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  1. I've had a good think, but having converted the Airfix offering and fitted directional lighting I think it'll be a pass from me as well. Thanks for running all these polls Brian & Team, it has been a very engaging couple of months.
  2. Looking very nice Graham! I've got some Modelu parts waiting for Coombe Town's Goods Shed, I have to say in the flesh they really are the bees-knees so definitely worthwhile doing.
  3. For me it's got to be 6 & 8. This was the type that worked on the Minehead branch, coupled to an TK of some description, so I'd use one of the C43s for this purpose. That being said, realistically, if anyone released a new 'B' set, made to modern standards my wallet would be out in a flash. It definitely feels like a missed opportunity in the BLT market.
  4. I'm jealous, I've only just managed to extend enough for 2 coaches! A very elegant build though, nice and simplistic.
  5. I will vote for 6, the F.24 as I have a picture of one at Watchet on its way to Minehead. I presume this was a one-off, but it would make a nice difference, definitely a temptation.
  6. @BMacdermott thanks again for an interesting and thought provoking poll. My votes are for 2,3,4 & 6. My ideal 8-wheel would be 2. Ideal 12-wheel would be 6. Others have commented on 4 costing a lot of length in a short formation. I am hoping for 8-car layout trains in future, but would much rather have a dining pair than an extra SK every once in a while. For my Torbay Express rake I have cut down to 2 BSKs, 2 SKs, 1 FK, 1 RU & 1 SO which I still think gives a reasonable balance and a nice variety.
  7. 3 sets of 3D printed crew now completely painted. Despite my Airfix experience, I've never managed this much detail before! B2 Peckett Driver - Hardys Hobbies B2 Peckett Fireman - Hardys Hobbies And in natural light. Western Region Fireman - Modelu Western Region Driver - Modelu Outdoors again And a 16XX crew from Hardys Hobbies
  8. Cork is probably a lighter option, however as the backscene forms part of the travel case for Coombe Town I have massively over-engineered it... so much for an Aerospace Engineer making everything as light as possible! The ID backscenes really do look a treat, and add a great deal to the layout. Which reminds me, I should really get on with some landscaping so the rest of the layout matches!
  9. A bit of a change this weekend, with 3 loco crews on the workbench. Having built a respectable number of Airfix kits these aren't the first figures I've painted. However, they are the most detailed, and the first time I have attempted dry-brushing to get the various shades. Currently at various stages of completion they'll all get a black wash once fully painted, then a coat of matt varnish ready for adding to locos.
  10. Thanks @gismorail, I'm glad you enjoyed the read. Backscenes are 3mm ply, the corner pieces were made from bendy ply I found on Amazon, typically it's used for furniture building. Painted with wood primer to seal it all and then a self-adhesive ID Backscene added on top.
  11. The now complete crane installed in the Goods Shed. Added some light rust around the bolts as well. The above picture also shows the whitewashed roof trusses, this means I can now at least weather the inside of the roof. And with the roof off.
  12. A very thought provoking suggestion there Chris. Could I add my support for this in addition to my earlier vote Brian? Thanks.
  13. After some consideration I am going to vote for 9 & 11. As mentioned by others, please do the whole set, BCKs & Restaurant Cars included where appropriate. And a reasonable number of 3rds! These are by far the most common coaches, but trying to get hold a maroon Hawksworth 3rd is quite literally impossible at the moment.
  14. Has to be 1. Many thanks Brian and the team, it's a very well thought out pitch and I think any manufacturer would be mad to overlook it. I want to model Blue Anchor as my next layout, so Camping Coaches are a must, with 2 being present throughout the 50s, so that's two TKs for me. I can also picture a 45xx with a single D.56 pulling into Coombe Town, so another sale down that route.
  15. The crane now ready for primer. I definitely went the long way round making far too many modifications once the main structure had been assembled. It now much more closely resembles the prototype image of the one found at Washford. And more importantly, fits inside the Goods Shed! Does anyone know what colour the BR Western Region would paint them? Brown like most of the wood work, or maybe plain black?
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