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  1. Yep here it is 300 orders required was standing at 168 back in september Mark
  2. I thought he was still short of the target so he does need more orders. Mark
  3. The embargo bit was in the covering email but I agree it's a bit much!
  4. Yep don't share for 2 weeks until on website. Mark
  5. Just noticed on the Bachmann thread that the class 66 is not due this year so Bachmann will be last with the duplicated hattons/ Hornby liveries. I have pre ordered one but wonder how many sales they could miss out on due to this. Mark
  6. I have a similar issue with the plug being unseated and it won't settle down again. Am considering superglue but if that does not work will make fixing even more difficult? Any suggestions?Thanks Mark
  7. No I don't think so as I believe the Heljan 86 is the result of the influence of Ben Jones since he joined Heljan although I have no evidence of this. The spoiler comment was a good few years ago now Mark
  8. Yep how long ago was that quote now! Feels like a bit of mischief making now due to the none appearance of said model. Mark
  9. In case anyone is looking for a cheap Hornby 92 to detail in the meantime hattons have one for £52. It is original Livery with the 3 beasties logo/ sticker on the side. Mark
  10. Emailed SLW re the release date for the rtc class 24 to be told hopefully January as the November delivery date has obviously slipped a bit! Mark
  11. Apart from price the other main difference is one is available and the other not! Mark
  12. I have a fleet of Bachmann 66's in various liveries which I can't see hattons doing such as London Underground so don't want to off load all my Bachmann for the sake of it. I will see how the hattons one stacks up when it arrives and may order more in the future we are after all only at the first tranche of models. £30 isn't a huge amount in the great scheme of things but am trying to reduce my overall spend in the hobby so every little helps. Cheers Mark
  13. Yes still have 1 hattons on order just to see what they are like. Mark
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