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  1. I have acquired a large scale Bagnall Sipat. When I say large scale I mean 7.25 inch gauge, 4 inch to the foot scale, live steam and approximately a quarter of a ton. 20190330_155714 by 47845, on Flickr The loco was built in 1989 to a design by MJ Engineering and serialised in Engineering in miniature. I believe this was one of the first to be completed to this design and the loco sees very little deviation from the drawings. The engine was run around the north west of England for about 10 years until 2000 when its boiler was retubed (more of this later). it was used until (officially) 2003 when its most recent boiler ticket expired, whether it has been steamed in the meantime is pure speculation as the previous owner was not around to ask. For an engine with 15 years of storage under its belt I felt it was in incredibly good condition, nothing more than a light surface rust on some of the motion, nothing was seized and it made all the right noises when being hand shunted about meaning the steam circuit was still tight. I bought the engine with my eyes open. obviously storing a loco for so long in unknown conditions could take its toll, and there was the case of the last retube to consider. In 2000 the then owner felt it appropriate to install stainless steel tubes in place of the more standard steel or copper. The loco was inspected and passed consecutive years after this with apparently stainless steel tubes fitted even though it was always my understanding that stainless was a no-go in live steam. 'How could his club have certified it?' I wondered... 'It must be a mistake'. Speaking to my boiler inspector we concluded that everyone would be happiest if, prior to recertification, the boiler could be examined 'naked' and out of the frames. This would also give me chance to go over all the hard to reach places and investigate the stainless tubes better. work started immediately 20190409_194710 by 47845, on Flickr I was working in a bit of a mess since I collected the loco as the garage had been accumulating all manner of wares to do a car boot sale (the fall out from re-decorating the house), The car boot came and went on Sunday giving me opportunity to clear some sort of work space. Just need to sell the bogie coach now as it too is in the way! The locos you can see in the picture below are obviously the Sipat taking centre stage. The small 5 inch gauge yellow diesel is in fact a Maxitrack battery electric 'Planet' sat on top of its driving truck and the loco on the bench is my 7.25 gauge Jessie which is awaiting its new owner coming to collect it. As you can see the boiler has now parted company with the frames. the steam raising blower can bee seen on top of the chimney also. 20190415_080017 by 47845, on Flickr The chassis has been cleaned a bit to get some of the 15 year old oil off. the brightwork will be cleaned up next and any paint touching up will happen soon so I can re-oil and protect everything on the bottom end. So far no shockers, everything adds up to show a very well made engine in the first place. 20190415_080029 by 47845, on Flickr The boiler took a little more persuasion to get off. The inside is a bit nasty but that was to be expected. I have cycled some descaler through the boiler a couple of times to break up some of the crap and flushed it clear. on Saturday I took it to the local garage to pressure wash it from every angle and in every opening. It now runs clear. I have my concerns about the inner firebox but I am having it ultrasonically tested for plate thickness on Sunday. This will determine its fate as to whether a new one is required or not. 20190415_080034 by 47845, on Flickr Back to the saga of the tubes, it turns out they re in fact stainless. I have heard conflicting reports about their suitability ranging from 'they are fine, leave them be' to 'take them out it is illegal' and most things in between. I will not be making any rash decisions until the thickness test is complete but currently the options are: Thickness test fails - new boiler required Thickness test fails on firebox - possibly new firebox or boiler Thickness test passes - replace tubes for steel or copper Thickness test passes - test code rewritten and stainless tubes are accepted! 20190412_131432 by 47845, on Flickr Its a seemingly long wait until Sunday now! Steve
  2. I would love a 91 to modern standards especially in 2mm but I fear I might not be able to buy one if I don't plump up the readies all in one go on some unspecified date for a project that i haven't even decided on only for that model to gather dust on the shelf until I'm ready for it. Good luck guys. I will watch with interest but I worry for the way the models I want are heading MM
  3. The Melton Mowbray and District Model Engineers are pleased to be attending over the weekend. You can come and find out about the 'large' side of the hobby! Our website is on https://mmdmes.wixsite.com/home There will be a selection of items of interest on our stand - Come and find out about our exciting extension plans too!
  4. Glad you enjoyed it Ian. I was there that morning on my little green saddle tank (the one that wasn't Singapore). Do come over again. Our next running is the 17th of Feb. Steve
  5. Today we launch our new website. This will be fully populated with more images and information over the coming weeks. Now featured online is our calendar for the first half of the year along with membership details. All feedback welcome https://mmdmes.wixsite.com/home
  6. Just a brief update on this little known society. We are looking to raise our profile slightly and a couple of members have been having extra working parties to improve the track site ready for next years running days. we generally run on the Third Sunday of each month and visitors are welcome either with or without an engine. usual rules apply! We have just created a Facebook page which is visible even to those that aren't users on Facebook, This will be updated with news and events from the club. If you are on facebook give the page a like to keep abreast of the news! www.facebook.com/mmdmes/
  7. https://goo.gl/maps/6kVYkbwvJ4z
  8. Any pictures of the CAD stage models?
  9. Surely Hattons are no longer a retailer with commissions but a manufacturer in their own right now?
  10. I'm pretty certain I read somewhere the renumbering was organised by LTM themselves and not via Bachmann. I'd be very surprised if the Barwell team got involved with renumbering old stock with all the hassle of sending it all back to China!
  11. If you want an Indian Baldwin be aware that those that went to India went through bagnalls works before being sold. They had the extended cab which is the same as that on 590 and Hummy. They wouldn't have had vacuum braking which both models are fitted with so that would need removing. Most Indian locos had further modifications such as extended tanks or modified safety valves too
  12. I'm curious as to what is particularly wrong with the Bachmann shed? I have always found it to be a decent enough model. I certainly haven't a problem with owning a few myself! CoK
  13. Seems odd having the discussion on a different page to the main threads! I must remember to kee0 checking it
  14. Page one of Andy's list. It was missed off the original update I think! 4 versions listed along with ashover coaches and slate wagons!
  15. Posting this as I can't see any discussion about these yet. Fantastic announcement, I will definitely be having one or four! Apparently already at the design stage so not too long to wait hopefully!
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