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  1. My Tornado's at Severn Crescent Railway.
  2. Sorry got mixed up with the two companies.
  3. Whilst in workshop grey Tornado had StageCoach on tender for a spell. But I did not want to showcase them.
  4. Recently added decals to workshop grey Tornado.
  5. Cheers Hilux. Well I have seen the Bachmann £350 . 00 one at Olivias. But it dose sound feasible though now you mention it.
  6. I thought Hornby might have produced a limited run of Tornado in this colour as it was in the early days prior to it doning the Doncaster / LNER Green. Hornby have produced Tornado in all the other Brjtish Railways colours.
  7. So that must mean the boddy shell is moulded from one sheet of plastic.
  8. Just arrived at Severn Crescent Railway in workshop grey. Just waiting for TTS Decoder & sugercube speaker to be fitted in smokebox along with running Number.
  9. Just ordered Tornado R 30086 .
  10. Yeah that as always peed me off about Hornby. I wanted to glaze the cab of my Blue none TTS Tornado that had enhanced livery and was a Railways model not Railroad.
  11. What I menti was difference in price for slightly different spec , and was the price difference justyfyed.
  12. I totally agree with above. Sam from Sam's Trains on YouTube going back to about 2015 & 2016 did video reviews on 3 of the Hornby Tornado all 3 videos are worth a view.
  13. Cheers Hilux for info. Well that will be the 3rd in the colour I have two different brunswick green one with first crest & one with later crest. This is the R 3098 Special Edition with the Brass Etched Name Plates, but no glazed window in cab.
  14. There is a Tornado Hornby Railroad R 30086 in Brunswick Green that is due out towards end of this year ,but what will be different from R3098 also Railroad and in same colour.
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