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  1. Won't accept my existing username/password...
  2. Can they be replaced with something smaller? Is the "something" readily available?
  3. What is the preferred method of blackening the rods? Marker pen, dilute paint, something else...?
  4. Just wondering if people are receiving their Birdcage carriage orders? I read on other fora that people have them and Rails of Sheffield seem to have them in stock. I ordered mine in April and Hattons say they are waiting to receive them... seems strange of others have had them for some time?
  5. Not really, I want the bare plugs so I can do my own wiring runs of whatever length I need...
  6. Hi All I am looking for some connectors to use when wiring Kato Unitrack power and points. Kato use a connector that is similar to but not quite the same as some others on the market, specifically the Mini Tamiya Kyosho Battery Connector. I have bought four "different" third-party brands of the mini Tamiya/Kyosho connector and none quite fit, the problem is the square part of the male plug is always to large for the female Kato plug. And I can't find a source of the genuine Kato plugs as I guess that they are not sold separately. Any suggestions, apart from sanding the plugs?
  7. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. I am using Kato Unitrack N Gauge and have about 25m running in a double-U layout; there are a mixture of Dapol and Bachmann/Farish locos and, after realising that I had posted this in the wrong forum, I also tested assorted Dapol locos and achieved the same result The turnout is a Kato #4 and the traffic is running FACING (not shouting...), I tried using several spare turnouts and the result was the same. I also used several "Y" turnouts and the result was the same. I have about eight other #4 turnouts where the same locos traverse them F
  8. I have some curved points and the front bogie on locomotive usually derails as it passes over them. Have replaced the points several times, but no improvement Should I consider adding weight on the bogie (somehow?) or a spring or...? Cheers
  9. Direct copy of the email they sent...look at their proposed reasons for the cancellation...I had to email them as none of the reasons applied to me. This is an automatic notification to inform you that order number IOPA3256500 has been cancelled from our systems, and we will not attempt to process this again. The following items were in your order: "1 * Dapol ND208D Battle of Britain Class 4-6-2 un-rebuilt 34066 'Spitfire' in BR green with late crest @ £99.00 each http://www.hattons.co.uk/stockdetail.aspx?SID=59022 Reasons for cancellation include: Duplication of order on
  10. Just received an email from them...I ordered it almost 4 years ago for £99, now I can order one for only £169.96 No thanks
  11. If you could possibly recall...that would help before I demolish the loco and then find that it is a large job Just need to understand how much isolation is required before I pull it to bits... Cheers
  12. Perhaps a very broad question...on a steam locomotive hauled express, where was it placed? Last carriage, first (behind loco), second last (immediately before brake or GUV)...or...?
  13. Hi Is there a fitting guide for wiring a DCC chip for this DCC-incompatible loco? Alternatively, can someone recommend a place to do such an installation? Cheers
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