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  1. Ordered a Heljan 31 just before Christmas, during the conversation Tower told me about problems with postal damage and the fixings for this particular model, asked me if it was OK to repack the model before sending. Package arrived 2 days later, loco is in perfect condition with extra foam inserts all around it. That's what I call good practical customer service, very well done to Tower Models.
  2. Can anyone point me to how to produce faded painted signs on brick buildings please? I've searched forums but can't find anything, though I'm certain I've seen it somewhere on here? Thanks!
  3. Placed a (very mixed) order at 4pm yesterday. Arrived first class post today. Fantastic service.
  4. So a manufacturer that says "sorry you don't like OUR product, you can have your money back" is bad? That sounds very fair to me. There's a bit more to worry about in this world right now than a little handrail on a model train.
  5. I'm looking for the panels that replace the triangular grills on the bodyside (parts 16/17), preferably in blue if anyone has some they could spare please? Not on the Gaugemaster site and I bought mine 2nd hand without any. Thanks!
  6. Looking again at the front end there is definitely a mismatch in nose angle between prototype and model. Maybe the model lining highlights it more, the lining angles are all wrong around the handrail and running plate.
  7. Very minor but the cabside numbers on 60009 are marginally too large.
  8. Hi, would anyone have a close up photo of production Deltic nose mounted air horns please? Looking for how the pipework attaches. Thanks.
  9. Hi would anyone have the Heljan Deltic glazing sprue and not need the light strip bars on it please? Sold out at Howes.
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