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  1. This is excellent. Lovely to see you've resisted the temptation to make it a roundy roundy, and it is all the better for that. Some really nice modelling. Believable and inspirational. Thanks for sharing! Best Scott.
  2. I sent my form back yesterday, followed by card details spread over 3 separate emails ( a method I have used with Dapol club offers before). I received a reply about 24 hours later saying the order had been passed to the warehouse for despatch. I have heard of others receiving emails advising to call Dapol to pay by phone. Best Scott.
  3. I've been thinking about trains which will run into St Catherines's Bay, with consideration being given to their length and the number of each type required to operate the day's services. I've pretty much nailed on the passenger services, I think. Most trains will spend life as permanent sets, and most will have a dedicated cassette for storage, when not in-play. Express 1 - Mk1 - BSK, SK, SK, RMB, FK, BSK, SK Express 2 - Mk1 - BSK, SK, SK, SO, RU, FK, BSK Express 3 - Mk1 - BSK, SK, SK, SO, RU, FK, BSK Express 4 - Thompson - BSK, CK, FK, *RMB (GRESLEY), SK, SK ,
  4. My little station has a name. I think I have settled on Monclarence. My SO had a cat, a blue British Shorthair whom she wished to call Clarence, after the angel in "it's a Wonderful Life", her favourite movie. The name Clarence was vetoed by her then husband as not being a name for a cat, and so he became Bubba, which to be fair my SO also chose and liked. Since his passing a couple of years ago, I have always wanted to honour the fiesty-yet-affectionate little fellow somehow, without being tacky or twee. And so he has a sleepy branchline Terminus named after him. I felt "Clarence" was a)
  5. Have you seen the Skies of Fire artwork? https://www.mythopoeia.us/skiesoffire.html Best Scott.
  6. An excellent, almost flawless, movie - not least its cinematography - which benefits greatly from being viewed on the big Cinema screen. Best Scott.
  7. 2.131 The Annandale site, near the English-Scottish border, was judged to be the most operationally suitable, cost-effective and least environmentally impactful solution for a stabling facility. The new facility could stable up to 28 200m HS2 trains. This stabling space at Annandale would be supplemented by a small number of trains being stabled at the existing Polmadie depot near Glasgow. 2.135 Most trains stabled at the Annandale Depot would start and end passenger service at Carlisle. From this document: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/governme
  8. Because it didn't matter about a stove if it was summer? Best Scott.
  9. I have a photo somewhere in one of my books of a Princess Coronation arriving perth from Aberdeen on the afternoon Fish.
  10. I don't think they are snow ploughs, I think they are obstacle deflectors? Best Scott EDIT: From this article https://www.railmagazine.com/trains/current-trains/vivarail-s-grand-designs : 'Safety is an important aspect both for Bates and Vivarail Chairman Adrian Shooter. There is no regulation that says the D-train will need additional strengthening, because the D78-Stock is already approved to run on the railway (so the new train benefits from its ‘grandfather rights’). But Shooter says that the team has still chosen to do it:
  11. I know what you're saying, and I have drawn up scale track plans for both. But it all comes down to space and preservation of open single line running. I do have a version with the Campo station included, it just makes that part of the layout quite deep. I could adjust the relationship between station and yard to be more linear, but I really don't want to do that. One of my "layout of a lifetime" criteria is for the stations to be to scale, whilst the rest of the line can be representative (to a point) if necessary. So I included Brusio with a mind to ha
  12. Well, that's maybe a wee bit disapointing. But really only because the Bachman video suggested August. No worries. Best Scott.
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