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  1. My understanding from when Ben & Mike set up revolution was that they were specifically looking to facilitate models that might not be attractive to mainstream manufacturers and their pre-ordering/crowdfunding approach was to ensure they could cover the cost of research, tooling & delivery. Accept that may have changed which is their business rather than mine. Important thing to me as a customer is that they deliver very good models at very reasonable prices
  2. I'd agree that duplication is less than ideal but neither is an approach of "marking territory" and then putting models into abeyance. Different management at the time as I recall but I vaguely remember the fanfare of Dapol's "magnificent seven" being coupled with information on how they could all be put into production v quickly and thinking that was about staking a claim. Can't now remember all of the 7, the 26 was one that did arrive fairly promptly but so were the 92 and Pendalino as I recall. I don't see a problem for Revolution with the duplication- their focus is facilitating the 59 rather than business profit. Duplication on this one model may be a good thing in the longer term if the longer-standing producers realise that announcing an intention will not stop some of the new boys stepping in where announcing is not translating into action. The risk of course is that Dapol's tentative steps into new N tooling may grind to a halt.
  3. Or even before TINGS like Revolution It's certainly thrill a minute in N gauge right now
  4. Although I have a view on the lull, stagnation, or any other word for this period with little to no new tooling announcements, and accepting I have no understanding of the financing of models, I do find the choices of the few reruns we are seeing a little strange I don't know the number of production slots or finances available to Bachmann across the range in all scales for re-runs and that does of course have to be a hard-headed business decision as to how they slice the pie. Thinking as a modeler who only pays for the model I buy rather than financing the whole run, it seems to make sense, for example, to have reasonably regular runs of Blue or Green 37s, 25s, 47s, 20s or whatever but I don't have to decide what that run is instead of, or what the relative returns would be for Bachmann and their relative profit margins across the range and scales. But if it is about returns in the sense of models at least being on retail shelves rather than their own warehouse, and I had the choice of one similarly expensive to rerun (I assume) N gauge coach in 2-3 liveries, I don't quite get why they opt for the inspection saloon rather than say a Mk 1 Second in Maroon, Blue Grey and A N other livery. Assuming those haven't been run for a while, haven't looked recently as not something I'm after personally But there is a lot I don't know about the business side of my chosen hobby. Rob
  5. As someone who interpreted the Osborns feedback as some significant N announcements this time, wrongly as it turned out, I'll admit to feeling a bit deflated when I watched the announcement vid but I think the above from Tom goes to the heart of the matter. Bachmann are aiming to have products shipped within the 3 months covered by the announcements so if they can't make that timescale do they hold back or announce with longer waits (and we've been around the long wait discussion many times). Maybe I'm over optimistic but there is the transition period that Tom mentions not to mention a pandemic with all the effects on people and businesses. Personally I think it's too early to suggest the current lull is related to losing interest in N, as opposed to a unique set of circumstances that weren't predictable when they changed their approach to quarterly announcements. They did announce the class 69 between the set piece events, and did it in parallel with the OO offering, that doesn't strike me as indicative of losing interest. Of course I could be wrong, I was wrong on this very thread only yesterday! Rob
  6. The last (May) one is on Bachmann's website as summer so assume this one tomorrow is Autumn- announced in summer for Autumn delivery? Still, we'll know if it was worth waiting for tomorrow whatever it's called- let's hope so
  7. Seems a fairly reliable source but all will be revealed tomorrow
  8. I recall reading somewhere, possibly a page or so ago in this thread, that Bachmann had indicated that Autumn would be a more significant announcement for N than the last couple Based on the 50 year anniversary of Farish and what's in the OO range I suspect there may be a new tool 94xx as it was one of their earliest N locos. Sound for the 24/25 and 37, especially if accompanied by "missing" body types would be great, as would a DCC ready 08 but all will be revealed in a couple of days where, as usual, I will probably find I am way off the mark. Rob
  9. I don't know for sure but all the ex-DJM appears to be EFE distribution for Kernow. Whether they own the tooling or commissioned a run is a different question. The new clay wagon is a Kernow OO downsize so I'm assuming the same. I think the new wagon and it's sales are key to whether we see more downsizing of Kernow's own stuff which I guess would continue to be through EFE with items researched and tooled by Bachmann themselves being in the Farish range? Rob
  10. Agree Such a radical change in approach was always going to result in a fallow period in respect of new tooling announcements until the change works through. Taking a positive view, when it does work through, EFE N products may give more of an idea of the future. No awareness to a loco and 2 wagons on the shelves in 6 months. Yes the circs of those models are unique but the first EFE new tooling in N is also due by May(?) Rob
  11. Have received an E-mail from retailer saying these are in stock along with the mermaids. Sadly not the retailer I placed my order with but shouldn't be long. Rob
  12. That's one word for it Mike Still not guessed right yet though Looking forward to tomorrow Rob
  13. Can anyone help me with a prototype question-Apologies for raising in the model thread, I did find the 800 thread in the prototype section but it's the thick end of 300 pages long The Azuma is the 800/2, the five car unit, as opposed to the 800/1 that Kato have not announced which is the 9 car unit? So Is a 800/1 just an 800/2 with extra coaches (n terms of what is visible on an N model)- not wishing to divert discussion onto "will there be an add on pack" but have a genuine interest in whether a /2 can be grown into a /1 should that happen What routes do LNER operate the /2 on. My modelling interest is the Highlands but have only seen pics of 9 car units in Inverness Rob
  14. Was going to wait patiently for next week but if Mike is poised with sharpened pencil....... Can't see it being something Bachmann has in their portfolio irrespective of scale, based on the chaps' operating model so prob not 117, peak etc Mike and Ben have been clear that steam is not their area of expertise so not expecting that. I do expect more steam from Sonic and Revolution's facilitation of Sonic's entry into the UK market is a neat solution here. Unless of course they are thinking there is a gap and a market in applying some of the boundary pushing elements of the NGS Hunslet to a small steam industrial? Modern (ish?) overhead unit- one already in the pipeline so would be surprised I'd long thought there may be some collaboration and down sizing of the Kernow clay stuff but Kernow seem to be moving forward on this through the EFE route 73/9- would love one but Mike's been clear and the OO is still only at the proposal stage I think So basically not a clue but...... A 21/29 was tried in Revolution's early days and, I believe, fell well short. I think that, to date, it's the only Revolution proposal that didn't make it. Often wondered, partly because I really want one, if the story would be different now with such a great track record in quality & delivery that has been built since the 21/29 was first proposed. Maybe this or the 28 is one for when the first powered transitional model, the Parcels Unit, is further down the line? I'm far more confident that I will end up buying whatever it is than I am in predicting what it is Rob
  15. As an N gauger myself, I'll admit to frequently thinking (but not posting) "I wish they'd do that in N" but think this is the really exciting aspect of today's news- that the wide distribution network that the EFE brand brings gives Kernow the confidence to shrink one of their OO products. Hopefully it sells well and becomes the first of many including in due course, some of their locos but mustn't get ahead of myself. Rob
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