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  1. That’s okay as long as he remembers which one is the chip address Ask me how I know - - - Rich
  2. There is a Club in Bromley, South London, called Rusper. They run OO analogue between a series of sheds. Each one is a section, with Bells and signals . I have to admit I have never visited them but several of my OO colleagues are members. I too live in awe of Peter and his tenacity and clever use of whatever materials were available to him. Such a lovely ambience of time and place. Thank you t-b-g for saving the legend. Rich.
  3. I know what you mean, I used to commute on the Northern Line into Barbican Rich
  4. Call me old-fashioned, but why on earth has it got hand rails up the sides? Are you supposed to put your foot through the windows? Someone will tell me they’re pipes , I expect. Rich
  5. It’s lovely to realise you have an example of his skills to cherish along with his memory. My condolences for the loss of a friend. Rich.
  6. You missed out the skilful part, anyone can buy a Prairie. That rodding took time and patience, well done!
  7. If you make sure the white metal wagons are in the loaded string it might be easier. Unlike in reality where the empties weigh half as much, you will be propelling stock weight wagons up the incline. Rich
  8. If it doesn’t, things could all go brown? Rich
  9. Funny how it goes in circles, the Royals , septics and betrothals rings a current bell. Rich
  10. At least it’s pale blue and not the yellow stuff I was warned about eating Rich
  11. You’ve got that just right, maybe should have mentioned frequent services to London ? but that’s for the marketing department to worry about. For patterns and typical accessories around the station I’ve found the book “Southern Nouveau “ an invaluable scource for reference. Keep up the good work. Rich
  12. Thank you Jonnie for such an inspirational thread. You have managed all this in the time I have sat and procrastinated over my own half finished layout. I’m ashamed. I do hope we will soon be out of this dreadful situation, and as a supporter of TWERPS. I hope you will soon be back and assisting in the running of the Spa Valley Railway. Rich.
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