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  1. Since the pandemic statutes in March 2020, more and more people have started model railways. This is great for the hobby. Though It has caused a problem with supply of models. Resulting in price increases in new and second hand online sales. Where basic, older models are going for incredible sums. As a result of this are people turning to scratch building, not buying any more or just paying the increased prices? I have been going through the cupboards finding stuff I bought years ago and final constructing them! So I will only need glue and solder!
  2. Hi! Is it time for you to sell 7 mill sidings and create a new layout for the new home? You must have finished all the home improvements and are itching to have a new layout! With all your followers on Rmweb, someone would love to have an iconic layout. A lot more useful than owning the the F.A. Premier league cup or Michael Jackson’s white glove!!!!!
  3. Sad to see it in the photos! Looks like it will need a good overhaul after it has been removed from its present location. I think it is hard to fit layouts that other people have constructed in to your available space. Your layout is listed as 17’x8.5’. If you only had 16’x8’ where would you make the cuts? (Sadly I do not have room for it. Though maybe it could be squeezed into the kitchen!) Watch out you may get contacted to help sort it out!
  4. Anyone have a circuit diagram for the class 150? As I think a transistor has been shorted out, hence the permanent feed for the red lights. Not allowing the switch to white when the voltage is reversed on dc power. ( lets get it working on dc before worrying about DCC)
  5. Inspired by Clive’s multicoloured chop shop, I though why not create a 4 REP class 432? Many cuts later and I achieved this! Triang for the brake first TBF and driving motor second DMSO. The buffet is a Lima RBR which needs some windows filling/ moving. But as Triang do not make a coach with 3/4 windows, this was the easier option. Only two different liveries of coach, so I will have to try hard to source more colours for next time!
  6. The rear roof section was cut out of the driving coach. Using this as a pattern, a similar section was cut out of the pantograph coach. The new section is fitted to the ex pantograph coach. The roof sections are refitted and the gap is filled. The next stage is renumbering and removing the first signs. Then touching up the red roof paint and a bit of weathering. (When it is a bit warming for painting) It may not be 100% accurate but it stops you having a train of pantograph and first coaches. If anyone has done any conversions, it wou
  7. Hi! Just finished doing the coach U conversion from Wild Boar Fell’s page Now I need some additional coaches. As the separate additional coaches outside of the train packs/sets are going for silly money. I thought I could cut and shut the more easily available ones. I had obtained some spare parts from a swap meet (Remember them? Actually get to touch the models to check they were complete and then barter with a real human over the price!) with the intention of rebuilding. I wanted to create a motor second open MSO for the 11 coach train . So stripping down a pantograph an
  8. Had a spare pantograph car and as coach U doesn’t look like it will be produced in OO, I thought I would give your conversion ago! I managed to cut out the pantograph well out in one go with a Stanley knife. But the chain drilling method might be easier for some people. I have yet to paint it up and change the numbers, but I think it looks passable! At least we now know there are two of these coach in existence in model form! Thanks for the instructions, I think I have proved they were not to hard to follow! Apart from The Rapido N gauge model
  9. From platform 5 book 1994 Mk2A TSO 5265, 5275/6/8, 5290/3, 5309, 5331/5, 5350, 5373/6/8, 5381/9, 5412/9, 5420.
  10. Mk2b 5439 was ex NSE with the red stripe painted light blue.
  11. You say they are too short. What length should they be? Also where did you cut the chassis to add the length? Cheers!
  12. Finally installed a DCC chip in a Bachmann Freightliner class 57 008 Started it 7 years ago! I Ran in to a problem that now I can not remember what it was. Lost the body mounting screws! Put it in a box on the shelf and forgot about it. Today I stripped it down to find the motor connection wires had fallen off. Soldered back on, tested it worked with the DCC chip! Then spent the next two hours assembling and taking apart, as every time a different wire or lamp would fail! Final all the wires stayed on and lights worked! I had opened another class 57 (57602) to see ho
  13. I picked up a second hand Bachmann class 150 270 in Regional Railways livery. This is the one with the solid motor block in the powered car. Both on DC and DCC it has the red tail lights on the power car and will not switch to the white/yellow head lamps. I have swapped the dummy car with another set and that works ok, switching lights with direction. The circuit board have no visible damage. Testing with a meter on the terminals to the LED panel at the end of the main pcb show the voltage is not reversed when the track supply is reversed. Any ideas?
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