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  1. No issues. A wonderful rendition! It looks like my cab is falling back but it is just the phone camera lens! There are no issues with it, it is a stunner!
  2. Well it has arrived and it was worth the wait! I have a Hornby Leadenhall and this is far more refined in its details, shape of the dome and safety valves; front cylinder lubricators and a whole lot more. Thank you! Cheers, Ian
  3. I think I should say on here that I was not expecting anything over the weekend but not only has Dennis been active on here but Stuart also contacted me by email and sorted out the so I could pay today, Sunday, and so that has all been done and I will get to go with the courier on Monday. I definitely wasn't expecting that and wish to express my thanks for such a wonderful set of people and let others know this too. Really looking forward to receiving this so am very pleased indeed. Many thanks again, Ian
  4. Dennis Hi, I have sent an email as this pre-order person did not receive the email. Thanks Ian
  5. I see Locomotion have their Boxhill Terrier for sale now! Looking forward to this. Cheers, Ian
  6. https://lyrs.org.uk/new/wagons/ shows one on a refrigerator van also.
  7. Thanks LaScala, I even commented in that thread there about a 4mm kit I was building at the time! Forgot all about that! Cheers. Am drawing up a 3D printing one for my use now! Cheers Ian p.s. Apologies Ken as this has drifted from your superb build! Hopefully leave you to continue now. Cheers Ian
  8. Cheers Ken, I'll investigate those. Many thanks Ian
  9. Just a point about Ferric Chloride disposal. If mixed with plaster of paris and let set, it can go in the normal bin. That was info from teaching in secondary schools but 20 years ago so may be things have changed? Cheers Ian
  10. Cheers Daifly, I have found where it was and it has the same tanks as in the kit. 202 that was in an early MRJ, a scratchbuild by Guy Williams. Lovely photo though!
  11. Hi Ken, an interesting loco the 517 class, so many variations! May I ask what the motor/gearbox is that you are using please? Can anyone confirm there is a variant with a much taller, thinner chimney? I'm sure I've seen pictures somewhere but cannot put my hand on them at the mo. Lovely bit of building, Cheers Ian
  12. Brilliant! That gives so much extra depth to the whole thing when looking left! Excellent extra. And the mugs look good too! Cheers Ian
  13. Hi Corbs Same here with the HP and Ghost. Close up is a mess but at normal viewing distance, not too bad. These in 7mm and two layers, colour over a white transfer.Cheers Ian
  14. Hi Njee20 Does the Aliexpress resin take long to turn up? Is that price including postage etc? The beauty of Amazon is it there the next day if required. Cheers Ian
  15. I also meant to say that IPA is available again for £20 for 5L from Ebay merchant ixion_unlimited in Sheffield and it gets sent out by courier with next day delivery. Excellent service. Less smelly than Meths which I had to use for 4 months, and I find kinder to the hands than Meths.
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