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  1. After 18 months, the first scenic item is finished! Finally got around to painting and weathering the bridge over the last couple of weeks. For my own record, paints used with Humbrol 70, 113 for bricks, Revell 78 for the Engineers blue brick and Humbrol 28 for the mortar. This afternoon saw weathering powders applied to finish the look, not too dirty but a good layer of soot over the track as the engines would be going for it leaving the station. And finally, posed with my new Hornby Peckett and a couple of vans that I picked on a trip to a model shop over the wee
  2. Some progress, I've now finished the CAD work for all the architectural details for the Goods Shed, these are now off at Shapeways and due at the end of the month. In the meantime, the bridge on the scenic break has had a coat of primer and will get its first coat of paint at the weekend. I've also started giving some thought the opposite end of the layout, namely the large area behind the headshunt. This whole area will be raised to the base of the trees on the backscene and will then hold the station approach and Stationmaster's house, as with everything on this
  3. Would this explain the buzzing from the motor I seem to be getting with a LokSound v5 fitted?
  4. The platform has now had a coat of paint. The wood is very light at the moment but will get toned down with a dark wash tomorrow. Application of weathering powders will have to wait a few weeks beyond.
  5. Some progress on the Goods platform. Now fully clad with Plasticard. I've modelled one end with the stairs covered over showing the support and a wooden panel. I have a photograph showing this set up at Washford Goods Shed, as this is based on. And in situ after a coat of primer
  6. Thanks, I wish I could take credit but it is the product of South Eastern Finecast. The same sheet will be used to clad the Goods Shed and face the cattle dock
  7. Wills Vari-Girders will probably give you a decent amount of flexibility. The bridge below I did from those with plastruct profiles under the road deck to add more detail, but you could omit that to keep cost down. The abutments are a plasticard shell, covered with slaters embossed brick sheet. Not linked to any company, just personal preference.
  8. Before working on the layout I wanted to get some more experience of structure building and painting/ weathering techniques. To that extent, I've built a small diorama. There will be more work on this in future, mainly a country scene on the other side to practice embankment & static grass. But for now, on with the Goods Shed:
  9. My first attempt at building a diorama. Scratchbuilt terraced house from Plasticard with 3D printed windows. The bridge uses Wills panels with plastruct t-beams and strip used to create the lattice.
  10. They posted on a Facebook a couple of weeks ago stating April/May. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3983837365012433&id=178273575568850
  11. Wheeltappers seemed to have one "in progress" no idea when it will be available though. No connection, just a curious potential customer. Dom
  12. A very nice layout indeed, thanks for the video. The bunker seam is really not that noticeable from normal viewing distance
  13. Very much looking forward to this model, which I plan to sound fit. I was going to use a Wheeltappers 64xx sound file although I notice that they have a dedicated 16xx sound file in progress. Has anyone seen any details about when to expect this?
  14. They were available for approximately a day at that price, they sold out very fast. If memory serves correctly it was just after the decision to no longer stock Hornby products when they had a clear out
  15. Is it just me, or does it look like Dapol have fixed the slide bar issues from the Mogul? Might have to reconsider my pre-order on the latest batch of Hornby models.
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