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  1. Hi I have filled in the join in the brick wall. Once it's painted and weathered you won't know a join was there. Also the wills corrugated iron sheets have been added. These will also be painted and weathered up. All in all it's coming along nicely.😀
  2. Morning I managed to do a bit more modelling work on the diorama yesterday. The brick walk which goes under the corrugated iron has been glued in place. The small join will be hidden using a small mixture of filler. The wall will then be painted and weathered up. The track has also had a coat of paint on the rails, ties and sleepers and has been glued in its place. More weathering will be done once the ballast has been layed.😀
  3. This morning I have added some more board so the track is on an embankment. I have added a balsa frame to the back of the diorama as this will be cladded with corrugated iron sheets and under the frame a brick wall will be added. This was seen alot with warehouse and factory buildings.😀 The track is just put in place to show where it will eventually go. The track rails, ties and sleepers will be painted before it's glued in place.
  4. Karl this is a super little layout you have built. The night shots look great 👍
  5. Matt it's always nice to follow your excellent level of weathering and detailing. It definitely inspires people like myself.👍
  6. Love the video John thanks for sharing 👍
  7. Kevin this is a nice shot. Can I ask what paint colours you used on the corrugated iron sheets.
  8. I'm planning to build a micro diorama so I have somewhere to take pictures of my VEA Vans I seemed to have grown a fondness for. Also the diorama is where I can try out some new modelling techniques. As you can see by the picture a new Bachmann VEA van arrived this morning and then micro diorama baseboard has been built. A length of peco track has been cut to size and I'm thinking of having the track on top of an embankment. So for now a quick picture with more to follow..😉
  9. Hi I have for sale in pristine boxed condition the above Accurascale vans in 00 gauge. I'm looking for £50 which includes postage in the UK.
  10. Hi Luke your layout is looking really nice. The foliage and greenery looks spot on.👍
  11. This is looking really nice. I do like the work you have done on the retaining wall.👍
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