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  1. Amusing though this thread has been and To cheer you all up ! Having nearly note nearly ! found all this years versions you all have a nearly full year to think and find pictures for 2021 in all its forms plenty off thinking / research time but no posting until 2021
  2. I have always used a 12volt iron run off the back of a old duette transformer cheep and cheerful and you can dill up the tempature by twiddling the knob, I don't recommend a normal mains iron until your experienced as you will learn the hard way melting things that cost to much happy new year
  3. Just to add to the what to use conundrum, we had recommended by fire fighters staying at my bed and breakfast water mist fire extinguishers ! More research was done before buying these water mist extinguishers but you can even use them on switched ON TVs washing machines with no risk of shock note NOT normal water extinguishers but water MIST extinguishers but best advise was GET OUT!
  4. And he said: Behold what I have done I've made a better world for everyone Nobody laugh, nobody cry hazel o Conner well the nobody laugh bit of this song might be right but the nobody cry ??????
  5. Well just once a year he has a day off to work at selling coopercraft remains, don't know of any other days out he has pretty sure it's the only show he does
  6. I think I will keep my trap shut about any other layouts...as I seam to have put the kiss of death on chiltern green!
  7. Rushed to check up the skaters MR cattle wagon but that has five planks on the side and this one has six (I think) Makeing it the early version, rats thought I would have something different, still I suppose I could get the craft knife out got until the weekends Taunton show to decide weather to add it to the shopping list with H&A
  8. And on mine thirty years on from my youthful doing it wrong. the ones I committed this crime on still run fine, and because it did it wrong and I didn't disturb the magnetic field by removing the armature from the pole pieces no remagatiseing was need pretty important if you don't have a remagntizer, but if you do have one going in the back way is simpler !
  9. Well you don't need to tackle that end, once you have taken the motor out, remove the worm with puller or such like. Then the fun bit as you have to remove the brass end plate by undoing the crimps to fit a fiber washer on the end of the shaft before reassembling I won't describe how I did that as their must be a better way (less crude)
  10. I second that as being the problem only fix is to dismantle the XO4 and put a washer between the commutator and front end plate just like can be found on some XO4's from new might be simpler to bung another XO4 in though plenty of X04s around there not in short supply, n b it's not a metal washer used as that would short out the commutator !
  11. Doesn't help with the first post questions, but Chiltern Green is still going strong at the Devon railway centre at Buckley mill near Tiverton long after I first saw it at Bristol Model Railway show back in the eightys, it's a bit dark inside the carriage it's in but that helps the scenery not fade when I saw it I was reminded how good it was and I haven't see many layouts as good in thirty odd years
  12. YES ! it was worth the poke reminder I have a answer shaded yellow lettering thanks jwealleans and flood and thanks bossard for reloading the pictures perhaps as they were down is why a search didn't reveal them when I first looked a month and bit ago, I did look I assure you ! Quite interesting how many models have white lettering on maroon paint which didn't ring true to me......on to the next project!
  13. Well a month has gone by and I still can't Finnish this model i repeat I Am building AS BUILT long before British rail ! the only transfers I have found are black shaded yellow where as the models pictured on the web are plane yellow what do I use? Please
  14. I know he receives a lot of flack everywhere but he did buy the new machine but apparently you can't get the exact one for the moulds so it needs fettling (bodging) if I read between the line right he spends six days a week as a carer and his one day off working at Williton working on the autocoach their I always get the impression the intentions are good but woefully lacking resources the models on the display were his own collection for sale as he has come to realise he will never have the time to build his own layout
  15. Aaah ! I suspect he means it was best to get rid of the Rover for the kids sake before landroveritis set in not because it was unpractical I got involved with one(1953/80) as a school kid didn't know how infectious landroveritis was back then, so it's still here now fourty years on!
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