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  1. Hi Guys all seems to be working very well using the WiThrottle Lite app, the free download. just wondered what extra do you get for the full app you have to pay for. also interested if anyone is using engine driver on android.??
  2. Thanks Ron... just wanted to be clear in my mind it works with the Express. I’ll get a splitter made up. Bob
  3. Guys, As you probably know the Express model only has the one outlet, so it’s either plug the wired controller OR the wifi unit. But not both. Can I use an RJ45 splitter in the port.?? a 1x female by 2x male unit. I just want to know for ease of programming on a separate piece of track using the tethered Prodigy controller. When I’m playing with the little fella, it’ll be with my phone, while he uses my old iPhone 5 that he uses with TOUCHCAB on my layout.
  4. Hi Guys my Prodigy Express plus wifi module arrived today. I kid you not , it was the easiest piece of DCC kit I’ve put together... and a damn sight cheaper than my Lenz kit on which I use the TOUCHCAB app, but it is faultless. Really pleased with it... very simple and straightforward to set up and use this afternoon.... perhaps helped in a small way because I already use a wifi system. ive used the prodigy hand held wired system at my pals previously, and although it does the job very well, I would never swap my Lenz kit. but this wifi set up for £250 is good value and easy to set up too... perfect for the 6 yr old, who currently uses TOUCHCAB like a pro..... damn kids. very happy. Bob
  5. I have today bought the DCC06 kit, an express set plus wifi unit.... new from Rails of Sheffield. I’ll be testing it out on arrival early next week..... I use and iPhone, so it will be with WiThrottle. If that works, I’ll try it on my wife’s Android, with Engine Driver. I will let you all know on here how I go on. likewise keep me informed of any progress you have too. bob
  6. Thanks again for your interest , your comments and thoughts appreciated. I do need to keep this as simple as possible.... the layout is built on an 8’x4’ board and ready to transport to my grandsons house. Remember he is only 6, and I’m not there most of the time, and his mum and dad won’t have a clue. Cheers bob
  7. Thanks guys for your replies. I wondered maybe if the background colour green where the Loco number is, perhaps turned red.???? it works like that on the TOUCHCAB app on my iPhone that I use for my Lenz operating system. I am a great advocate of using wifi operation using my phone, but just trying to get up to speed with Gaugemaster and their WiThrottle wifi system before I purchase. The express model may well be sufficient for my grandsons layout 8ft x 4ft, max two locos running.
  8. Question.... I know when you have a short everything stops... but what shows on the WiThrottle screen to indicate as such.
  9. I’d be interested to hear how WiThrottle (iphone) users have found the MRC wifi units success/reliability or not maybe. The problem on here is that you rarely hear of the success stories, it’s always the problems that get discussed. I am a dedicated Lenz and Touchcab user, and have been for years. I want to purchase something cheaper with a wifi ability for a much smaller layout (grandson 6). does the MRC DCC05 work ok with the simplerProdigy Express unit.
  10. Can anyone help me by letting me know where Tornado will be put on this special to Holyhead on Saturday next. the train starts in Leicester. But need to find out where Tornado will be attached. thanks
  11. Hi All Can anyone tell me how old these three GWR Brown and Cream N gauge coaches are please..... or possibly also their code numbers. Running numbers are W15110 W34885 W15777 Thanks Bob
  12. Hi Guys Its been a long time, over 2 years , since I last posted on my layout thread. Anyway...… here we go, another 10 minute you tube clip of my layout.
  13. Wow..... just collected my model from the P.O. it is stunning.!!!! What a memory jerker it is, the first diesel loco I ever saw, at Crewe Station circa 1956 as an 8 yr old. It’s been a long wait, but Thank you Kernow for seeing this project through to a magnificent fruition.!!!!!
  14. Wonderful project Nick, have enjoyed catching up........will follow with interest. I read recently about some society being kicked off by Network Rail for dislodging stonework.???....was it this track..?? Bob
  15. Thanks Jamie, someone maybe pulling my leg telling me they had been all withdrawn to Canton depot due to gauging and build issues.??? Fake news from Mr Trump I suspect.??
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