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  1. The house move continues to be stalled and the workbench remains in storage - frustration reigns! However there has been one interesting development. My North British D class tank loco no 828, has been wired up for DCC control with sound by one of our Wakefield Club members, Colm, (posts under 25A on here) and we have been running it on the Eyemouth layout the club is building led by Sir Douglas of this parish. Colm has posted a video of her pulling some of my NBR coaches and stock on a test train on Eyemouth. You can check it out on the thread. "Eyemouth O gauge" on the RM web layouts forum. From my previous posts you will know that I have been somewhat sceptical about the advantages of DCC, but recent experiences have converted me! The sound is good, but it was the controllable slow running, braking and acceleration that has really impressed. I think I may be looking at incorporating it into my future builds. I also know I go on about locos without crews - before someone pulls me up about that on the video lets say it is a test run and the crew are awaiting painting like so much else! Hopefully the workbench will return soon. Its either that or my sanity - living out of boxes since July!
  2. Really delighted with the job Colm has done in putting the DCC workings into no 828. The decoder is a zimo and I got it from Digitrains at Lincoln. The sound file is actually a J15 as no recording of a D class exists. Convincing enough for me though with the westinghouse there as well. Lots of credit to Sam as well for his imaginative approach to wiring which enables the layout to run on either DCC or analogue. Just need to put the crew in now - I don't like "ghost trains!" Unfortunately stock construction is still temporarily shelved pending our ongoing house move which continues to drag. I must admit to having been a DCC sceptic. Pretty convinced it was not for me. That changed a few weeks ago when Colm brought down some of his stock and we had it going on the layout. The sound was great, adds another dimension. However what really impressed me was the level of control, and the slow running, the realistic acceleration slowing and braking. I think I have reached a point where I am prepared to commit - a sort of railway modelling road to Damascus!
  3. Our enigmatic Mr C does actually have an RM web presence as 25A. It was good to get back to the layout again and it was great to see it all worked. Thanks for the nice comments about the J21 Sam, but I feel she still needs a little bit of tweaking to get her running well. I think the tender drawbar may be the key as its pushing the tender up a bit and we are not getting the full benefit of the tender pick ups. I think that the drawbar is also causing the tender first track issues over the turnouts. The stalled house move still hindering progress at this end and an unexpected week on grandad duty means I have not been able to bet back down to the clubroom. Goods office and the groundframe hut are looking good. I have started work on the water tank. I am making the actual tank from scrap etch left over from loco kits - but as the soldering iron and bench are packed away I cant get on for now. If anyone else in the West Yorks area wants to join in on the project come and join us!
  4. Looks like really good progress Jamie. Keep it going! You need a customer for those urinals! In fact I think a few little people around the layout may really bring it to life. Does the 2-4-0 still have its headless driver?
  5. Good news that the Wakefield club rooms are accessible again, so Sam and I may be able to get things on the move again in the not too distant future.
  6. An unscheduled update! Maybe if I was moving to mainland Europe as Jamie did it would be quicker than our two miles down the road. I had initially hoped we would be on the way by now but the current state of the chain means we may well be looking at September. Given that, I decided that for my own sanity I needed to get on with something in the meantime, so there has been a limited unpacking of a few basics, and the current hot weather meant a chance to do bit of painting. The two NBR coaches have got their base coat. I have used a crimson from Auto Paints of Huddersfield and very good quality it seems too. A nice shiny smooth cover which should be a good base for the lining. I have also done the chassis for the GCR Director. So the "shed of dreams" still remains just over the horizon at the moment....
  7. Is this your own layout Ken? Do you have a thread on it? How big is it? Trackplan? I am still becalmed in modelling terms waiting for the house move with everything packed up. Looking unlikely till mid July at earliest. However the good news is that not only do I get a workshop shed at the new place, but the powers that be have granted me an L shaped space approx. 14 x12 in one of the spare bedrooms for a layout, so exciting times!
  8. Its really good to see the layout back on the move again Jamie, and the buildings taking shape. Also envious of your Black Redstarts! A pair were reported at Ingbirchworth Reservoir in the spring but we missed them! Still have not got them ticked on our list.
  9. Great to see that you have built an NBR loco! What's the livery going to be. Given the plated coal rails I would expect LNER Or BR? Nothing happening for me as everything is now packed away pending the upcoming house move.
  10. At least I won't need a lorry bound for Portugal to move stuff! Its just New Mill rather than "Moulin Nouveau". Really enjoyed the talk last night by the way - memories of that great weekend at Lancaster - and just how difficult it is to put plastic wrapping on pallets.
  11. Good to see you are keeping it alive Sam - I noticed some recent evidence of it being viewed. I am continuing to build stock and have started work on the water tower, though an inpending house move is going to slow me down for a bit. Here is the class D now in her full Holmes livery. An article on this class in the latest NBR study group journal by NBR loco guru Euan Cameron confirms this loco did in fact work the branch so we have the right one! I was feeling pretty smug that I had all the details right but then the article pointed out that the small lubricators were not put on the side of the smokebox till a few years later. (no doubt someone will point this out at the first exhibition...) She is running well too but may need a bit more weight in the tanks - just looking forward to getting the club open again and giving her a proper test. Crew also needed and a replacement lamp iron on the smokebox which I knocked off in painting.
  12. This will probably be my last post on this thread for some time. We have been considering a house move for some time but it appears to have come to fruition much more quickly than expected. Our lovely early 19th century weavers cottage has been home for nearly 30 years, but for a number of reasons we can see it becoming impractical in the future. We are therefore looking to move to a new house a couple of miles away in New Mill near Holmfirth. I therefore need to dismantle my rather cramped workspace in the small spare room as potential purchases may not be looking for a soldering iron or vice as a key feature! However the good news is that the new property has far more scope for playing trains and building locos! Even a substantial shed with power and lighting! Sue is already suggesting that I seem to think we have bought a shed with a house in the garden) The workbench will return - in the meantime I will keep having a nose around what the rest of you are doing.
  13. First an update on the progress of the coaches. The next job to tackle has been the Commode handles. While the kit provides castings for most of the parts needed the grab handles are an exception. Checking the list of other suppliers shows that nobody produces a casting for these. On some six wheelers I did use LNER handles but they were obviously the wrong length. The instructions suggest how to make them using wire - I had already done this on the 4 wheel break - but this was mass production! 32 Needed for the two coaches.! First I bent the wire into a U shape the correct length for the holes. This was then clamped upright in a vice using a needle file as a spacer. This was then pulled out leaving the top of the handle protruding. The file was then put behind this and exerting gentle pressure the protruding piece was rolled over into a curve. The finished handrail was then inserted through the coach side this time using a piece of plasticard as a spacer. Pressure with a wooden peg - solder from the back and repeat 31 more times! I hope the photo gives an idea of the process. I just have to fit the end handrails and the gas control gear and the bodies will be ready for painting and lining. However as my next post will explain modelling has been somewhat overtaken by other events......
  14. Now it s the luggage composite in the lead. Completed the paneling and got the door vents on and the end steps. As progress is quicker than expected I decided to do a bit on the underframe and check the two main parts bolted together and aligned. I had already folded up the floor and solebars and then added the half etched overlays with the rivet detail. These are very thin and I was lucky not to damage one of them. Don't envisage much progress this weekend as HTFC in desperate relegation struggle, along with the first chance to see our grandson since October!
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