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  1. Now, without knowing who Accurascale or Bachmann bank with, there are banks that exist both in the Irish Republic and the UK (Allied Irish Banks comes to mind). Bachmann Europe is a plc, registered in the UK, and has been around a very long time (since 1989) and the regulations were different then, but in any case there were banks that existed both in Hong Kong (where parent Kader Industries was based in 1989) and the UK - notably HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation in long form). Maybe the same applies with Canada, but if it doesn't this may explain some of the delay.
  2. I'd be more concerned about the overloaded UK ports system. There have been several news items recently about ships being diverted to mainland Europe ports because the UK ones, particularly Felixstowe, are clogged up with containers due to slow Customs clearance and importers stocking up before full implementation of Brexit (without investment in port or customs facilities) makes things even worse. The container you want may be on a dockside in Rotterdam...
  3. I have one of the Silver Fox RTR 120s, and very nice it is too, I'm happy with it. But the Silver Fox kits are conversion kits, unlike the ones DCKits have produced which are much closer to complete, there are cabs and side overlays provided to attach to MK1 coaches that you need to buy separately, and you also need to source your own motor bogie(s). The RTR version uses a Hornby motor bogie. DCKits also need you to provide a motor bogie, but they sell rather more sophisticated ones and you could order everything needed from them.
  4. I've never seen the chassis available separately. I've done the swap as a way of getting a new chassis push-pull version. The old split chassis was worn beyond further use, so I do now have a spare body, no doubt I'll get round to selling it some day.
  5. If I remember correctly, there was at least one interregional train from Birmingham Snow Hill to the Southern Region which split into portions for two separate South Coast destinations, so this would be one possible explanation. However it was common for trains that couldn't work out and back in the day to have one set of stock provided by each of the two regions, even if it was a Saturday only service and that meant a set being left at the "wrong" end for a week. But the use of Mark 1s in 1955 really suggests a daily service, these then almost all newly built coaches were kept on frontline wo
  6. One minor point - the Crewe Tranship Shed data comes from December 1922 and so reflects the final pre-grouping position, except that the LNWR and L&YR had already amalgamated, at the start of 1922, taking the LNWR name. It is reasonable to assume that a greater than previous degree of wagon pooling between the original LNW and L&Y had already started, it would be an easy quick win for the new (mostly ex L&Y) management. What I don't know is whether the figures reflect all new wagons delivered to the merged company as LNWR or there was still some split based on whose design was used
  7. Just to point out that it is possible to fit the body of a split chassis version to the modern chassis, with a small amount of plastic removal in the area of the bunker floor (an area which can't be seen when the body is refitted). This is handy if you want a DCC-ready push-pull version, or to avoid renumbering/reliverying, or to take advantage of the much better chassis detailing, or simply to replace a worn-out split chassis.
  8. That might be DPD's system rather than Hornby's. Last month I had a similar email but in my case the delivery had already happened three days earlier - and the supplier wasn't Hornby.
  9. Gravity shunting of passenger stock certainly lasted until 1966, as this was the standard method at Cowes (Isle of Wight).
  10. Maybe if there are still some of the dodgy electrical components in the parts bin, a rerun of the GW version for the shop at the National Space Centre? The water tank looks a bit like an early space capsule anyway, and the orbital capability when run on 16v might appeal.
  11. Bachmann have had a tradition of renaming models of retail businesses after staff members, as in this case.
  12. The prototype of the Bachmann Art Deco style low relief cinema is in Loughborough, nowadays branded as Odeon, though it has had other names...
  13. Especially worrying for the BR Unlined Black version.
  14. Begs the question slightly about what small correction to the livery would be necessary on all six livery variations offered? Numberplate printed upside down? Buffer beam not red?. Very little else in common to all six versions. Probably actually affects just one variant but not economic to ship the others separately. Still, full marks to Dapol for spotting it and having it corrected.
  15. Well there are problems with etched smokebox door number plates. The suppliers sell them with a black background and bare metal numbers, The real numberplates had a black background (except in a few cases where Scottish locos appeared with the regional light blue background) but the numbers themselves were invariably white. So anyone buying an etched smokebox numberplate has to find a way of painting them so that the numbers are white but the background remains black. There are a few ways that appear in RMWeb searches, but none of them really work well for me, maybe someone has a foolproof way
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