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  1. Jonathan where did you source the uniformed LLPs? They look great.
  2. I've 3 of those IFM kits in storage ready for next winters building fest. Too much stuff going on this summer to spend time at work bench. I plan to tweak them a little with things like sprung corridor gangways, sprung buffers, kadee's, passengers, lighting, and some roof vents.
  3. Ps. The IFM PR and laminate don’t look half bad at all. They fit right in.
  4. Those photo sequences better than watching a TV series. Stunning, love the storylines.
  5. Little Layout People = LLP :)
  6. Is that a beetle or is it Austin powers? Fab scenes. Where did you source the LLPs?
  7. The hot weather has slowed progress. To do, yard fences, gates, signals, trees, livestock, people, cosmetic point rodding, a little more track airbrushing in parts of the yard, some telegraph poles about the station area.
  8. Excellent they look 'factory finished' they are so crisp and well done.
  9. Fair dos Kieran, it takes courage to rip up a mature section of a layout and rearrange it so skilfully.
  10. Thank you Patrick, your very kind. It happens to me regularly, switched off for weeks at a time, then convince myself to just do 10mins and sometimes that can be the trigger to making some progress. This is new territory for me so loving the learning experience, testing, experimenting and probing what's possible. Getting the sequencing right tripped me up and few times and I've had to learn to take it easy, one brick at a time. New Lineside hut weathered with a little moss growing up the sides Now to spend some more time on the Ennis board end, station yard and car park, etc, as it would have been around 1970ish.
  11. New line side hut in situ weathered with some moss growing up the sides 14:50 inbound working from Athenry
  12. Tractor in a field. This old tractor arrived from IRMs online store this morning. Straight onto the layout.
  13. I needed a line side hut on Gort. Temporarily I used an old airfix shed that was part of their loco shed kit, but its time to make Gort's own a plate layers line side hut. 1) make a kit 2. Assemble it 3.Prime it ready for decoration 4. Test fit it in situ before decoration and weathering The corrugates roof will have to be somewhat rusted. These endless little tasks needed to add some character to Gort Model railway.
  14. Lineside hut installed
  15. Cheers. A plate layers hut.
  16. Superb. They look so professional. Class
  17. The fertiliser is working surely but slowly
  18. Looking forward to the landscaping bit
  19. Slow but steady progress. Lots more to do to blend it in with some foliage, hedgerows and trees. All in good time. Pleased the simulated dry stones walls typical of Connemara worked out better than I'd expected.
  20. The greening of Gort has started. First steps, pasture and simulated dry stone walls typical of rocky Co Galway. Lots more to do with foliage, hedgerows and some trees. Plaster cloth over foam base for shaping Painted acrylic plaster brown as base for static grass. Ready for static grass and paths. Dry stone walls simulated from foam strips sanded to create rough stone effect. Pleased it has a hint of Connemara about it. Lots more to do.
  21. Razor saw and hot wire cutters is a help with this stuff
  22. The messy bit has started
  23. Got some more snagging out done with touch ups to ballasting areas I was not happy with I may leave some of the fresh ballast unweathered for authenticiity Finally got the platforms masked up so that ballast could be laid right up to the platform edges. The platforms are designed to be removable using magnets. Now ready to start the messy bit.
  24. My goodness they look superb. RTR quality. Absolutely superb build and especially the painting and decoration which is so crisp and precise. Top class, well done.
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