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  1. Yeah there is a bloke on YouTube Martin Claydon who as renamed Cock O' The North to Prince Of Wales.
  2. The Hornby 5 pole X 9108 motor will do the job as well.
  3. I think you are correct 313201 .
  4. I take it a TTS P,O,W, will follow then the Railroad P,O,W, in the months following months of the launch .
  5. I got this one from Roads And Rails 26 X 11mm X 4mm 8 ohm . [email protected] www.roads-and-rails.co.uk
  6. Yeah I have put Sugercube speakers in my Tornados that I fitted in smoke box. I took smoke box door off so I could fix speaker in place under chimney area.
  7. The 3 pole motors I had where CRAP. I even put them in good run in locos that had 3 pole motors.
  8. They would not pull the skin of a rice pudding.
  9. My Bachmann Tornado in the far one in Doncaster Green / L N E R Green inside cab all pipe work and dial are painted. The blue Tornado is the TTS version Railways nothing in the cab is painted in any deatail only detail on cab is glassed windows. The black tornado is / was the blue enhanced r 3206 version but that was basically the railroad version . Tornado in brunswick / British Railways green is the railroad version. Quality wise the Bachmann Tornado is the best.
  10. Will the new Hornby P2 come with a 5 pole motor and not the CRAP 3 pole motor as Cock O The North had. All of my P2s now have the 5 pole fitted ,three of them to be renamed and none will be P, O , W.
  11. Will be fitting one of these into the glossy P2 doing away with wire to tender.
  12. UPDATE. I plan on fitting IPhone speakers in the smoke box of my Ps yet to be fitted with TTS Dcoders.
  13. Thanks for infomation Fireline, idea is to make up a larger track for grandson.
  14. The battery Hornby Junior sets of R1215 & R 1247 are they OO gauge ,I know it is plastic clip track .
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