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  1. For those of you who don’t know, today would have been Allan’s 85th birthday. I sure miss our conversations about partially sighted “oldies” at exhibitions not noticing extreme detail, haha. may you rest in peace mate, you leave behind a legacy I will never forget.
  2. Wow these are fantastic. I’ve not ventured into the laser cut kit world before. I might order one as an early present for Christmas to myself!
  3. A little selection of 00 gauge buildings i’m developing as card kits. All totally scratchbuilt from photographs using photoshop. Been working on 7-8 items for a year now in my spare time. Feedback welcomed....
  4. Hi David, yes we will be doing the exhibition circuit once we have established our brand.
  5. I was saddened to hear of Allan’s Death from his son on Facebook. Having returned from an absence on RMWeb I sure do miss our conversations and his encouraging messages. What a thoroughly lovely guy, his models and advice will stay with me for years to come. Rest in peace Allan, I do hope they have some great model shops in the beyond!
  6. Currently for sale: 800mm x 150mm length of grass £40 330mm x 120mm length of grass £12 each. (4 available).
  7. Also, for anyone interested I have been working on some grass strips that I intend to turn into a little business. If you’re interested try this link to the small suppliers section. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/forum/9-smaller-suppliers/
  8. Back again - only a year in between posts. It’s all fun. Done some more work to the windows on my brickwork. Attempting to stick to the abandoned look, I’ve added smashed glass to the panes.
  9. Hi all, just a quick update on my grass banks - for those of you who are interested: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/forum/9-smaller-suppliers/
  10. Thanks - am working on a website at the moment. Should have mentioned that!
  11. Hello all, With moderator permission I would like to introduce you all to my new product. Scalegrass is a professionally created grass strip for use as a bank or verge on your layout. It can be used as either an up or down bank - with the track or road being used above or below. I am making the strips available in any length between 300mm or 2000mm. They come as on continual piece up to 2000mm and can be glued on to your scenery very easily and blended into the lineside when ballasting. currently the strips are designed for use with OO/HO gauge, but depending on taste they could be used for O gauge also. I hope to do some work into testing for n gauge in the near future. there is currently a Facebook page created with items I have made for sale, simply go to the search bar at the top of facebook and type “scalegrass”. if you are interested please feel free to message me on here, alternatively my email is: [email protected]
  12. The flip side of that is, you could use brown and black felt tip on the baseboard to weather the ballast as it’s PVA’d.
  13. The work I was doing on the signal box was the brickwork, which I do in plaster.
  14. Have taken a break from building my signal box as I received a book on modelling trees for my birthday. Couldn’t resist, so I am currently working on a medium beech tree for the layout.
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