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  1. Good Afternoon Tony (and everyone else). I just this morning picked up My June copy of Hornby Mag from the newsagent. (Yes it really does take that long to get it, out here in country WA) I have to say it was a smashing read and the text and piccys were very good. I rarely buy magazines anymore as most of what I need to know can be found online, but I had to make an exception for this one (and of course the one with Gilbert's PN in it, earlier on). You should be well pleased with the results. Cheers Ted
  2. Using that theory, then Persimmon just above must be the Locomotive equivalent of Princess Grace :heart_mini: She's simply stunning.
  3. Not sure if Jesse would even have been born when "It Aint half hot Mum" aired on the Tele. I doubt that in our PC correct world it will ever air again
  4. I think it's best left in Gilbert, I like to see the close up pictures as those that may have been taken on the day in '58. Warts and all. However saying that I also like to see pictures that show the layout as it is, an actual working layout with bookshelves and all. But then I'm easy to please, and I understand that others may wish to see pictures that look like the perfect photo (the one out of 20 that used to occur back in the days of film). Crikey for every roll of 24 that I would get processed at the chemist, I'd be happy with one or two. It's all so easy now, don't like it - delete it from the cameras hard drive and there you go, no more hard earned pocket money spent on naff photo's.
  5. Seems to have been plenty going on up the loft Phil. Love the full yard (piccy 4th from last).
  6. Are We still talking about the cricket ? Because if We aren't, I completely deny (or possibly fully admit to) the goings on last Saturday (depending on what you've heard).
  7. Nothing sporting about it Captain. It's what We like to call "a bit of a Dog Act".
  8. Morning Chaps, Might be safe to raise My head above the parapet after the cricket bombshell. I have spent the last couple of days hiding. But now I am back and I would like to add to some recent discussion. Firstly If you blokes just went proper DCC you'd only need 2 wires, not those rats nests that you've all been posting pictures of. Also I just noticed mention of Minehead............... I went there once in 1975, The beach was carp and Butlin's was naff. but other than that I loved it. Regards S. Smith
  9. Fried a Chip ? Luxury, We were so poor I had to do the same but without the newspaper. F. Rogshite
  10. A very good point regarding the "piston effect" suggesting that it would be more likely to push pull the air and therefore be possibly more effective than ventilators. However surely if the train were to be running at low speed then the push pull effect would be far less and thats where effective ventilators would be of assistance. They possibly would have been some benefit in the scenario at Swan View in the link below. https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/47357685 Either way they do however make a very effective addition in 1/76 scale.
  11. Over the years I have seen many acronyms used when Locomotive log books have been filled out. Such as WSWTO (wheels skidded when taken over) MT (Empty) or for the more humerous there is NFG (No F****ing Good) But the funniest thing I ever saw in a Loco log book wasn't an acronym at all. It simply said- "Horn works well, suggest lifting Top Horn and replacing everything else below it!"
  12. Me and a group of friends went through a stage where one or the other (sometimes several at once) would be suffering from a P.R.I. (pissed related injury). Usually from climbing over barbwire fences or slipping on roadside verges consisting of pea gravel (we live in a rural area) on the way home.
  13. Many of hose Ex South Spur and latterly CUBE loco's were all stored at the East of Flashbutt siding in Midland for ages, then they scrapped a heap of them. Quite sad really. The old South spur / Cube yard is now something to do with the suburbans and the soon to be built midland terminus / railcar depot. In other WA news, there are now 10 DBZ loco's stored at the old CBH siding at Beverely, South of Northam.
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