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  1. I've been expecting the 'We're sorry for the continued delay' email only to realise that I never bothered preordering my two cranes. Has anyone counted up how many cranes weren't preordered in this thread alone?
  2. Hi Wayne, You may wish to mention where in the world you are to try and find someone local to you. Jon
  3. In another part of the world, UK to Australia is usually two weeks. Still waiting on a parcel from the UK, six week and counting. Having said that, a parcel from Melbourne to 90mins down the road took three weeks....
  4. Crikey! This could have been announced at the start of April!
  5. Just heard from Lloyds Debit Card Disputes that they are refunding my 6 car APT deposit of £162.49. Can't thank you all enough for your assistance in recovering this money that I had presumed lost. Cheers Jon
  6. Hello, I paid my deposit for the APT using my Lloyds Visa Debit card, which I had written off long ago. But last night I spent about an hour on the Lloyds Bank contact us messenger service via the banking app, and they have come to the conclusion that I can now dispute the payment. I'm not getting my hope up, but if you don't ask... They said: The last things I need to advise you of, with regard to this dispute, are: Disputes email - [email protected] (where you will send evidence) You disputes ref - X-XXXXXXX You have 14 days to submit the evidence to us. It takes us 5 working days to review evidence once it is received. If further information is required, we'll be in touch Following the investigation, if we are able to pay a refund it will be paid directly into your account Ensure you add the above disputes reference to the "subject line" of any email you send us. EVIDENCE NEEDED: covering letter detailing the circumstances of the purchase and the reason for the dispute AND Copies of any documentation that evidence their contact with the retailer, including any invoices. AND An email from the retailer OR A screenshot from the retailer's website OR Details from the Insolvency service.
  7. I'm tipping another Class 37 to the long list. D6700/37350 to coincide with next years 60th Anniversary. Maybe.
  8. I quite like there being no updates on this page as there isn't anyone moaning...
  9. Totally agree. To be honest that would have the reason for me to purchase.
  10. I'm hoping that with some gentle persuasion the IT guy will do the right thing and hand over the files and passwords. It sounds like it's all ready to go and it's not like he can sell the product elsewhere. Fingers crossed for you Dave
  11. Amazing work. Could I ask what paint/colour you used on the bridge?
  12. Not surprised looking at the delivery method...
  13. I was number 7, with 65% completed. I have messaged Paul hoping to buy the parts, but haven't heard back. Really don't want Paul to be out of pocket with all of the hard work he put in. Jon
  14. Hey Paul, I have a kit on order, but appreciate creating these kits has become quite a burden on you. I would still like the kit, and happy to wait as long as it takes. But I also totally understand if you wish to pull the plug. I wouldn't want to see you out of pocket. Is it possible for you to get the missing 25% of the kits made for you, so that you can complete and sell the kits yourself? Best wishes Jon
  15. Make that another heading Down Under! Wishing you every success with this fundraiser. Just checking, is the option to upgrade to Weathered arranged later? Cheers Jon
  16. Just going to make my first order from Shapeways and found a coupon code for free postage on orders over $25 during August. That's saved me AU$14.99! Type this code in during the checkout: SHOPSHIPAUGUST Cheers Jon
  17. Well thats not too flash! I hope mind doesn't turn up like that. I'd be returning it pretty quickly, or at least phoning them up. They will have limited spares, and you don't want to be left with this one!
  18. I'm happy to report that the track I ordered on the 25th April arrived today. Just 6 weeks!
  19. G'day GWR, When I first moved over from the UK, I stuck my model railway in the container along with everything else, which included some green seamoss. I didn't have any problems with customs, but if you have any doubts, just order one packet, and see how you go.
  20. A month ago I ordered some track from Hattons, I remember thinking 'surely City Link aren't that bad...' I'm still waiting. Note to self, don't be a tight ###### and spend an extra £1 on the Royal Mail option!
  21. No chance of a bottle of beer tonight, its all holding down my newly laid and glued track!

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    2. Steve Taylor

      Steve Taylor

      poor planning, but worry not, if the track/bottle conundrum is on a desk..... syphon it off into a handy pint glass at floor level

    3. SHMD


      A good modeller should always be able to improvise. ;-)


    4. Baggie


      I did, I took off a bottle of wine, emptied it and refilled it with water a put it back on the track! Just hope I remember one is filled with water!

  22. Thanks guys, I've emailed Branchline, if I have no luck there I'll try Hobbyrama Cheers Jon
  23. G'day guys, Anyone know of a stockist of Hornby OO flexi track down under? Ideally near Melbourne, as I'm about 13" short and don't really want to have to wait two weeks to get it from the UK Thanks in advance Jon
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