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  1. One axle only I’m afraid. I needed three but many thanks.
  2. My Hornby B1 has wonderfully accurate disc tender wheels.
  3. I’d have liked to fit the Gibson 3’8” discs but can’t get them for love or money. Second choice was 14mm disc wheels, which I have, so it looks like they will do.
  4. Talking of B1 tender wheels. I believe they were 3’8” discs. Does anybody have a set of 3 as, as far as I can tell, Markits don’t do them and Gibson don’t either at present?
  5. Ah Tony, you are correct of course, though these were the ones provided by DJH with the kit. On the subject of wheels I should put the record straight. I had a moan on here recently about not being able to reach Markits. My very next call was answered by Mark. Following an interesting conversation a set of B1 wheels was received a day later. Excellent.
  6. Hello Tony you asked how people were getting on with the kits you sold. These are my efforts , to date. The Caprotti has had quite a few mods, including a centralised, sprung front bogie but the black 5 is, more or less, built as intended by DJH. Both need to be weathered and require details such as lamps, crew, glazing and coal.
  7. Well said sir. I too have declined to attend exhibitions that cannot or will not take precautions to protect the exhibitors (and traders for that matter). It seems to me, in the rush to get back to so called “Normal” that those with with some immuno deficiency or who are immuno suppressed have been completely forgotten as well as their families.
  8. I’ll keep trying Tony. I have had several conversations in the past, always interesting. May give Branchlines and Roxey a try as well.
  9. Hi Tony perhaps I could ask how you obtain your never ending supply of Markits wheels? I have been trying for 2 weeks now to get a set for a B1 (comet frames) but no one answers the phone, or rings back. I also need a set for a black 5. Like you I won’t use Gibson wheels, have always used Romford/Markits, but, sadly, no retailer stocks them now and I can’t get through to the manufacturer. Very frustrating! Wizard sometimes have certain types but won’t supply live/ insulated, just insulated. I fear that this issue may be having more of a detrimental effect on people’s ability to build kits than is realised.
  10. Thanks so much for that info Iain. I tend to use Vallejo theses days for most painting jobs - I didn’t know that Vallejo thinners worked ok with Humbrol acrylics. There is a thread on here that gives reasonable colour matches to railway colours for Halfords rattle cans (they are very good paints) but I wonder if anyone could do a similar job matching to railway colours with Vallejo acrylics, which are also very good, in my opinion.
  11. Are these the pots of Humbrol acrylic? I ask because my experience of them is of a sludge with fine grit added and in no way suitable for an airbrush. On the other hand I’ve found the Humbrol rattle cans to be first class.
  12. In the first sale I bought a Brassmasters black 5. Despite a lot of swearing I’ve so far managed the tender. I’m plucking up courage to start on the loco itself! in the second sale ( I think) I bought a DJH black5. No issues there it has turned out a very nice model. When it’s been lined out I’ll post some pictures. A DJH Caprotti std5 I bought has also turned out beautifully. Again I’ll post some pictures at a later date.
  13. Thanks Nigel, yes I thought that would be the case. Space isn’t really an issue in this case but I know that 1000uf won’t give me a massive amount of run time. In the same vein I also have a You Choos 17000uf super capacitor rated at 15V which I’m assuming would also be ok with a 645. If so I’m thinking this would give me about 5 minutes run time!!!
  14. Just checking on this please. The 645 has internal circuitry to limit the output so it can be used with 16V capacitors. However, I have a 25V , 1000uf, electrolyte capacitor- is it ok to use this with the MX645?
  15. Very sad news. I have a rake of Acurascale hoppers that I weathered using his tutorial. They will remind me of him. RIP Mick.0
  16. Please don’t use Humbrol Clear. Appalling product and certainly not like the old Johnston Kleer.
  17. Tony You may remember Horfield, an exhibition layout set on the outskirts of Bristol, now, sadly, retired from the circuit. Steve Knight, who helped build and exhibit the layout, with his father Chris, now runs a very fine model shop in Poole, Model Railway Solutions. I recently told him I was looking to build a B1 using a Comet chassis. A couple of hours later he came up with the following The loco was purchased for Horfield to haul a heavy inter regional goods, 61063 was a Leicester engine. I am assured that it was built by one Tony Geary. The body and tender body are Bachmann, the loco and tender chassis are Comet, all powered by a Portescap motor. After some years in store it needed a bit of TLC but is now running beautifully on my layout. I have to say I was amazed by the weight. Every spare millimetre was filled with lead, so much so I had to remove a small amount to fit a decoder. Needless to say it romps away with a 10 coach train
  18. Tony i wonder if it may be helpful to list what is available and the price you think it is worth, bearing in mind quality, finish, motor etc. I think some people may be put off by fear of making an offer that is either ridiculously below the value or too high. Just a thought.
  19. A great loss indeed. We are currently debating the future of Bournemouth West on the exhibition circuit. Too few operators, none of whom are getting any younger combined with COVID concerns (which hasn’t gone away despite what the government says). I’m not sure people fully understand what’s involved in transporting a very large layout long distances, setting up, two long days exhibiting combined with late nights and hotel rooms, packing up and getting home after midnight on the Sunday and- then for some, work on Monday. one option may be to find a local home for the layout and have open days maybe twice a year.
  20. My DJJh std 5 arrived this morning Tony. Our wonderful post girl rang the bell and announced “special delivery for Mr Sunderland” Full instructions and non blackened wheels, takes me back 25 years. Great stuff!
  21. I think the coach sides and loco frames would sell well on here Robert. I would certainly be interested.
  22. As an aside and (hopefully) to move away from the DC/DCC debate, because we will never agree, has anybody been following the “kirtley Pete” thread of the model he is building of York station. Simply the most amazing modelling I think I’ve seen IMHO!!
  23. Perhaps a slightly one sided view Graham. I have converted many DC layouts to DCC simply by switching everything on although the more complex a layout is and it’s wiring in DC the harder it is. Why is having a permanently live track a gimmick or unnecessary? As others have said, if the DCC layout has been wired correctly the whole system does not shut down after a short. Finally, why would you want to run an un- chipped loco on a DCC layout. It won’t run well and rather defeats the object ie beautifully smooth control.
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