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  1. It is quite easy to do with oil tanks. I saw one at a RAF station in Germany where the loco delivered a few tanks of oil, the storeman forgot to release the upper valve lid and gravity did the rest when the lower valve was opened. Red faces and a big bill was the order of the day.
  2. I wouldn't, far too many spalled Victorian bricks. Old Victorian properties are made from soft bricks called stocks ,which are prone to erosion due to the weather and by being neglected. Seeing the extent of damage already, weather pointing and repair of these properties is very expensive. Even the roof is getting attention right now Probably on the cards for demolition in a few years time.
  3. I assume you checked your spam folder. I found my email from Jamie in there after 3 days! Give them a call, they don't bite.
  4. Unfortunately the Cat 5 connectors are not the best to have. They are meant to be plugged in to a fixed plate on a chassis, not as a wander lead so the fine tangs in the socket get bent and cease conducting. I have in the past managed to very carefully tease the tangs upward without pulling them out. Others have failed completely and a new socket was needed. Difficult item to source also but new items are on eBay USA, just remove the shielding and fit.
  5. The Friends of the Douglas Bay Tramway have just announced that the trams have been reprieved for the coming year, very good news.
  6. I think you are missing the point, yes, we need to have these rules now but in the past we never had the need. Regulations are there to stop abuse whether it is the processors or the distributors or individuals. Making a quick buck is more important now and that is the nanny state rearing it's ugly head with regulations we can't read quick enough before the next one arrives, sometimes countermanding the last one.
  7. All good stuff from the nanny state. Whatever did we do before? Don't reply with salmonella or some other similar bugs, we used to be taught how to respect our food correctly. Never had an issue in all my long life.
  8. Tried a combination all things BRM
  9. Thanks, it came back of it's own accord after I posted it. David
  10. Not everyone would have seen it but I for one use my browser to open pages from the toolbar. Recently I saw a different icon on RMweb, not the normal blue triangles, looking like a coal mining truck, but a more colourful beefy RM web icon. Hopefully, it will be the norm soon or was it just someone in the lofty towers doodling? David
  11. I have a new Marklin traverser and I am about to install it on my small layout. The instructions are poorly presented such that I need a magnifier to see some of the wiring diagrams! However, the basic DC wiring diagram is okay. I wish to work it using DCC and that is my problem. I can see that there is a 60174 booster coupled to a control station and then another link to another minuscule box with 7 Marklin plugs, with writing showing how to connect two diodes and another box with a rotary "speed ?" control. What are they? I have a NCE Pro cab and wish to use that to control the traverser and the locomotives. Clearly I possibly need more Marklin boxes and more importantly better instructions. Is there a Marklin expert out there please. Regards David
  12. A more likely scenario is that it just fell off. I have had mine for a while now and more than a half dozen parts have been found around the place. Each time there has been no adhesive on the parts. It would have been better if they sold it a a kit of parts, at least I could have done a better job of putting it together.
  13. Please sign the petition, you won't miss it until it has gone for ever. http://www.gopetitio...se-tramway.html
  14. Oh dear, I am pleased that five of us had a great time there last year. The twin boys had a great time riding along the tracks and got the card with all the horses name stamps and later got a certificate and hat from the tourist board. Although it cost a fortune in fares.
  15. It could be the decoder you have fitted. I have more than a hundred running, including sound, and some are impossible to get running well. If you swap to another, use a completely different make entirely.
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