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  1. one email had the expiry date and security numbers as well as the first 8 numbers. The second email had the other 8. I wrote them in groups of 4 and not in the correct order but put what sequence they should be, ie 1st group of 4, third group of 4 etc. No issues. Cheers Ian
  2. I sent two emails a couple of weeks ago, one with the order and half the payment details, and the second with the rest of it. I received my goods four days later. No issues at all. Excellent service. Thanks.
  3. Squires have one on ebay at the moment, oh no, sorry, it is just the tender! I didn't know you could get them separately!!
  4. Hi Linny Are they models of Hornby Generics? Cheers, Ian
  5. So the post 1919 type have now been printed and look looking good too! These are now available as above. Cheers, Ian
  6. Hi Brad, I haven't even printed them yet! Bucoops is looking into it and making sure I haven't missed anything. The above is just a guide, if I need to add anything, the layout will be moved around a bit to sort it. Cheers, Ian
  7. The post 1919 carriage transfer sheet, very low res. Same price, different shape so I don't get them mixed up! £15 by cheque or bank transfer, £16 by Paypal. Contact me for info at [email protected] Cheers, Ian
  8. Just completed the post 1919 Crimson serif style lettering. I'll put a sheet together for that too. Cheers, Ian
  9. My understanding is that the pre 1902 uses the small 1st, 2nd, 3rd, the crest, the GER, the Guard and Luggage words and the numbers, i.e. the top three quarters of the sheet. The 1902 to 1919 uses the large 1,2,and 3, the crest, the GE, the Guard and Luggage words and the numbers. Again, about three quarters of the sheet. I have been asked to do the post 1919 parts as well, on another sheet, so I will be putting the largish 1 and 3 - does there need to be a 2??, the crests, the GE and the numbers as well as the Guard and Luggage words. Does that sound correct anyone please? Cheers, Ian
  10. Well I've printed some A6 sheets of that design and am very happy with them. £15 a sheet including postage. Contact me at [email protected] to send me postal details and receive payment instructions for bank transfer, cheque or, for £16 a sheet, Paypal. Cheers Ian
  11. This low res to give you an idea on what I am thinking of for the A6 sheet. Is the mix of bits okay? Cheers, Ian
  12. Well James seems to have a long to do list so I thought I had better post direct to get approval to print some of these so that some of you who are nearing completion, can! I have redrawn quite a bit since getting the Vol 2 of the The Liveries of the Pre-Grouping Railways that covered the GER. There are now three sections, as per the book, and if you can comment on whether this is correct, I'll get printing. I'll put them on my blog https://ianmaccormacmodels.blogspot.com/ once I have them ready. I will put enough on a sheet for 20 x 3rd, 10 x 2nd and 8 x 1st compartments. I believe the later, crimson type, are not appropriate so I will just get the other two ready in those sorts of numbers. I believe lots of 6 numerals for the carriage numbers?? Let me know. Cheers, Ian
  13. I just did as you were posting. I could see everything fine. Cheers
  14. Hi Chris, I will echo Eric's thoughts! Cheers, Ian
  15. I have been doing some accessorising of the new Hornby 4 wheelers. See https://ianmaccormacmodels.blogspot.com/ Cheers, Ian
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