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  1. Try cleaning the track and wheels on the Western, Class 68s will run on dirty track but not 52s.
  2. There two types, one is held in place with a screw underneath center of chassis. The other type just pushes in, its a tight fit, can be removed with a stanley type blade.
  3. The item you need is called a beetle, they do fail from time to time.
  4. Sun Street, Did you find any elements for your Black Label ?
  5. Excellent day, enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere with like minded modelers, first class layouts, Crowsnest stood out for me closely followed by Pen-y-Craig. Well done to all involved.
  6. Yes had the same 12mths ago, started to drill broken part and it was loose in wheel, lucky escape.
  7. Check the motor has sound deadening pads top and bottom.
  8. The S & M was one of the Colonels lines, full of used stock he could get from anywhere. A must would be Gazelle sitting somewhere, his icon loco.
  9. It would be nice if they run better out of the box, instead of having to work on them to get them to run correctly.
  10. Barry try putting a meter on the charger terminals to see if you have any current, batteries do die i have changed a few over the years.
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