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  1. Rich thank you for your kind comments. The surgeon has said my injured left eye will never be the same again and all I can see Is a silhouette of things so my left eye is beyond repair. The diorama I can see no problem but my right eye is taking the strain sometimes but over time I will adjust.
  2. Love the video Luke and your Scottish micro layout is looking fantastic 👌
  3. Hi @TT100 Diesels you have done a fantastic job on building the loco display stand.👍
  4. Thanks everyone for the friendly support it does mean alot to me. I'm still unable to see anything with my left eye but I have done some little bits of modelling but it's difficult sometimes with one eye functioning properly.😉
  5. Hi Tom lovely work on the coal shed and the weighbridge building. The colours look lovely👍
  6. Hi everyone thanks for the likes and comments. I have not been on the forum much due to some drug addict assaulting me and leaving me partially blind in my left eye. I had surgery but my vision is now blurry in my left eye but thank God my right eye or dominant eye is fine. It's hard to try and do any modelling until I get used to having really one eye. I will pop in from time to time as it's nice to catch up.
  7. I like the way you work quietly building, painting and weathering your wagon kits. Then you show them in your build thread. Fantastic stuff, keeping them coming.👌
  8. Hi I'm thinking about adding some corrugated sheet to the bit at the top of the backboard so it looks like the workshop has another level.
  9. Luke thanks for supportive comments. Pictures from other layouts and magazines have helped me choose the colours.
  10. Hi thank you for all the likes and support😀. I'm very pleased with the way the brick wall and corrugated workshop wall has turned out. Once I add some ballast I can give the surrounding area a dust over with some weathering powders from Ammo. Here is an update picture.👍
  11. This evening I have started to weather the corrugated workshop wall. I'm very pleased with the way it is looking as it's starting to come to life.😊
  12. Clive the canal looks great 👍
  13. Hi the paints and weathering powders finally arrived today. So the first task was to paint up the corrugated iron sheets and the brick wall with their main base colour. Once fully dry I can start to lighten the corrugated iron wall using weathering powders and some dry brushing. The wall will need a light wash so the capillary action moves it between the brickwork. Also some fine detailing will be done by picking out random brick and painting them a different shade.😊
  14. As mentioned in my last update I'm waiting on some paints and pigments to arrive. So today work has concentrated on modelling the scenic part of the diorama. Really pleased with the way the diorama is looking. So I thought I would pop one of my Bachmann BR 12ton vanwide van onto the diorama.😊
  15. Hi all just a little update. While I wait for some paints and weathering pigments to arrives for the corrugated building I will hopefully start work modelling the scenic section on my van diorama. That's after I finish some chores around the house first.🫠
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