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  1. Thanks very much. I assume that it is for engine testing: there isn't any airfield for miles from Sinfin. This struck me as an opportunity to run a single wagon of a type usually seen in block formations. Jim
  2. I was looking at this photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/49400924767 earlier. According to the caption, the TEA is on a Grangemouth to Sinfin aviation fuel flow (presumably returning empty, since this is a northbound train). Sinfin is the site of a big Rolls-Royce plant: am I right in thinking that the fuel was used for testing engines? Also, when did this flow start and finish? Thanks Jim
  3. It's City station. The giveaway is the shape of the roof, made up of straight segments ( there's a photo showing it well in the station's Wikipedia article, in the section headed "1938 rebuilding"). Leeds Central, which was still open when your photo was taken (closed in 1967), had a series of pretty modest pitched roofs over the platforms. Jim
  4. I don't generally participate in wishlisty threads; but is there any reason why the Class 90 gets so much support and the Class 87 none at all? I'd certainly be buying a couple of 90s, if someone brought out a good one; but the 87 seems just as poorly-served in N, if not more so. Jim
  5. Maybe he's viewing the site on a smartphone. Signatures not visible. Jim
  6. They surely have. The N-Gauge Resource website is my first port of call for any question about what's been released in n-gauge for the diesel and electric era (if you're looking at the site on a mobile device, you may need to scroll down to find the content after selecting a prototype from the menu). Jim
  7. If you interpret "without changing trains" to mean that you can sit on the same train while it reverses, becoming a different service in the timetable, then the Liverpool loop on the Wirral Line is what you're after. Trains only run round it in one direction, arriving through the tunnel under the river and running James Street-Moorfields-Lime Street-Central-James Street and back under the river again. So a journey from Central to Lime Street (which takes a couple of minutes in the opposite direction, and which you can walk in five minutes) could involve a trip to Chester and back.
  8. Well this is good news (the venue doesn't make much difference to me because the church and Merchants' are both easily walkable from my house). I don't go to many exhibitions, but I've missed attending the ones that I normally do; so I'll be there. Jim
  9. You're back at the Old Christ Church? Jim
  10. A sign of things to come at Blundellsands and Crosby station: The significance of this is that for many years, all trains on the Merseyrail electrified lines have been made up of 3-car units, so there haven't been any 8-car trains. That said, a 4-car class 777 set is only slightly longer than a 3-car class 508 (213 feet, as opposed to 200). Platform modifications have been going on for years to prepare for the new units. Jim
  11. Hi Michael I've just spent 45 minutes pounding away on the exercise bike while watching your hotel build on YouTube. It's really fantastic stuff! I think that the backs of buildings are often more interesting than the fronts; and the Royal Scot is a marvellous hotch-potch of styles (not to mention that modelling the back allows us to enjoy the allure of Buffers nightclub). I don't have a YT account, so I can't subscribe to your channel, but I'll definitely be watching your other videos and following this topic. Jim
  12. Farmer Cringle's definitely hallucinating that MER saloon in Peel! Is it motorised? As I understand it, it's sold as a static model, but people have found a way to motorise it. Is that right? Jim
  13. Hi, is this locomotive DCC fitted, please? Perhaps. More to the point, though: did you know that in 2019, Bristol ranked 8th among all UK airports by passenger numbers, ahead of Glasgow, Liverpool, East Midlands and Leeds/Bradford?
  14. Coming to this very late, I know; but I think that IFF was founded in the 1960s as a general freight operation (the initials stood for International Ferry Freight), but quite quickly got into bulk containers. At some point, they were taken over and the founders moved on to found IBC (International Bulk Containers, I assume). A few years later, IFF and IBC merged to form United Bulk Containers, or UBC. UBC used to have a "history" section on their website, which is where I got this from. I'm pretty sure that I printed it out severalyears ago, but I can't find it anywhere in my sophisticated filing system (I.e. piles of stuff). Jim
  15. I've watched what seems like millions of YouTube videos over the last 15 months, often while riding the exercise bike that dominates my living room (the family rule is that whoever's on the bike chooses what's on the TV, so it's been Les Mills, prototype WCML videos or old episodes of Bewitched, depending on who's choosing). I've found loads of interesting stuff. Most of the railway videos I've watched have been prototype ones - essentially just trainspotting from my living room. I've watched lots of aircraft and especially afv modelling sites, though; and it's really inspired me to try and improve my painting, in particular. I'm not good at painting, but I've got some junk models that I'm practicing on and I have hopes (not high hopes, at this stage, but hopes nevertheless) of emulating some of the guys on YT. I have seen one Sam's Trains video, courtesy of YT's autoplay. It was a fairly sober one - "my 10 best models of this year", rather than "how much will the Hornby class 39 haul if you fill the mechanism with squirty cream?" - and not really for me, I fear (not least because it's the wrong scale). That said, there's no denying his enthusiasm and there's clearly a lot of people who like what he does, so good luck to him. I don't see how he can possibly be harming the hobby at all. Jim
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