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  1. I am cracking on with the instructions and thought I should post a couple of the drawings that will be part of the instructions. These show the etched parts in a red/white combo; grey is the printed resin parts and yellow are the bits of wire, handrail knobs, bearings/hornblocks that I will not be supplying. I asked a couple of people about this and was told by both that they replace the bearings with hornblocks anyway, but they had different preferences for those and that the wire and handrail knobs were not a problem as they always have some in stock. It saves an enormous amount of time and money if I don't supply those parts, and allows me to keep the price to £100. The alternative versions for the loco springs are shown behind and to the left of the body parts. As are the different types of smokebox door dart, safety valve, chimney, sand boxes with operating links, whistle, cab side sheets, smokebox blower control and injectors for the loco, and the alternative springs, rear toolbox and front tool boxes for the tender. All these are for the Slaughter Standard Goods. I plan to get two other types available later next year; one of the Cudworth types and one with the remaining two different cab sheets. They will be offered in the same format of mixed resin prints/etching. I am just awaiting the etches for the 4mm version and am printing off the resin components at the moment whilst writing/drawing up the instructions. The chassis have three widths of spacer on the etches and provision of full compensation is built in with twin side beams provided and location for a single rocking axle also on both the loco and tender chassis. Coupling rods are provided for either using compensation or not. There will be an inside motion unit available later as a resin print. Both Craven and Stroudley number plates will be available when I get the kit etches as they in the same order. I will be shipping these by the last week of November and then again in February. I am also hoping to have 7mm versions available by the March Windmill Meeting of the Brighton Circle. Back to the instructions!
  2. Hi ChrisN The Stroudley transfers will be available to anyone through the EB Models website - http://www.mjwsjw.co.uk/index.html The Marsh ones that Linny has used on Gary's I3 are listed there already. I have the Carriage transfers and the Stroudley loco lining and lettering almost ready for the printer. Should be available about March 2020. Cheers Ian
  3. Hi Linny, Many thanks for that. I did the transfers as I will be lining some locos soon but only tested a few bits. Your notes about silvering noted and explains a problem Colin had on his crane lettering. I will amend instructions. Stroudley will be ready for AGM next year as Australian printer now okay again. Will resume final development of the artwork for February. Am busy finishing off Craven Goods kit printing and etching and instruction at the mo, then Pullmans. Many thanks, Ian
  4. Microrail Billinton 3rd? The only one with cast door vents.
  5. I've just looked over the second half of last night's stream, after I had retired! That looks a very interesting kit and really worked having Linny there as well, adding a voiceover where needed and comments all the time. I would be very interested in a better photo of the completed I3 so I can see the lining and lettering clearly. I have seen a couple of 7mm examples of it in use but this is the first 4mm I have seen. Would be interested to find out if anything needs further work, what the instructions were like etc. I found the etch drawings of the LCDR carriages and a photo of some of them made up for the layout. These are from right to left: 3rd Bk, 3rd, 2nd, 1st, 3rd, 3rd Bk. There is also a Compo etched but not shown. Hope these are of interest. Cheers Ian
  6. I think the website is a bit out of date nowadays. If you email Chris direct he will point you in the right direction. It is a different kit to the one pictured above, which, as you say, is one of the CCT vehicles. There was a talk last Saturday at the Brighton Circle AGM where Simon Turner showed photos of wagons including the early GV vans. It is only in the last 10 to 15 years that these have been confirmed as Brighton vehicles and new photos keep coming out the woodwork.
  7. These are considered to be the 'large' Goods Grand Vitesse vans. No diagram number. Mentioned and illustrated in both LB&SCR Carriages vol 2 and Mike King Southern Wagons Pictorial. If 4mm, 5&9 models produce a kit. Cheers, Ian
  8. Big could refer to some additional manufacturing equipment being placed in the UK? Actually making the tooling here again? Before the B thing. Oh what fun with all the froth so far!!
  9. It is about using an old record deck as the index disk below a peco turntable. Maybe not what you want? Cheers, Ian
  10. And you can purchase the numberplates with worksplates for £4.50 incl p&p from EB Models. See www.mjwsjw.co.uk. Picture showing some Terrier ones and for the H1 which allows for renumbering etc as well as all the logos etc on the transfer sheet. Cheers Ian
  11. The livery lining on the front splasher of 643 in Umber needs reducing in size, it is slightly smaller than that applied to the rest of the loco. Also the works plate on this and the Stroudley IEG Brighton, need to have the Brighton Works lettering as black on a brass oval with the date as is, on a dark blue background. Chimney caps were copper. Otherwise, at first glance, looking good! Cheers Ian
  12. Hi Gary Just had a quick look at the last two bits, coming along nicely. Have you a set of the Umber livery transfers? Also, what about numberplates for Uckfield? Please could you also say what the gear on the D1 is from? I have seen those motors with the worm gears, where did the other one come from? Cheers Ian
  13. hi Linny Happy Birthday for a start! I hope you have a good day. Sorry to say no to the transfers. I did put some around the edge of the Marsh set printed in Tasmania but have just about finished the designs for the next lot and no space left! Try Railtec for one offs. I am still fiddling about with 3D designs and getting parts ready for Craven Goods and A.N.Other and some more carriages etc. More soon'ish. Cheers Ian
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