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  1. Good Afternoon Tony (and everyone else). I just this morning picked up My June copy of Hornby Mag from the newsagent. (Yes it really does take that long to get it, out here in country WA) I have to say it was a smashing read and the text and piccys were very good. I rarely buy magazines anymore as most of what I need to know can be found online, but I had to make an exception for this one (and of course the one with Gilbert's PN in it, earlier on). You should be well pleased with the results. Cheers Ted
  2. Using that theory, then Persimmon just above must be the Locomotive equivalent of Princess Grace :heart_mini: She's simply stunning.
  3. Not sure if Jesse would even have been born when "It Aint half hot Mum" aired on the Tele. I doubt that in our PC correct world it will ever air again
  4. I think it's best left in Gilbert, I like to see the close up pictures as those that may have been taken on the day in '58. Warts and all. However saying that I also like to see pictures that show the layout as it is, an actual working layout with bookshelves and all. But then I'm easy to please, and I understand that others may wish to see pictures that look like the perfect photo (the one out of 20 that used to occur back in the days of film). Crikey for every roll of 24 that I would get processed at the chemist, I'd be happy with one or two. It's all so easy now, don't like it - delete it from the cameras hard drive and there you go, no more hard earned pocket money spent on naff photo's.
  5. A very good point regarding the "piston effect" suggesting that it would be more likely to push pull the air and therefore be possibly more effective than ventilators. However surely if the train were to be running at low speed then the push pull effect would be far less and thats where effective ventilators would be of assistance. They possibly would have been some benefit in the scenario at Swan View in the link below. https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/47357685 Either way they do however make a very effective addition in 1/76 scale.
  6. Many of hose Ex South Spur and latterly CUBE loco's were all stored at the East of Flashbutt siding in Midland for ages, then they scrapped a heap of them. Quite sad really. The old South spur / Cube yard is now something to do with the suburbans and the soon to be built midland terminus / railcar depot. In other WA news, there are now 10 DBZ loco's stored at the old CBH siding at Beverely, South of Northam.
  7. Yes that one pops up from time to time, rumour has it that as per the Canadian A4 and Eisenhower that 60012 would have been given to Australia for free providing that someone here coughed up for the transport costs. Unfortunately it seems none of the preservation groups could raise the funds and the Govt. of the day wasn't interested. Bit of a shame really. I've heard the same story come up now and then for years, so there may be something to it. I wonder if the Kiwi's were offered Dominion of NZ?
  8. Just to add a bit about some of the recent comments. Firstly regarding the number of injuries and Deaths on the railways in times gone by. When I first started in the railways at age 15, it was as an apprentice in the Railway workshops. There was a large number of chaps there who had suffered some appalling injuries (mainly ex shunters). They were obviously no longer fit for traffic and were what We used to call "Red Carded". However the railways in those days would "look after their own" and these blokes had jobs for life and spent their days doing light duties such as collecting lunches from the canteen or doing a bit of sweeping. They were affectionately nick named "Wingy's and Stumpy's" (due to mainly arm and legs injuries) and were allowed to leave work each day 10 minutes early, so they didn't get caught up in the rush of over a thousand workers leaving at knock off time. Sadly with the closure of the workshops and it all being privatised, these blokes were pushed out the door with no hope of getting a rail job again. On a more positive positive note, thankfully a serious injury or Death is a very rare occurrence among staff nowadays, you are far more likely to have a member of the public injured or killed, which is obviously a terrible thing for those involved. As for culinary delights. I am the product of a Welsh Mum and a Dad from Dorset who were around during WW2 and for post war rationing, so even having been born and bred in Oz, I have had many occasion to have had some meals that still reflected the way my parents thought about food. It did improve over the years and I have had many dishes that the average Aussie kid wouldn't normally have had. I have always liked Black Pudding and Yorkshire Puds neither of which sadly are standard Aussie fare. But cannot stand Tripe (with or without onions), which thankfully, is also not something you see in Oz very much. The only food I have ever had occasion to eat on a train, is that which I have packed myself. These days however our locomotives are fitted with microwaves and electric kettles, so much improved from the hotplates* that adorned the cabs when I first transferred to Loco. * these hotplates were of the coil variety and were either barely warm and took hours to heat anything up, or burned with the ferocity of a thousand suns, instantly vaporising anything that went near it. (Still probably an improvement on what the steam enginemen had to deal with tho'). Cheers Ted
  9. Just having an Express blue Myself binge myself, I just picked up a 60052 from a Master Cutler Set, so the new picture is timely. Am now currently on the Hunt for an Express Blue Scotsman (from the Marks and Spencer set) I already have a couple of A4's in the same colour and a Peppercorn A1. The new Blue MN looks smashing, I think it will be a hit.
  10. There you go, after 12 pages Larry has summed up how many of us felt about Design Clever by Hornby, in four lines!! Thanks for that link Phil, I have subscribed to the newsletter (I think), but can We have a few close ups of whats in that cabinet, please ?
  11. The leaving bit's off was / is less of a problem as Hornby showed when it used the Main Range Tooling as the basis for the Railroad version's tooling on A3 and A4's and ended up with a reasonable representation of Mallard, 4472 etc for the entry level Market., without compromising the main range versions. The problem's arose when they tried to use a lesser quality (DC) tooling for both ranges. Once fine details have been moulded on, rather than separately applied it's hard to upgrade them if you wanted to, without destroying the lovely decoration (which was the only difference between DC Railroad and Main range apart from the price hike). The P2 was especially disappointing and the tender was terrible as a pricey main range / enhanced model (but I would say perfectly acceptable for a railroad version),
  12. I must admit he Decoration on the "Enhanced" version of the Hornby DC Tornado was / is flawless. When I compared a blue one to a similarly decorated Hornby Main Range Gresley Pacific, there was little to pick between the paint and lining etc. It's just that side by side it was the rest of the model that jarred. In direct side by side comparison the Tornado just looks crude and clunky - especially the tender. Which is fine if that's how it were priced, but at the time the "enhanced" livery Tornado was getting right up there pricewise with the Main Range pacifics, But as I said earlier - You can put a pretty dress on a Pig, but it's still a pig.
  13. Maybe the TV production team should auction the finished layouts for charity or donate them to schools for special needs kids or something. Just do something nice for the community. We should refer the question to the OP. But As one of the band of SOS regulars, I doubt if he gives a toss about thread drift.
  14. Separate Well defined ranges, being the magic statement. Is there any cross over models between the ranges and if so, is it through the dumbing down of the quality products to fit into the lesser ranges (which isn't a bad thing as long as the price mirrors that) or is through tarting up a lesser model in a pretty dress and still charging a premium price even though the basic model is still a lesser quality (aka Hornby Design Clever)? A good question you've raised however.
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