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  1. I totally agree about a sprung pivot post over the ' flopsy bunny ' bars for the front bogie. My Hornby Bulleid pacifics run fine, but their Gresley pacifics are prone to derail because of the horrible front bogie arrangement especially as the bogie is very light in weight. My Bachmann A1 and A2's also seem to cope very well, and don't suffer from frequent front bogie derailments. Flopsy bunny bars offer too much slop with too little control.
  2. His one success was leading the Lambs to slaughter, ie, people sending him money for projects that never saw the light of day. I intensely disliked the " Hi Mate " in replies to questions. That's no way to address people you don't know. But, this may have led some people into thinking that DJ was becoming a personal friend, and producing a model just for them. Gaining peoples confidence in the early stages of his ' projects ' was something he was extremely good at. A good read of the class 92 thread, from how it starts out, to how it ends up is very revealing.
  3. Not to mention the Liverpool St. station pilot in GE blue!.
  4. My 32661 has a few very minor niggles, the worse one is the firebox flicker which sometimes does and sometimes doesn't, it has a mind of it's own. It was also very sticky straight from the box, but it has probably now travelled for an actual mile around my garden circuit, and now runs very sweetly. It is much quieter now and will crawl without stuttering. Lets hope the QC issues affecting some Terriers are ironed out for the forthcoming D, and much stricter QC is employed, and any duds are rejected in China, and not boxed up and sent over here. After all the D will cost nearly twice that of a Terrier so perfection should be the goal. I won't pre-order a D, I'll wait and see.
  5. trevor7598

    The Engine Shed

    I'm wondering whether Hornby are back to their old tricks, by incorporating the odd ' teaser ' incidental to the main subject. They created a lot of froth and interest by doing this in the past. I agree with a previous post suggesting a Thompson Brake Composite.
  6. I feel better now !. It could be an illusion but the loco on the left might have a wonky chimney. Also note what a minefield of detail differences there are between these two. Different chimneys, one on the left has sand boxes, a step and handrail on the tank front. 32678 on the right has neither. Perhaps some enterprising soul could produce some spark arrestors for the Terrier, a requirement on the Hayling Island branch.
  7. As I've only had my Terrier model for a few hours, I thought I would check the chimney on mine. Here is a view as near head on as I could get it, and it seems OK. Some times a camera angle can distort things, but in the case of your 32655, that chimney is definitely wonky.
  8. My late crest Terrier arrived this morning, and is now running in on my garden railway. I have to say that some of the criticism levelled against the model is a bit nit picking. The only thing that I am not totally happy with is the fit of the chimney cap. But all in all I'm glad I waited for the Rails version, although the wait was a little frustrating at times, especially as it was imminent nearly a year ago, but we didn't have a virus then!. It was a pity that the model was subject to so many corrections after the prototypes were shown. Surely with nine examples to measure and photograph in the UK, things like the spacing of the cab front spectacles should have been picked up before tooling. Never mind the model is here now and I'm generally delighted with it. Well done Rails/Dapol.
  9. Is that an image of the corrected model ?. Issues as you describe were reported. Unless I am missing something, Rails seem to be using the same image from months ago.
  10. Wow indeed!. But the market will decide in the long run. If you take the 2 EPB as an example, full RRP £ 219.99, but many retailers seem to be stuck with them and are offering them for around £ 110. Thank goodness the hyper inflation affecting Bachmann products recently does not apply to the daily products we all need to live on.
  11. Presumably the Terriers will be despatched by Rails, as they have customer details. In my case they've had full payment for quite a while. Looking forward to a great model.
  12. Tramshed. I wasn't aware that the Bulleid coaches were six months away. I have not seen any news on their progress for ages.
  13. One phrase often used in adverts is ' it could cost a lot less than you'd think '. Well what the ++++ does that tell us!. Both Sainsbury's and BT have used that phrase. Another favourite is the huge sign in a shop window ' 75% off every thing ', and once you have crossed the street to look for those bargains you notice in tiny letters ' up to ', in other words nearly all other items on sale are near full price.
  14. The interior view of the restaurant car is interesting as it shows one of the modernised cars with Rexine covered walls and loose seating. I believe two such cars were refurbished in this way for the ' Bournemouth Limitted '.
  15. The out takes from that film survive. they includes several dummy runs onto the Forth Bridge in order to stop the train in the right place ( lovely fresh looking Gresley diner in the train ). There is also a sequence, with the camera placed in the open end gangway door, trailing out of Edinburgh Waverley. I believe I saw this superb footage at a Huntley film show some years back. Keep safe, keep well everyone.
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