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  1. As a Shapeways shop owner - when you send a message to a designer, the designer gets an email message, and a notification of an alert on his page when logged in, good designers will reply, it may not be immediately as nearly all of us have day jobs and this is a hobby. There are also an amount of designers that will just not reply. Shapeways are unable to answer any questions about individual models as they have not had any design input and can only answer printing questions. Hope that helps.
  2. Hi Andy The stuff wrapped around motors and transformers, I have some in my box will bring it next meeting. Sandy
  3. Hi Andy Looking good, bit late now but magnet wire might have done the job. Sandy
  4. Hi Andy Ooops you are correct I have the non working ones fitted to the push pull set. Sandy
  5. Hi Andy I made the corridor connections the same depth as the originals, my only British train is an Edinburgh - Glasgow push pull set which I fitted Dapol short shank couplers when sitting on the straight the connections are about 1mm apart so I [may wrongly] assume that the MK1's are the same as the Mk2's.? If that helps. Sandy
  6. Hi Definitely go for a frame, it does not add that much to the cost, the machine space is nearly the same so it is only pence more. Keep the frame tight to the pan, no more than 1mm from any part of the pan, I use 1.2mm square wires. if possible attach the pan to the frame that way when it is being cleaned after coming out of the printer it does not rattle about in the cage. Here is one of my models in a cage http://shpws.me/QtVc Alexander
  7. I just ignore it. Shapeways original intention was that people who liked your stuff followed you and could get notifications when you posted a new model. All done with the intentions of a community spirit, till the spammers etc. got their hands on it. Other than one click to say do not post this to followers when you upload a new model it has not been an issue for me. Alexander
  8. Hi I admire your enthusiasm for starting your own business but I agree with a lot of previous posts, a few bullet points here I do not think I could name one business that provides 3D prints for sale as a stand alone business. Providing models for different scales from one drawing is not a route for success, to put it simply if I was modelling O scale I would expect to see a 16mm bolt head on a model, I would not expect to see it on a N scale model and optimal wall thickness is not scaleable. How much time are you prepared to spend answering questions about prints people have received. How much time are you prepared to spend doing accounting. The idea of selling a file to somebody so they upload to Shapeways is [i think] a non starter, anybody who uploads to shapeways needs to open their own shop first then what happens if there is an issue with the file who fixes that? I have had my own shapeways shop for just short of 3 years with over 150 models, with every new model comes more emails and more issues that customers want information on, it all takes time, if I was trying to do it all myself I know I would fail because the there just is not enough hours in the day to do everything, there are enough hours in the day to do what I want and still sell my models through Shapeways since they remove a lot of the mundane work, i.e. - the printing, shipping and billing and sorting any issues with print quality etc, they remove the "I did not get my model" because they have a bulk handling deal with UPS on prices that an individual can only dream about. There are many successful shapeways model railway shops but as said before how many stand alone printing businesses can you name. You can have all your designs out there handled by Shapeways or Imateriaise or both and still enjoy life. Alexander
  9. I appreciate your efforts, having done a few building fronts in brickwork there is no simple easy way that I have found. It looks good. My method is to draw a couple of courses then copy them, that works fine for the big sections of brickwork but any windows etc have to be manually tidied normally line by line.
  10. If my memory serves me correct Humbrol French Blue is pretty close.
  11. I agree, I designed a flat surface at the correct height with edges to locate the Dapol pockets.
  12. The small antenna above the number board is a sinclair antenna, made by Sinclair. The larger similar antenna in the centre rear of the cab is a STI-CO 220MHz antenna. The piece of domes and conduit is GPS equipment, cannot remember the manufacturer, may be early STI-CO. The latter 2 parts are all for PTC.
  13. You get notification of private messages and comments if you have them enabled to send you a message. When sending a private message you can also check a box to notify you if the message has been read. Would you be willing to share what you are thinking of buying? Alexander
  14. Basically Paul's first line says it all, you get what is printed and Shapeways will only reprint if it is definitely a machine printing error, so if the walls are to thin and warp or bits drop off or the detail is just a blob it's yours warts and all, you then have the privilege of telling the designer where he went wrong, he can make changes and you have to buy another. I do not like Beta since basically it says I am designing a product and you the customer will pay for the design process and I will make money out of the product at the end and even on the beta sale. That said beta can work if you are working with somebody who is willing to try ideas as they the customer do not have the "print it anyway" facility. As designers we have the option of "print it anyway" so we can test our own designs. Give the designer a few days to reply, they may be on holiday etc, if you do not hear from him "buyer beware". Alexander
  15. If you have ad blocking software on your browser, try turning it off, some sites require this disabling before it will allow the system to process card payments. Alexander
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