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  1. Why no sound, when I played the disk initially, but when I went back to it, there was, on the Pendon Feature? on the March DVD. Sound works on the other material.
  2. Eastgate backscene design challenge We require a backscene for the modern image layout ‘Eastgate’ and your task is to design One. You don’t need to consider the depth of the buildings, just their outline dimensions and what building you envisage would be in the centre of a Northern industrial town in the 1980’s or 90’s. You should be able to find plenty of images on the Internet, for inspiration! Eastgate station board is 60” by 15”, that's 1520 mm by 380 mm approx. You are required to draw you plan to scale. The height of the proposed backscene is 10”or 254 mm. Your design can range from a simple outline drawing to a fully coloured in design. You must provide such notes as required to enable the reader to understand your design. You can if you wish draw your outline to 3mm to the foot. This is called foreced perspective and has the effect pf making the building appear further way and thus make the baseboard, modelled area, appear larger. This task is not limited to member of the Eastgate group, but any member of the RMWeb is encouraged to submit a design. PS you don’t need to include a car park, as one will be modelled at the end of the station platforms on the baseboard 2. We look forward to seeing your proposed designs.
  3. Hi I'm posting using julie's id, because i've had problems with my email address, thus I currently can't access my RmWeb id either. The missing buffer was the result of an accident with a scaple. Lisa
  4. Hi All It's been a long time since I've had the time and inclination to work on my model railway. However I recently been working on coupling design for Holloway Goods. Mr Peco's nuts are used to hold the wagon body to the chassis, with the weight, held in position, between them. This method is better then glueing because it allows the components to easily be disassembled if required! My design criteria are that the train should be able to negotiate a 75mm radius curve reliably without derailing. The actual minimum radius will be 90mm, but if the above condition is meet, then I shall have no problems on the actual layout. The picture above, was taken on a friends micro layout, which has 75mm curves to minimise the area taken by the fiddleyard. I have no objection to the coupling system being single ended, that is to say different couplings on each end of vehicles. In this project I kept the peco coupling on one end, but I have filled the thickness down to half the original. I tested a coupling to see if it remained coupled and it passed the test. The thinner coupling is less obtrusive, then the original. The other coupling is replaced with a simple hook, made from stainless steel G String, purchased from the local music shop. The front angle of the hook is about 60 degrees, it is important that there is sufficient gap to allow the modified Peco hook to drop under it's own weight, even when a magnetic dropper is added. I wanted the train, composed of loose coupled wagons, to close up when the train comes to a stop, say at a signal, and open up as the train started again. Lisa
  5. Julian If your loco's and stock all have wheels to the same standard, that the flange depth, then there is a much simpler solution. Add some plastic strip to the top of the plastic between the nose and the wing rails of the points and then carefully file it down, until the wheels just travel on the flanges. Incidentally this is done, on the full size railway when the use steel forgings type crossings, not usually called frogs, on sets of points. Julie
  6. Not this time of year then? Julie
  7. Your leaving yourself open, by making the assumption 'the last big project'? On the subject of the junction layout, I personally prefer the scissors crossing. Julie
  8. What would have been more impressive, is if you had done it, as a demonstration at an exhibition? But having said that it's nice to see the progress you are making on Freshwater. Julie
  9. @ the Canterbury Exhibition, there was an interesting N Gauge micro Layout. The link below displays a short video. http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/blog/2136/entry-18885-horseblock-lane/ Julie
  10. Haven't you heard of dress down Friday? Julie
  11. What type of couplings do you use on Ruston Quays? Julie
  12. The heating in the Railway Room is now fixed, it's been very cold for some weeks, my digital radio is now working properly, after several months of intermittent service. The original power connector was non standard and had to be replaced with a standard pug and socket. I didn't want to attempt to fix it with less free solder! And finally I have real solder. I've printed out the point templates, I'm ready to go! Julie
  13. The catch pit and the associated points are off scene and therefore I won't be modelling them. But there are several layouts that do! The best known is a P4 one. Julie
  14. With a fine felt tip pen, brick coloured, colour in the white card edges, on the folds etc.? Julie
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