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  1. To be fair to Hornby, I've always found their customer service department pretty good in responding to enquiries. They do stipulate on the automated response that they will endeavour to respond within 3 working day. After all we don't know how many people actually work within that department and what their other duties may entail.
  2. Unfortunately, yes but not with my particular model of 35029. I had a late crest S15 from the first batch which had a sloping cab number. Hornby said they could send a replacement but this particular model all appeared to have the same defect. To remedy this, I decided to have this loco renumbered/weathered by Steve of Grimytimes in Warrington and what a superb job he did of it.
  3. Or "Airsmooth" as commonly referred/quoted.
  4. Have we any evidence that they have made more 500? Or could it be the case, 500 of each variant applies specifically to the UK market?
  5. But why would Hornby even mention "limited to 500" if it was a main range/general release? That was the implied impression on their advance marketing, as evidenced by Mike on the Hornby Signal Box blog - 5/01/2021 https://youtu.be/Ld1RUHInXFM. Additionally, the "Limited to 500 Models" appears to have disappeared from the range list for R3970/3971.
  6. I've just looked at the fall plate on a diagram and this appears to be attached to the loco and not the tender.https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hornby-service-sheet-for-Princess-Coronation-Class-Locomotive-/363282252090?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  7. Hi Gary, If you can get hold of/download a Hornby servicing/assembly diagram that maybe beneficial. Otherwise a customer services call to H maybe in order. Regards, Mark
  8. Hi Gary, The long panel is a tender fall plate. The top panel(Centre) looks as it may have come detached from behind the smoke deflector. The triangular section with the builders plate is part of the sloping front frame section. Please see attached photo as a guide. Hope this assists.
  9. Maybe you are right. However the "500 Limited Edition" pretence on what these models were heralded by Hornby is surely misleading to say the least! Consumer protection legal speak maintains the following :- When dealing with potential consumers you must ensure that you act fairly; you must provide accurate information and avoid business practices that are unfair, misleading. Personally, I didn't buy mine as a "guaranteed future investment", I bought them because of the liveries and class specific variants offered. For once we may agree on something. That is "Model railways are to be used and enjoyed; not hoarded and gloated over".
  10. So even though Hornby described the three current die-cast Hornby Dublo models as a run of 500 each they may well do extra production runs? Indeed, this will not bode well or enhance Hornby's reputation for the future if that is the case. N.B, These locos were offered at a substantial pricing point/premium over the main range. Much was made of these locos being limited to 500 units in each livery and that should remain the case. If Hornby decide to increase the production run on these particular HD range releases, potential customers in the future will just wait for the inevitable prices reductions. An "Own Goal" in the offing !
  11. August/September this year according to the last update from Rails of Sheffield.
  12. Bearing in mind Hornby increased their prices across the range by 10% as of the 1st of August, both Clans are now advertised for sale at between £161.99 up to the RRP of £197.99. Some retailers still have them advertised for as a "Special Offer" for £161.99. In relation to availablity, current information from various outlets give release dates of anytime between September and December this year.
  13. There's still some HD versions about at the £295 price point which need to go before these sell at this price IMO. For what it's worth, a 2017 main range release in the form of Royal Mail in SR malachite is on offer on eBay for £495 including postage.
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