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  1. Can anyone help me by letting me know where Tornado will be put on this special to Holyhead on Saturday next. the train starts in Leicester. But need to find out where Tornado will be attached. thanks
  2. Hi All Can anyone tell me how old these three GWR Brown and Cream N gauge coaches are please..... or possibly also their code numbers. Running numbers are W15110 W34885 W15777 Thanks Bob
  3. Hi Guys Its been a long time, over 2 years , since I last posted on my layout thread. Anyway...… here we go, another 10 minute you tube clip of my layout.
  4. Wow..... just collected my model from the P.O. it is stunning.!!!! What a memory jerker it is, the first diesel loco I ever saw, at Crewe Station circa 1956 as an 8 yr old. It’s been a long wait, but Thank you Kernow for seeing this project through to a magnificent fruition.!!!!!
  5. Wonderful project Nick, have enjoyed catching up........will follow with interest. I read recently about some society being kicked off by Network Rail for dislodging stonework.???....was it this track..?? Bob
  6. Thanks Jamie, someone maybe pulling my leg telling me they had been all withdrawn to Canton depot due to gauging and build issues.??? Fake news from Mr Trump I suspect.??
  7. Are there some problems afoot with the fleet of class 70's.???
  8. Hi Martyn I was only too pleased to help earlier today, your 08 sounds delightful. You look like an expert Touchcab operator already. Bob
  9. The experience at this shop just gets better. Great deal on a Stanier Mogul today. Thanks to Mike and Steve. Bob
  10. After reading the Hornby mag write up on the forthcoming models, it says that the semi streamlined sloping smokebox can now be modelled. Of the first 3 models promised, only City of Brum was built as a streamliner. Is this model coming with a sloping front, or is that version for a later release.?
  11. Guys, Wouldn't it be great for all businesses to be able to despatch same day.......but like the business I run, we try and despatch most items same day.....but when things get a bit busy, things have to be prioritised. Like Hattons, it is not reasonable to fetch in more staff on busy days to cope with workloads. So I don't think a 2 to 3 day despatch time is at all unreasonable. Orders DO NOT come in at the same rate all of the time...wouldn't that be nice though. The very nature of customer orders will go up and down on a daily basis. I thought I would add an edit to my post.....
  12. The first of the double chimney replacements was 6234 Duchess of Abercorn, following successful trials with that loco.
  13. You were at the Stafford show at the weekend......I told my pal( who wants some of it) that you were a good bet to have some on your stall. He told me later there was non at the show, I assume he came and asked on your stand.???
  14. I think most business unit premises are leased....however, if they owned Smithdown Road, they could be planning to rent it out for a good return. Or, if they have sold Smithdown, maybe they have bought the new premises outright. We non of us really know do we, so perhaps we are all wrong to speculate on whether model prices have been affected......we non of us know the footprint, rent or rates values of any of the properties involved.
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