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  1. The cleanup/refurb a few years ago really spruced the place up no end. The ceiling of the concourse is actually lovely.
  2. Absolutely this. It's everything that a big city station should be.
  3. Hi James Congratulations on your article on the OTAs in the "Modelling BR Wagonload Formations" book. I think the insides of the ends are particularly nice, but it's all really beautifully well done weathering. Jim
  4. I bought a copy the other day and it's an excellent publication. My modelling period is post-privatisation, but a lot of what's here is still relevant. My only complaint is that there aren't more train formations listed than those that are shown in the photos, in the way of Rail Express or David Ratcliffe's Freight Train Formations; but then I can't get enough of those! All in all, I'd say that this is well worth the money.
  5. Is this the right drawing? I thought that all class 115 stock was non-corridor. Great project: these were the trains of my youth, growing up in High Wycombe in the 70s. I suppose that I must have seen Allerton units after I moved to Liverpool in 1982, but I was more interested in the 304s and locomotives! Jim
  6. Hi Dave I had been planning a layout based on Windsor Bridge Junction - at the south end of Salford Crescent station - but translated to a fictional loop off the WCML in South Lancashire. Just recently I've decided to build a very plain layout based on the line immediately south of Acton Bridge: one set of points in the scenic area, where the down fast and slow merge. It'll be something to practice scenic techniques, track building etc. and to see stuff running. I'm hoping to start on the baseboards quite soon. My domestic arrangements dictate a number of very small bo
  7. This has happened to me as a seller. I was selling a Farish HEA hopper in Mainline blue with deeply unconvincing graffiti. I was asking for about £7, I think. Someone offered me about £8.50 but I thought it would probably fetch more (it's certainly not a rarity, but it was the only example of that particular model on eBay at that time) so I turned it down. In the end, it only got one bid and sold at the starting price. As with most other things that happen on eBay, you just take it as it comes and move on. Jim
  8. This is called "the VAT fraction". As stated here, it's the proportion of the VAT-inclusive price that's actually made up of the VAT. These days it's a doddle to work out (as has been shown in this thread, it's 20/120 - where 100 is the price before VAT - or 1/6 or 16.67%). When I joined Customs & Excise, many years ago, the standard rate of VAT was 17.5% and the VAT fraction was 7/47. It's striking just how few people can work out 7/47 of an amount in their heads. As an aside, it's stated above that "you can't tax tax". In fact, VAT is a tax that can be applied to
  9. Hi Dave I've very much enjoyed reading through your thread, particularly since I'm planning a WCML-based layout of roughly similar size to North End Road. If I could ask a couple of questions: What do you use for layout supports? Do those two tables serve for that (I've seen this at exhibitions, although mainly for very small layouts that sit on a single camping table) or do you have trestles, or legs built into the baseboards? How do you get the four tracks at each end into the hidden sidings? Do you have separate sidings for each line, or do the tracks go dow
  10. Hi Mike I take it that this is intended to be a static diorama, rather than a working layout? Also, do you have any more photos of your dockyard model online? All the best Jim
  11. How permanent is Spray Mount? I've seen it recommended as a method of attaching brass overlays to coach bodies, but I'd want to know that it wasn't going to separate after a couple of years. Jim
  12. The big building that dominates the skyline in the photos looking down the platforms at Southport was the now-demolished Leaf UK factory, the home of the Chewit. I went there for work several times in the 90s: at the time I did all the Common Agricultural Policy work for Customs & Excise in the Liverpool area. They had a huge still from the classic "chewier than a fifteen-storey block of flats" advert on the wall in the foyer. Jim
  13. Turns out he has a Wikipedia page. Born in Lancashire to Scottish parents, moved back to North Queensferry as a child. Jim
  14. Ian Jack has written numerous pieces over the years that have touched on his childhood love of railways, and he's obviously kept up with the subject. As I recall, he grew up in one of the towns at the end of the Forth rail bridge - Dalmeny, Queensferry, North Queensferry, Inverkeithing: somewhere around there. Jim
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