which I don't like And no way could I compete with that Finnish ! moderators this is NOT a for sale notice it's a thank god I don't have to go there now statement makes a change for a rtr to come out before I have built the kit rather than after!
  15. Just a update cutting the ends off was easy and reattaching simple just got to put the transfers on, when I decide which as the redemption hire transfers I have only suit single side door models... plan C ? Isn't decided yet the Loriot is done but not as well as gwrrob's as I lack a decent of wood colour paints, something that can be sorted post this next lockdown! I have been useing ancient enamel's some of which must be near thirty years old but are still good in the tinlet, wish modern enamel paints kept as well even when kept upside down with good clean lid seals,
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