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  1. As any used the Hatton own brand 8 pin 4 function decoders if so what do they think of them. I was wondering who makes the decoders for Hatton.
  2. Hi Gerrard. Have you decided which version of the P2 you are going to get .
  3. Two of my P2s are the 3207 looks just like TTS version. But as the DCC decoder in loco . The two on the right of photo are the R3207 version.
  4. Thank you glad you like the Gloss P2s looks. P2 runs smooth as silk now fitted with 5pole motor.
  5. I have both and I like them both . The gloss coat dose look good though. Apart from gloss paint job they are same under the body she'll. Both have rubbish 3 pole motor . See my thread Glossy P2 on here.
  6. DonnyRailMan

    Hornby P2

    It got to be better than naming it after his Mrs. Better than that I could call it Princess Of Wales (AKA) DIANA.
  7. Thank you glad you like the Gloss P2s looks.
  8. The P2 pulling it's first rake of coaches. Video of pulling it this rake can be seen on my Instagram page.
  9. DonnyRailMan

    Hornby P2

    Yeah was thinking about Angle O' The North at first, could still be that.
  10. DonnyRailMan

    Hornby P2

    I'm thinking of even doing a 2008 name it after a town that was on the P2s line / route.
  11. DonnyRailMan

    Hornby P2

    Same here did not mean to offend you either. My 5th P 2 is going to be the railroad version and will be done in War Time Black. Also will be fitted with TTS a d be fitted with the X9108 motor. Plan is end of year / new year .
  12. DonnyRailMan

    Hornby P2

    For starters it's my railway and two of them are to be renamed. And there will be a other one could be coming to have a make over done on it. Similarly to the projects I have had done in the past to other locos. A d it dose not bother me if the are right or not right as some people say.
  13. DonnyRailMan

    Hornby P2

    The P2 Quartet. The far left P2 is the origianal TTS Version. Next is the gloss coated version now fitted with TTS. The next two are both R3207 version now both TTS fitted . All the four P2s are now fitted with X9108 5 pole motors.
  14. The thing is Flying Scotsman was still as built A1 so would not need the smoke deflectors and still had single chimney.
  15. Hi Robmcg. The WarTime Flying Scotsman was RailRoad in LNER green and striped back to black body shell . Then coverd with a coat of satin lacquer. Thank you glad you like it Aspier Models down in Dorchester did it for me.
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