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  1. Coaches for Class 101 DMUs anyone? Still only have 2 car sets to run or are we expected to use the few Class 108 middle coach releases?
  2. YOU said the price was £46.71 Hattons website in your post - I was quoting you! I was only aware there were cheaper versions not the exact price and my ref to £60-£80 was in line with the previous posts which were discussing the more detailed versions. And I was wondering what a version of the MK2F akin to the Hornby MK2E would have been charged at. As I say £47 (rounding up £46.71) is a bit steep for a coach. I'm not trying to dissuade you from forking out they cash if you want it's just my view and this is a FORUM the definition of which is to allows people to discuss ideas and views on a subject.
  3. And yes Bob Reid I WAS aware they are cheaper without DCC/sound and probably should have emphasised that in my posts but the thread was referring to the 'bells and whistles', lights etc features and the fact that the MK2fs are closer to Continental offerings with some implying that everyone has been asking for such standards hence my points. I have to say that even £47 is pretty steep for a coach when you consider a decent rake is going to set you back £377 odd. I could add that the MK2fs are not isolated examples of arguably high priced rolling stock but would be going off topic. It's all down to the individual. I have a reasonable disposable income and have spent a good deal of money over the 15 years I have been in the hobby but it's all relative to other factors (as per Trailrage's contribution above). I for one have other interests and a family and buying highly detailed 100% accurate rollingstock isn't worth it for me. I suspect the majority of modellers are not on nigh incomes and may be priced out of the hobby if there is to be a trend of higher standards/higher priced models. And have we considered encouraging the younger modellers who are the future of the hobby? Will they have the pocket money to purchase stock at these prices?
  4. The Hornby MK1s are pretty much on the ball albeit some criticize the too dark BR blue and they sell for £34-£39 (and are not yet discounted). The MK2Ds are now about the same (they were going for £14-£18 a couple of years ago) and the MK2Es are going for £14-£25. I'm sorry but the mark up of £60-£80 for the MK2F is just too much (for me at least) when you consider it's mostly for the 'bells and whistles' which we are paying more for. I wonder what Bachmann would have asked for the same coach without DCC, the lights, the lamps and buffer detailing?
  5. Whilst I agree entirely that Hornby is always steam biased and Bachmann is much more prepared to invest in and release D&E rolling stock I am not one of the 'WE' you refer to in demanding Continental Standards and demanding increased levels of detail. In fact I can't recall this being raised much by anyone who requested such stock be released rather the complaints were that there were gaps in the market re such rolling stock from the post 1968 eras. I was (and am) quite happy with the offerings which were prevalent in the 2006-2014 periods and spent a lot more on the hobby then. I do not see that our refusing to pay the higher prices for these super-detailed Mk2Fs is going to alter the preferances of the two main manufacturers in terms of catering for the steam/D&E markets. I am afraid that there will be a minority of modellers prepared to pay such high prices for coaches (and wagons) however detailed they are and from whatever era they hail (though the proof will be in the sales). I have in fact balked at paying for locos and rolling stock whose detailing pushed the price up and have also shunned DCC and DCC Sound because of the cost. I am now more inclined to purchase the Lima re-issues and Railroad Range models and detail them myself. However I may be totally wrong about this and in fact be the minority. There ought to be more surveys conducted on this issue before manufacturers make decisions about introducing super-detailed models. Lets not forget that when the Hornby MK2Es and Bachmann MK2Fs were announced there was no indication from either manufacturer of the level of detail we were to expect. On a final point I run tail chaser layouts and how much of this extra detail can actually be seen on coaches and wagons running at even slow speeds around layouts?
  6. Thanks for suggestions. No all other locos run fine. I was following instructions/advice in Nigel Burkin's book on Fine Tuning and Maintaining 00 Gauge Models in which he removes and replaces wheelsets. This includes taking off the bogie baseplates on Bachmann diesels and checking the b2b and removing excees gunk/grease which is exactly what I did (There was quite a lot of gunk between the gears and I used toothpicks to remove it). Perhaps I removed too much? Of the 4 Class 47s I did this with 3 are now slow running but I have noted that they do not derail anymore which suggests the b2b was the issue. They were derailing after coming off curves sometimes but more often on points even when running straight over them (i.e. when points were not engaged).
  7. Not sure if this has been mentioned already but these are just to dear for me. I had seen the prices at pre-order stage and was put off and now they have arrived, although I accept they are of exceptional quality and with all bells and whistles, I am afraid they are just too expensive for purchasing especially in rakes as they need to be. To me, and I know this is a personal choice, the benefits of the DCC and lights options are outweighed by their high cost. It wasn't long ago you could buy a loco for the price of ome of these and in fact some of the Railroad range is less! I am sticking with the Hornby MK2D and Es.
  8. Following regular derailments of my Bachmann Class 47s on my curent layout and realising it was an issue with only these locos I gained access to the wheels to check the back to back measurements and after readjusting the wheels on all locos and removing excess grease from within the gears and bogie I re-assembled the wheels only to find poor running on them. I was careful in replacing the bogie baseplate so that all the wheels were concentric and that the pick ups were in the right place and in contact with the wheels. All the locos run but at low speeds only. Can anyone suggest what is wrong or has anyone had the same problem?
  9. Thanks guys will look into it as would like a rake for my AC Electrics.
  10. Are there any rtr releases for the Manchester Pullman coaches? I am sure I have seen some on layouts but cannot recall whether Hornby or Bachmann ever released them as a set or individually? I am referring to the post 1966 converted MK2 stock in (I think) pearl grey and blue.
  11. On a slightly related issue with the Bachmann 47s mine (and I have four) quite often derail coming off curves onto straight sections of track (second and third radius) and also when running straight over points (medium and standard sizes). When it happened on my old layout I assumed it was my tracklaying but it continued to be an issue on my subsequent two layouts. Anyone else have this issue and if so found a solution?
  12. Thanks for tip John. One of the Railmatch jars was indeed just solid on top though the other three were knackered. In fact only two of those were half full as when I broke away the dried paint on two of them there was actually hardly any left. Will def store them upside down from now on as per above suggestions.
  13. Thanks for advice. But is the dried paint I have already accumulated now wasted or is there some way I can treat it to use again? I have 3 or 4 pots which I have only half used with dried paint in which will be a waste of money.
  14. I suspect this topic has come up before. How do you stop paint (and this is enamel and acrylic) drying in the jars/pots? I use several brands but the Railmatch ones, both enamels and acrylics, seem to be prone to drying out even when quite new. I also note that the Wilder Weathering Washes are also prone to this although often the paint just thickens and needs a good stir and any solid pieces removed. The enamels are in the glass jars and the acrylics in the plastic pots. I always stir the paint before use and clean the tops/rim of the jar after use but random jars seem to dry up. Is this possible to a) prevent and b) remedy (by heating up the jar? adding something to the dried paint) or is the paint wasted? I store them in normal room temperature in drawers and although I don't use them often (tend to do painting sessions every few months and a load of painting in one or two goes) some of the paint has dried within a few months of opening. Any help/comments much appreciated as always. .
  15. Have to say disappointed - not a great deal of D&E as usual from Hornby and very little BR Blue given how popular that era still is in modelling. I think, for the first time ever, I will be buying nothing from the new range - just the Class 87 deferred from 2017 and the MK1 coaches also from 2017. And what has happened to Skaledale? The range is diminishing each year?
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