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  1. Check-out Rob Hayes on here he glossed a few of his Gresley A4s .
  2. It is theft of copyright.
  3. I think the W1 is going to have everyone eagerly awaiting it's arrivel just like the P2 did.
  4. Just had to do it & get both.
  5. I'll order a pair of them a streamlined version and the ugly version. But hope Hornby put 5 pole motors in them though.
  6. I thought about that one might get it later in year.
  7. I thought about that one might get it later in year.
  8. As anyone took the plunge and got the new Hornby Mallard R3737 or the new Bittern Twin Tender. I am lucky managed to get both to had to my Collection of A4s.
  9. What I have noticed on the double chimney stack is a cluster of perforated holes as you would see when there is a speeker fitted.
  10. Hi Rob, A glossy version of latest version of Mallard in the BR Ex spress Blue would look really cool
  11. Just got round to looking at the site very intesting viewing.
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